Edge Appearing on RAW Shows, Jamie Noble Injury Update, More

– Terri sent the following: I went to WWE.com and looked at their live events section and I noticed that Edge is listed on the RAW House shows starting with the March 1st show. He is still listed for the Smackdown show in Cornwall, Ontario on Friday the 27th, but on March 1st he is on the Raw House show.

– Juice sent the following: Last night on the hit game show Jeopardy, WWE was mentioned. In the Jeopardy round there was a category Top 10 Yahoo searches and the $1,000 clue was something along the lines of this #2 Most Searched Company may lay the Smackdown. The Answer was Obviously WWE. In a funny note the lady who rang in responded what is World Wide Wrestling Enterprise. Just a chuckle for any wrestling fan that watched the show.

– RAW Superstar Jamie Noble is alright after suffering a stinger at the hands of Mike Knox and his finisher on last night’s RAW. The segment with Ricky Steamboat and Chris Jericho was actually booked to take place in the ring but they had to improvise and use the stage so Noble could be taken out on a stretcher.





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  • megan

    i seen the question on jeopardy about wwe.. it was one of the few i knew 😛
    it was pretty funny tho whenever the lady called it the world wide wrestling enterprise lol

  • Bethany

    wow….what a stupid lady….

  • Desiree Taylor

    This is Desiree Taylor on behalf of radio listeners. A few tips for announcers. Sincerity and voice technique is one thing that you cannot fake at all. Sincerity is something thing that you have to have it or you don’t. You can smile; you can do these little things that really enhance how you’re going to sound. Especially to the listeners. Its one thing, when we’re sharing a medium like television right now, but when you’re communicating with someone on the radio, they’re listening to you. You may be talking to a whole lot of people, but it’s one at a time. And you’ve got to have that sincerity. The way that you address the clients shows your character, you’ve got to know your audience. And with mic technique as well. We all want to have that big, bassy voice (Jeez – but this Mike E sounds more like a hermaphrodite), but you’re stuck with what you’re blessed with. But once again, listeners do really care too much about that. They want to hear someone that they feel comfortable listening to. Someone that has that sincerity, that friendly voice, someone that they can listen to. Because they have that friendship, they have that bond with you. They’re going to listen to you for a long time. You’ve got to have that voice for radio. It works, and that’ll keep you going for years to come. So please get a decent announcer. You’ll definitely get some tips from 2SM. Even if you listen to 2SM for 5 minutes.

    As for Carmela. During her interview for the job, she was asked by Mike E if she would have intercourse with him, and she said YES if he bought her a drink. Vow – This is the cheapest whore, I’ve ever heard of. Only worth a drink. Lovely family background you come from Carmella. You’ll even do all the prostituted out of business. Soon you will have intercourse for a cigarette. Sorry, maybe you are already there.

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