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Matt Morgan Speaks On Tips From Hogan, IronMan II, More

Posted by Tim Brown in WWE News
Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

The Pain Clinic with
Hosts: Rich “Cashman” Jones, Murph, JZ, The Artiste, and Dangerboy
Available on Hot Talk 1280 WHTK and at

Matt Morgan joins the show and right off the bat we discussed his status with American Gladiators and Matt tells us that as far as he knows it’s not cancelled. Matt said it hasn’t been shut down just yet. He’s still doing PR for the show.

He talks about visiting Afghanistan on a PR venture with American Gladiators and he talks about what that was like. Being seven feet tall, it’s hard to protect him during the visit.

We ask Matt about teaming with Brutus Magnus last week on TNA’s Impact. He talks about both of them being a Gladiator with Brutus being on the UK version of the show. This leads Matt talking about his motivation when he was doing the show. He loved American Gladiators growing up and he wanted to be the arrogant heel of the show.

Matt talks about hanging with during the tapings. Hulk would tell him about seeing him on Impact and gave him tips on his character. He agreed with Matt about being the heel character on American Gladiators. Hulk put Matt over huge in his debut on Gladiators.

Matt talks about possibly being cast as Doomsday on the WB show Smallville. Matt originally was trying out for another part. He was too big for the character but when they realized his size they figured he would be great for the part of Doomsday. Unfortunately that part was already cast for Season 8. They are trying to write him into Smallville’s 9th season (next fall) as the Doomsday character.

This leads into Matt talking about possibly being cast in Ironman II as a villain but he can’t talk anymore about it. He attributes the interest in him by casting directors to the work he’s done on American Gladiators. He talks about all the great things that have happened since appearing on the show.

He talks about an old fan site that closed recently. He used to be involved with it but not anymore. He’s not on Facebook or Myspace.

Matt talks about seeing The Wrestler with the locker room of TNA while in the UK. He loved the movie and he thought Mickey Rourke did a great job. He thought that maybe they could have shown Mickey’s character as being more successful in the past and enjoying the popularity. He felt the characterization of Mickey’s character was a downer.

This leads to Matt talking about working with Jim Cornette in WWE as well as TNA. Jim is a great mentor and helped him go over every match and every promo. He puts Jim over big time.

Matt talks about what he and his wife did on Valentine’s Day. He talks about his wife and how she helped motivate him when times where tough.

Matt talks about working TNA’s house shows coming up in March. TNA will be in OVW territory and he’s going to catchup with some of his boys when he’s there.

Matt talks about his recent surgery and working after a procedure and getting eight inches of stitches five days before the PPV.

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