The Dog Pound – 25 Years In The Making

The time has begun to draw near. We are standing at the threshold of the biggest night in sports entertainment. Step inside the Dog Pound folks because today we discuss an event that has been twenty-five years in the making. Wrestlemania 25!

I know its been awhile since my last post, and quite a lot has gone down. So, let’s start with what we already know, Randy Orton will be facing Triple H for the WWE Championship on the grandest stage of em all. I don’t know about all of you, but that match alone (with the storyline behind it) is reason enough for me to order. Randy Orton, as I’ve said many times before, is the top heel in the company right now and has shown that he deserves to main event the show. Triple H, is, well Triple H. He doesn’t need to prove anything, he’s The Game, and together these two have awesome chemistry. Should be an amazing match no matter what.

Its pretty much a lock that HBK and Undertaker will be facing off. I like it. The only gripe I have is how this match is being set up. JBL and HBK will fight for the “right” to face ‘Taker. Then we add Kozlov from Smackdown for no other reason than the fact he’s undefeated. To me, it seems like at least two of these guys should have “heat” with Undertaker and not just want to face him to beat his streak. What would be awesome to see is HBK bring back that cocky, heartbreak heel attitude he once had. Oh those were the days! Anyway, now that Shawn for one reason or another, hates to play the full-fleged heel we get this build-up instead. Here’s my question to all of you dedicated Dog Pound readers…should Shawn turn heel or not?

This of course leaves guys like John Cena and Edge open. There you go, there’s the match right there Cena vs. Edge for the World Heavyweight title. Now, as much as I like Edge I feel that his title wins are becoming so frequent that they’re begining to mean less and less. Of course there’s the whole possibility of Cena vs. Hogan (gag me!) which would free Edge to face Big Show.

Cena vs. Hogan is not a match I want to see…ever. Let’s face it, the two men would get a whopping 45-50 minutes to have a match, and there would be a grand total of 5 moves! This match of course is only speculation and rests heavily on what Mr. Mickey Rourke intends to do with Jericho. There is also a possible Hogan vs. Jericho match lined up as well should Rourke not participate.

Edge vs. Big Show I wouldn’t mind seeing as long as Show plays the tweener gimmick where “oops, it must have been an oversight!” Now that would be classic. Show is always best in my opinion when he’s not the menacing heel, but not the cuddly, giant softy babyface either.

In terms of a diva’s match, the WWE is trying to get trish Stratus to return for a match against Michelle McCool. You read that right, Trish vs. McCool. This bothers me. You have perhaps the greatest women’s wrestler of all time in Trish Stratus returning on the biggest stage of them all, and you’re going to have her face McCool. Not Beth, Mickie, Melina, Natalya, or even Jiliian Hall (who can wrestle) no, you get Michelle McCool. McCool does nothing for me as a face or heel and as much as she has improved her in-ring skills, I think there are many others worthy of the spot.

Then of course there is the MITB Ladder Match. Assuming the WWE puts eight guys in like last year, I’ll share you my choices. Taking out Matt and Jeff Hardy assuming they have their own one on one match, here we go. From Raw..Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio, and Santino Marella. Smackdown…MVP, The Brian Kendrick, and Shelton Benjamin. And from ECW….John Morrison, and the returning Evan Bourne. What’d ya think??

Well that does it for now peeps, and remember feedback is always welcome. Thank you to my loyal readers as always, you’re the reason I keep writing!


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