SPOILERS: TNA iMPACT! Tapings Results (2/26)

TNA iMPACT spoilers covering this Thursday, 2/26, and part of an upcoming episode:

*The Beautiful People defeated Taylor Wilde & Madison Rayne after Rayne slapped Taylor and abandoned her.

*TNA Tag Team champions Beer Money Inc. defeated The Rock N’ Rave in an Off the Wagon Challenge when Robert Roode defeated Lance Hoyt.

*Mike Tenay interviews the Main Event Mafia inside the ring. Tenay asks Sting if he will defend the TNA title against Kurt Angle at Destination X. Kevin Nash says he is the spokesperson and claims that everything within the Mafia and they are still a family. Tenay says it doesn’t seem like they are united. Nash says that Tenay works for Jeff Jarrett and it was Jarrett who wanted them to kill each other in the first place. Nash said they don’t have to always get along but they respect each other. He says TNA cannot beat them. Jeff Jarrett comes out and says he is seeing firsthand that Sting isn’t buying any of this crap. Jarrett asks Sting where his integrity is after Angle spit right in his face. He says Sting and Angle are polar opposites and as the founder of TNA, he is allowing Angle to challenge Sting at the PPV. Booker T asked Jarrett why he founded a company of nobodies and that without the Mafia, TNA would be nothing. Jarrett told Sting and Angle he would see them later for a contract signing.

*Don West takes a house mic and announces that earlier this week, TNA management had a meeting with him about his future in the company. He says that Mike Tenay didn’t do anything to defend West and tried to stay neutral. West said that Tenay is a “selfish pr***” and says that he knows two things – that their friendship will never be the same and Tenay can stick the mic West is holding up his a**.

*TNA X-Division champ Alex Shelley won a Four Way Ladder Match over Jay Lethal, Chris Sabin, and Consequences Creed. Suicide attacked all four and then held up the X-Division championship.

*Sojournor Bolt & Rhaka Khan cut an in-ring promo. They challenge Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed to a match.

*Sojournor Bolt & Rhaka Khan b. Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed. Sojournor gets the win with the pin on Raisha.

* Jeff Jarrett makes his way out to the ring for the Kurt Angle vs. Sting contract signing for Destination X. The Main Event Mafia with their bodyguards minus Sting come to the ring. Nash reiterates what he said earlier, the match will not happen. Jarrett asks Angle who is the leader of the Main Event Mafia. Jarrett insults Angle. Angle grabs the clipboard and signs the contract for the match. After he signs, he hits Jarrett in the head. Angle follows it up with an Olympic Slam as Mick Foley runs out to try and make the save. Angle puts on the ankle lock. Sting comes out with his baseball bat and hits Angle in the back. Sting helps Jarrett to his feet, then Foley, then signs the contract to make the match official to end this week’s edition of Impact.