WWE RAW Results – February 23, 2009

– Tonight’s WWE RAW kicks off with highlights from last week’s show where Shane Orton faced Randy Orton in the non-sanctioned fight. We see the attack from Legacy on Shane, Orton hitting the RKO on Stephanie and then Triple H coming out a minute too late.

– We cut to the arena where Vickie Guerrero is being introduced. Tons of heat here for Vickie as she is in the ring asking people to “EXCUSE ME.” Once again, Vickie is the best heel in WWE. Vickie announces that due to the incident with the McMahons last week, the WWE Board of Directors has named her as the Interim General Manager for RAW. Huge heat here for Vickie but she just thanks the crowd. Vickie says she will treat RAW the same way she treats SmackDown each week. John Cena’s music and out he comes.

John Cena says stop, this isn’t right. He can’t believe the Board of Directors chose Vickie with everyone looking for a job these days. He says bring back Mike Adamle or that loser Michael Cole. Cena mocks Vickie’s “excuse me.” Cena rips on Cole’s announcing. The crowd pops for Cena. He congratulates Vickie on the new gig but says has some pride in the RAW product and don’t lie to everyone. Cena says everyone knows she doesn’t care about us or the McMahons, all she cares about is the fact her husband is the World Champion.

Cena reminds Vickie about his rematch clause and says he is cashing it in tonight. Edge’s music hits and out comes the World Heavyweight Champion. The Big Show is walking behind Edge. He asks Cena who he thinks he is, threatening Vickie to get what he wants. Edge enters the ring and hugs Vickie as Show also enters the ring.

Edge says it’s time for Cena to be intimidated. Cena tells him to stand up and act like a Champion. Cena says the match between them will happen and Edge has no excuse why he can’t defend it tonight. Edge says actually he does, because he doesn’t answer to Cena. Edge feels sorry for Cena because he wants to be this generation’s Hulk Hogan, The Rock or Steve Austin. Edge says Cena wants to be that guy so bad but it can’t happen because it’s impossible, he won’t let it happen. Edge says Cena exists in the same era as him. Edge says when he beats Cena, all the people will be left with absolutely nothing. Cena calls that a fine speech but says Edge is talking so tough but he has a dose of courage because he’s in the ring with the barbaric, disgusting, 400lb. barbaric beast, and you brought Big Show with you. Cena rips on Vickie and it pisses Edge off.

Cena goes on some more and says as the new RAW GM, Vickie should step up, do the right thing and make sure this match happens. Big Show takes the mic and tells Cena to show respect to his General Manager. Cena says he can’t figure out where Show fits in this equation. Cena says Show must have been hired to take care of Vickie Guerrero and says he didn’t know Edge was that bad in the bedroom. Cena goes on to rip Show and Vickie. Vickie gets in his face and says Edge is her family, Big Show is her friend and Cena is neither, he is her subordinate. She says tonight, Cena will wrestle either her friend or her family, but doesn’t specify which. Cena says tonight, he will be either slaying a giant or walking out as the new World Champion. Cena’s music hits and he heads to the back as Cole and Lawler hype the rest of RAW tonight with the MITB qualifier.

– Outside the arena we see Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase pulling up in a car. Randy Orton gets out of the back, they get their things out of the trunk and rush into the arena. We go to commercial.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: CM Punk vs. John Morrison vs. The Miz

Back from commercial and the Money in the Bank briefcase is hanging above the ring. Out first is the WWE Intercontinental Champion CM Punk, the winner of last year’s MITB. Out next is the World Tag Team Champions John Morrison & The Miz, separately.

The match starts with all three guys testing each other and acknowledging the briefcase. Punk fights both of them off first and we get an early pinfall. Double teaming now by the Tag Champions. Punk fights off the double team but they knock him back to the mat and beat him some more. Morrison works on Punk in the corner now. More double teaming in the corner by the Champs.

Punk kicks Miz in the mouth and knocks Morrison down. He grabs Miz for the GTS but he hangs on and ends up on the apron. Punk kicks Miz in the mouth, sending him to the outside. Morrison comes from behind and clotheslines Punk to the floor. All three men are down on the outside as we go back to commercial.

