WWE Releases a RAW Superstar

– WWE has announced that Manu (Afa Anoa’i, Jr.), son of Afa the Wild Samoan, has been released from the company.

Manu was signed to a developmental deal in late 2006. He was brought up to the Raw brand last year to second Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes as part of a second generation unit.

There had been some unhappiness about his work and look, which led to his removal from the Legacy group. He hadn’t been seen in several weeks after being broken off from the Legacy storyline with the last tease sort of being that he and Sim Snuka would have some sort of partnership.





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  • andrew

    I like how Manu is being referred to as a “suoerstar”

  • Lol

    who is Manu now again?, i forgot

  • andrew

    He should go to TNA and start a tag team with Samoa Joe called The No-Talent Fat Fucks

  • andrew

    Matt Hardy could put onsome weight and join also

  • Ed

    Samoa Joe has got loads of talent andrew- you obviously aint seen him compete. Not to mention that TNA is the more entertaining show. I agree with you on Manu though- he is rubbish.

  • andrew

    Fuck fatass Samoa Joe…I hope he dies

  • andy

    Check out some joe vs. Punk and try to say that shit.

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