JR Blog: WWE Superstars, Hogan at WrestleMania 25, More

Jim Ross is back with another blog update at jrsbarbq.com. Here are some of the highlights:

– I look forward to heading to London in April and plan on arriving there on Sunday and taping Smackdown on Tuesday. That is of course if I am still on Friday Night Smackdown after the annual WWE Draft. Nonetheless my laid back former broadcast partner, the King, won’t be in any hurry to leave Memphis as he will arrive as customary the morning of the event he is working. With my luck, I would have airline issues and with no backup flight would miss work. King has never missed a show and hates flying in early for any assignment.

– It is frustrating to see on the ‘net where some fans are already declaring that the WWE TV show on WGN beginning in April the WWE’s “C” show without ever seeing one episode of it nor knowing exactly what the show’s format will be. Any talent who gets air time on WGN should look at it as a tremendous opportunity to impress the fans and decision makes. I’ve said it before, no matter one’s role, when they get valuable TV time make the most of the opportunity. If it’s only 3-4 minutes, then make it a memorable and special 3-4 minutes and that can be done. Wrestlers, announcers, and any other personalities involved with the WGN process has the chance to turn heads if they remain positive and put forth the effort. I can assure you that if I broadcast this show I’m not phoning in any thing.

– I have no idea if Hulk is or is not going to be at WM25. I’m sure that he would be more than welcome to attend the HOF Ceremony which would be tremendous for all. The point is this, for Hogan to attend ‘Mania does he have to be involved in a match or could he simply come and be a part of the Hall of Fame evening? I’m just thinking out loud here but I feel that if I was no longer on the air for the WWE that I would be hard pressed to not attend the WWE HOF Induction Ceremony as a show of my respect for my peers and to those that enabled me to earn a great living for many years. However, I digress, as my point was that every year at this time we start hearing tons of “Is Hulk coming to Wrestlemania” rumors which remind me of every December when the Dallas Morning News usually starts or perpetuates the rumors that Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops is “rumored to be leaving Oklahoma” so that it will adversely affect OU’s college football recruiting. Point is, I would love to see Hulk enjoy the weekend with his peers whether he wrestles or not. I think hanging with the boys in Houston for a day or so would be great for Hulk after all the BS he has been through over the past year or so.

– Did the “wrestling bias” bite Mickey Rourke on the ass and cost Rourke the Oscar for Best Actor Sunday night? I think that theory is likely. Even Best Actor winner Sean Penn seemed to feel that Rourke deserved the award and specifically mentioned Mickey’s return to the game in a positive light during Penn’s “moment.”