JR Blog: Hosts for WWE’s Savage DVD, AXXESS Update, Legends, More

Jim Ross is back with another blog update at jrsbarbq.com. Here are some of the highlights from this entry:

– From what I have heard, Matt Striker and Maria did the on cameras for the June release of the Macho Man Randy Savage DVD release which features 3 disc’s of Savage’s best bouts. Simply by looking at the match compilation, this seems as if it will be an excellent DVD for Macho Man fans who have been clamoring for a Savage DVD from WWE for years. Striker particularly knows the impressive history of Randy Savage and I am sure we will get some unique “nuggets of wisdom” from Mr. “I Hate Pronouns” who rivals the King as one the WWE’s most skilled “ladies men.”

– Just a FYI, but the King and I reunite on the Legends of Wrestlemania video game in an old school style that features the King as more of a wise ass, antagonist which I think will be entertaining to those playing this THQ game that becomes available on March 24.

– From what I have seen, WWE Axxess at Wrestlemania this year is going to be a really impressive event. I have heard that the “Broadcast a Match” exhibit will return where fans can call a match with a WWE announcer. I assume I will be a part of that which should be a lot of fun. This is where the fans broadcast a match and get to keep the DVD, etc. I would surmise that WWE.com will have the details on Axxess in the coming weeks.

– Steve Austin has told me many times that Ricky Steamboat was his all time favorite opponent which covers some serious ground. For Steve to headline this 2009 HOF Class that includes Ricky Steamboat seems only befitting as does Nature Boy Ric Flair inducting “The Dragon” who one of Ric’s greatest rivals.

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