Natalya Neidhart Speaks on The Harts, Trish Stratus, More

– WWE Diva Natalya Neidhart has updated her WWE Universe blog. Here’s what she had to say:

I have taken a little breather from the world to help me recharge and release the inner diva from within.

The last few months, so much has happened. I also can’t believe how much fun it has been over on ECW! I was thrilled to help reveal ECW’s newest Superstar, Tyson Kidd…representing the Dungeon and the Maple Leaf!

Tyson Kidd is my best and closest friend from the Dungeon. He has known my family for almost eighteen years, which is hard to believe. It’s inspiring to watch someone’s dreams come true; especially when you have watched them fight so hard for something since they were a little kid.

Everyone keeps asking why Tyson and myself are smiling so much…because we know we are the very best! And besides that, Tyson is smiling because he has cool hair and he has a third generation diva in his corner to help him keep his locks looking spectacular! Divas know all the tricks of the trade about make up and hair, you know! (It seems like overnight, my hair turned pink…must be the new conditioner I am using!)

On another note, many of you have asked me how I feel about Trish Stratus stating she is interested in taking on myself or the Glamazon at WrestleMania. There is no doubt that facing Trish would be nothing short of amazing. Two Canadian women, fighting for everything we believe in, as true athletes would.

I have said it before, but Trish revolutionized the term Diva, and changed the face of Woman’s wrestling forever. It would be a battle of the pink and black and even blonde! It made me happy to see that Trish wasn’t just judging diva’s on a popularity contest …she was stating who she felt would be real contenders. It only makes me want to compete against her that much more.

I am very curious what will happen this year at Mania for the Diva’s. Like Trish, I will be keeping my eye on the Glamazon, too…and knowing that the best is yet to come. She makes me want to get hungry and forget my manners! Both of these women inspire me to exceed all of my own expectation and personal limits.

Until then, I look forward to another night of extreme action and extreme hairdo’s on ECW… Chow for now!