Vince McMahon Described As A “Grumpy Old Man” Backstage

Vince McMahon was recently described by one backstage source as being a “grumpy old man” these days. Vince has been very hard to approach lately and has sometimes harshly shot down, and in some cases publicly humiliated, individuals who pitched ideas to him.

Some interpret this behavior as Vince trying to prove to people that he’s not “old” and weak, and is still sharp. There is a large portion of the company who feels that Vince is in fact too old and, more importantly than his age, is out of touch with the audience. Triple H is seen as perhaps not the most ideal replacement, but the most realistic replacement for Vince at the head of the company. The consensus backstage, even among his former enemies, is that HHH is in touch with what the fans want. One source was quoted as saying (roughly) that he has his finger on the pulse of the fans right now.

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