Back from commercial and it’s Morrison in the ring with Punk in a headlock. During the break, Morrison went to flip onto Punk on the floor but he moved and Morrison landed on Miz. Punk fights back in the ring now with kicks, knocking Morrison down. Knees to the gut by Punk. Punk hits the big running knee in the corner on Morrison. Punk goes for the bulldog but Miz comes in and hits the bronco buster on Punk. Morrison is sent to the floor. Suplex by Miz for a 2 count on Punk.

The Miz puts a chinlock on Punk but the IC Champion fights out of it with shots to the face. Morrison comes in but Punk grabs him and uses him in a headlock to take Miz down. Punk hits the high knee in the corner on Miz and hits the bulldog on Miz and a clothesline on Morrison at the same time. Punk scoop slams Morrison for a 2 count. Miz goes to cover Punk but Morrison breaks the hold. 2 count on Punk by Morrison now. Miz goes to pin Morrison but only gets a 2 count. Miz and Morrison start trading blows in the ring. Morrison kicks Miz but Miz dumps him to the apron. Miz tries to suplex Morrison in the ring but Punk catches him on his shoulders for the GTS. Punk knocks Miz to the floor and nails the GTS on Morrison for the pinfall, the win and the spot in Money in the Bank.

Winner: CM Punk

– Back from commercial and Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole lead us into the video interview from this past Friday’s SmackDown with Jim Ross talking to Triple H. Triple H acknowledges the McMahons as his family and says he’s coming for Randy Orton.

– Todd Grisham is backstage at Legacy’s door. Cody and Ted come out and Todd asks if Randy is available for comment. Ted talks about Randy not being a prisoner on his show and says he will come out and address the crowd when he feels. If Triple H comes looking, they will be ready.

– Backstage and we see Rosa, Santino and Beth Phoenix walking down the hall. Dolph Ziggler comes up to introduce himself. Santino talks some junk, Beth gets irritated and they walk off to the ring with Dolph right behind them. Lawler talks about a mixed-tag match as we go back to commercial.

– Out in the parking lot we see Todd Grisham waiting on Triple H’s arrival as WWE crew members get setup.

Melina and Cryme Tyme vs. Dolph Ziggler, Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix

WWE Women’s Champion Melina comes to the ring with her amazing entrance. Out next her partners Cryme Tyme. Santino, Rosa, Beth and Dolph Ziggler come out next. It’s going to be Melina and Beth starting the match off. Melina jumps on her back and goes to work. Beth slams her over on the mat. They go at it and Melina hits her with right hands and a kick to the gut. Beth thrusts her in the corner but Melina turns it around and stomps on her off the turnbuckle. Beth reaches for Santino’s tag but Dolph comes in.

JTG comes in to go with Dolph. JTG takes control and hits the Mug Shot out of the corner for a 2 count. Dolph comes back and slams JTG to the mat by his head and starts stomping. Dolph drops a huge elbow for another 2 count. Headlock by Dolph on JTG now. Back on their feet and JTG connects with a big right hand. Shad comes in and knocks Dolph down with clotheslines and a huge slam from up high in the air.

Shad is pumped up as Santino is forced to come in the ring. Santino charges and Shad slams him to the mat with a vicious move to get the easy pinfall and the win.

Winners: Melina and Cryme Tyme

– Backstage we see Shawn Michaels headed to the ring for his match with JBL. Back to commercial.

– Back from commercial and we see John Cena preparing for his match tonight. We cut to a video package on the new 12 Rounds movie that comes out next month.

JBL vs. Shawn Michaels

The white limousine pulls into the arena and JBL steps out and heads for the ring for his match with Shawn Michaels with the winner facing The Undertaker at WrestleMania. Shawn Michaels is out next to a nice pop from the crowd.

Cole announces that the winner of this match will go on to face Vladimir Kozlov on next week’s RAW, with the winner of that actually facing Taker at WrestleMania. The match starts off with HBK unloading on JBL. HBK turns around to a huge clothesline and a 2 count from JBL.

HBK works on the arm of JBL before JBL counters and knocks him to the mat. JBL backs him in the corner now and hits him with right hands. HBK comes off the ropes with a kick to the chin and some big chops on JBL. JBL launches HBK into the opposite corner, sending him to the mat. JBL kicks Shawn to the mat, drops an elbow and gets a 2 count.

