Linda’s Thoughts – Here I Go Again, Please Read

I was debating if I should get this out. It seems like I’m part of a soap opera. Guys I have done this to you so much in the last 2-3 years, but here I go again. I’m going to have to take a break, hopefully not too long. You all know about our house problems, but they are nothing compared to what I have to tell you now. Believe it or not I’m not a complainer, but you wouldn’t know it with all my issues that I bring to you; Well what I want to tell you all is that our 47 year old nephew is dying of Esophageal cancer. He was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer 13 months ago, and in the last 4 months he has been going downhill. He was told today that he has approximately 2 weeks left. Of course it could be a little more or less. But it’s so hard to concentrate on a column right now. This is really hitting us hard not only because of his age, but because he has 4 children, a baby granddaughter and a new grandson on the way that he will never see. This is a tough for all of us.

Now if I have a day where putting out a column is something that would really make me feel good than I’m going to do that. But I will have to just take this day by day. I hate putting this stuff out there, but I also hate not letting so many of you know why there hasn’t been a column out for a while. As I always say I’m still watching the shows, and I’m still very much into what’s going on. So bare with me, and I know I also say that A LOT, but as I said if I feel up to it I will definitely put a column out. I almost did today and then the news just got worse and worse. Hey let me leave on an upbeat note. I enjoyed Raw very much and Christian vs. Jack Swagger last night on ECW was one hell of a match. Christian was awesome and Swagger looked like a true star out there. I’m telling you this is a definite MUST SEE match. Okay so keep checking to see if I put a column out. I want to thank all my webmasters for putting up with me during these times and I MUST thank each and every one of you for also putting up with my drama. THANK YOU.

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