Backstage News on a WWE Release, Diva Celebrating Her Birthday

– Today is SmackDown Diva Maria’s birthday. She turns 27 years old.

– One of the reasons for Scotty Goldman’s release from WWE last week was due to a botched spot in his match with Umaga, which aired on last Friday’s SmackDown.

Umaga was going to give Goldman his finisher, the Asiatic Spike, and he jumped to take the thumb as a bump and landed a bit awkwardly. It appeared as if Goldman was trying to sell the move a bit more dramatically, but he actually botched it as Umaga’s thumb missed hitting him.

Umaga pinned him as planned, and then made his way up the ramp. Vickie Guerrero then showed up and ordered the match to be restarted. Goldman took the move properly the second time.

There was heat on Goldman over having to do the match twice.

It is unknown if the botched move was the official reason for his release from the company, but it definitely played a part.





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  • Todd

    Has anyone ever seen The Rock take a Stone Cold Stunner? There is definitely more to Goldman’s firing than overselling a finisher and making it look horrendous, or The Rock would have been gone long ago! I realize Rock didn’t necessarily “botch” the stunner (although I’m sure he has at some point), he made a fool out of both him and Austin. Trust me, I think The Rock is still one of the best entertainers the business has seen, and don’t think he ever should have or would have been fired over this, but I doubt Goldman was either. I also realize you’re making the point that they had to redo the take twice, but they SHOULD have redone most of Rock/Austin’s stunners too if it wasn’t live at that time!

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