JBL hits Shawn with a big right hand that sends him through the ropes and outside on the floor. JBL follows but Shawn counters and ram’s his head into the ring post. Both men are down on the floor as the ref counts. JBL and HBK make it back in the ring as we go for another commercial break.

Back from commercial and they’re going back and forth in the ring. JBL takes Shawn to the top rope and goes for the superplex. Shawn fights him off but JBL goes to the mat and boots Shawn from the top and back out to the floor. The ref starts to count on Shawn but he makes it in at the 7 count. JBL picks him up and nails the huge clothesline but only gets a 2 count.

JBL continues to work on the back of Shawn Michaels and stretches his body with a submission move. HBK fights off with a big chop and a flying forearm off the ropes. HBK bounces back and hits the inverted atomic drop, followed by another. HBK slams JBL and goes to the top rope for the big elbow drop and hits it. HBK gets ready for Sweet Chin Music but JBL ducks it and tries for a clothesline. JBL launches Shawn into the corner then tries to dump him over the top rope to the floor. HBK bounces back in the ring but turns around to a huge boot from JBL. HBK gets to his feet and JBL goes for the Clothesline from Hell but Shawn hits Sweet Chin Music to get the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Shawn Michaels

After the match, Vladimir Kozlov’s music hits and he comes to the ring where Shawn is. The undefeated SmackDown star comes face to face with Shawn. HBK hits him with a right hand and Kozlov fires back, slamming Shawn to the mat. Lots of heat for Kozlov. Kozlov stands over Shawn and yells.

– We go backstage where Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase are preparing for something, the arrival of Triple H it looks like. Back to commercial.

Jamie Noble vs. Mike Knox

Back from commercial and Jamie Noble is in the ring talking about his quick loss last week and if he beats his opponent tonight he can redeem himself. Out comes Mike Knox and Jamie looks ready. There’s a timer on the screen and it starts counting as Noble rushes Knox. Knox overpowers Jamie and fights him off. Knox nails a big boot to the face and a nasty finisher of his for the pinfall and the win. Noble lost in 29 seconds this week the timer said.

Winner: Mike Knox

– Cole and Lawler lead us into a WWE Hall of Fame video package announcing that Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat would be the next member of the 2009 WWE Hall of Fame. We see many highlights from Dragon’s career. It’s announced that Ric Flair will be inducting Steamboat. Lawler says Dragon is here tonight and will speak with us after break.

– Back from the break and Cole is on the entrance way, bringing out Ricky Steamboat. Ricky says this is the biggest highlight of his life and says thank you to the fans. Chris Jericho’s music hits and out he comes. Steamboat pushes Cole away and takes the mic. Jericho stares at Steamboat.

Jericho says thank you, thank you to the Academy of Arts & Sciences because Mickey Rourke lost at the Oscars last night. Jericho compares Rourke’s acting career to the career of Randy the Ram in The Wrestler and the losers in wrestling as he calls them, like Piper, Flair and Steamboat. Jericho gets in Steamboat’s face and calls him a loser. Jericho says he tells it like it is and says when Steamboat and Flair were working for the NWA, a company he says doesn’t even exist in WWE’s mind, he was nothing and only got big when he came to WWE and became the Dragon. Jericho talks about Steamboat some more, putting him and his family down. Jericho says Steamboat took the backdoor route and got a job working behind the scenes with WWE and now the loyal dog gets his bone with the Hall of Fame honor. Jericho calls Steamboat pathetic and tells him to enjoy his moment with the hypocrite fans.

Jericho starts to walk to the back and Steamboat stops him and asks if he knows the meaning of the word hypocrite. Steamboat recalls an autograph session 20 years ago where he signed one for a young Chris Jericho and says he told him he admired him and he was his hero. Steamboat reminds Jericho wrote that in his autobiography. Steamboat says when Jericho came to WWE he was a snotty punk kid who turned down the fans and then embraced them, calling them the Jerichoholics. Steamboat says Jericho has turned on the fans and went back with them his whole career and that, that’s a hypocrite. Steamboat says he hasn’t changed not once in his whole career. Steamboat says he and the other legends know who they are. He says he came to work for WWE behind the scenes to pass the torch, so to speak, to the younger talents. He said he did it because he loves the business, not because he’s a sell out. Steamboat says he is someone Jericho may never be, a Hall of Famer. Jericho hits a cheap shot and cracks Steamboat in the side of the head with the mic. Dragon goes down as Jericho stands over him and talks his crap. Steamboat sells the attack as Jericho smirks and walks to the back.

– Cole and Lawler are disgusted with Jericho as they lead us to a video showing what happened with Vickie, Cena, Edge and Big Show at the beginning of RAW. We go back to commercial before the main event.

– Back from commercial and Todd Grisham is still in the parking lot area awaiting the arrival of Triple H.

John Cena vs. Chavo Guerrero

John Cena’s music plays in the arena as he comes to the ring and waits to find out who his opponent is. Cena runs the ropes as Vickie comes out to the stage to a ton of heat. Vickie says he won’t be granted his Title rematch tonight. Cena takes a mic and says he tried to be patient but she is testing him and that’s fine. Cena tells her he’s going to follow her every where she goes. He says on SmackDown this week, he will be there and he will be here at RAW next week if she comes back, until she decides to give him a rematch. Vickie introduces Chavo Guerrero as Cena’s opponent.

Chavo hits the ring and Cena knocks him right down. Cena hits a big slam and then the Five Knuckle Shuffle, staring at Vickie on the ramp. Cena hits the former FU and locks on the STF as Chavo taps out.

Winner: John Cena

– Backstage we see Cody and Ted walk out of their dressing room and look around. Randy Orton walks out and looks at them. Orton has a sledgehammer in his hand as we go back to commercial break.

– Back from commercial and Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase come out and make their way towards the ring. Orton has a sledgehammer sitting on his shoulder. Legacy enters the ring to some nice heat from the crowd. Orton says he has been waiting for Triple H all night and might as well come out and wait in the ring, that is if, he is going to show up at all.

Orton says if Triple H shows up tonight to avenge Stephanie, then he really is a McMahon – arrogant, out of touch and just plain stupid. Orton says Stephanie isn’t the victim, he is the victim. All he ever wanted to do was mind his own business and proceed with his career but the McMahon’s wouldn’t stay out of his way. Orton talks about punt kicking Vince when he was about to fire him and says he has IED. Orton talks about beating Shane at No Way Out and then what happened last week in their fight. Orton says they pushed him until he pushed back.

Orton says Stephanie thinks she can do what she wants because of her last name and when she got in his face last time, instinct took over. Orton says the fans judged him but they have no idea what it is like to be him and to be at the top of his profession, to be famous and be always looked at by the media. Orton says he hopes Triple H’s kids were watching last week so they can learn from their mother’s mistakes. The big screen comes on and Triple H is walking in the parking lot with the sledgehammer over his shoulder. Orton gets ready in the ring with Legacy.

Triple H enters the arena with his sledgehammer and is pissed off. He stops at the entrance way and just stares at Orton as the crowd chants his name. Triple H walks slowly to the ring as Legacy gets ready, Orton with his sledgehammer. Triple H is jacked with anger as he approaches the ring. Orton tells him to hold on and says he figured he’d bring his trusty sledgehammer friend. Orton tells him don’t be stupid because someone will get hurt bad. Orton says they both lose the sledgehammers and deal with this like men. Orton tosses his sledgehammer to the outside of the ring. Triple H drops his also from the apron. The Game slowly enters the ropes and takes his jacket off.

Legacy moves in on Triple H slowly. They get closer to Triple H and he pulls a spare sledgehammer out from under the back of his shirt. Legacy scrambles. Orton chases after them, putting a hole in the announcers table. Triple H chases Orton and DiBiase to the back and they come to a dead end where a door is locked. Triple H chases them and they head into a lockerroom. The doors inside the lockerroom are locked. Ted and Orton block the door with tables and couches as Triple H beats down the door with his sledgehammer and shoulder. He corners them in the locked room now. He swings and they both duck. He hits Ted in the back with the sledgehammer and corners Orton against a sink. Orton begs him no and ducks as Triple H throws the sledgehammer through the mirror. They take off back down the hall, throwing things in the way as The Game continues to chase. Cody is waiting out back and hops into a car with Ted and Orton. Triple H smashes out the rear driver side window as the car drives. Triple H slings the sledgehammer at the car and is just pissed off as RAW goes off the air.





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