Linda’s Thoughts – Smackdown Is Not Kozlov!

Let me start off with the latest episode here at our house. We are having major problems again with the addition. It’s been hell here and that’s why there was no column this past week. I’m hoping things will work out, but I’m starting to get the idea that we were never meant to have an addition built. Anyway, again I will take this day by day; if you don’t see a column then it will because of what’s going on here. I didn’t get a chance to rave about the Smackdown Chamber match at No Way Out. I thought it was one hell of a pay per view. Oh and I never got to talk about how much I loved Raw. I planned on writing one very positive column on both shows. Well I didn’t get to talk about those shows but I definitely want to talk about Smackdown.

Granted Smackdown doesn’t compare to last Sunday’s show or Raw, but there were a few nice moments on Friday night. The opening was excellent with Edge and then Jeff Hardy. Edge was his usual arrogant self, bragging about his World Title win on Sunday. Edge gave a solid promo and came off like a total you know what. I was also so happy to see Edge out there minus Vickie. And then when Jeff Hardy came out I really felt things got even more interesting. I will say one negative. I didn’t care for Jeff’s face paint Friday night. Usually I’m into it, but for some reason this look kind of bugged me. But going beyond that Hardy was very good with his interaction with Edge. And I liked when Jeff started up about how Vickie wears the pants in the family and Edge has to raise his hand to go to the bathroom. This really was a fun segment and I would love to have seen these two go at it at Wrestlemania, but Edge vs. Cena and Jeff vs. Matt works for me as well.  The segment ended on a high note when Jeff hit his Twist of fate on Edge after Edge went after him first. This was definitely a crowd pleaser.

After this hot segment we got Edge complaining to Vickie. We also got the forgotten Kizarny playing a knock knock joke with Vickie, and let’s face it I can see why that character has been off TV for so long. So back to the good part. Edge is whining about what Hardy did to him and he tells the wife he wants to have a match with him. Vickie is all for it and then says that she’s incline not to make it a title match. And Edge comes back with well that would be stupid. Vickie did not take to kindly to the stupid part. I’m not sure why that bothered her so much, but at least this set up the main event with Edge vs. Jeff Hardy. And of course I couldn’t wait to see it.

The women’s tag team match with Michelle McCool and Maryse vs. Maria and Eve was nothing special, it wasn’t bad but it’s really not worth going into. Of course the heels won. I will say that it was GOOD to have Maryse back. But you know what? I’m just waiting for Gail Kim to show up. At least we got a Gail Kim video getting us all ready for Kim’s debut on Smackdown. I just hope that they don’t give us video after video for several months. They need to get her in as soon as possible. Okay now for the “comedy” segment with the Miz, Morrison, The Brie twins, Carlito and Primo at a restaurant for Valentines Day. It was okay, but I have seen funnier things on Smackdown. However there were some highlights. For instance Morrison unbuttoning his shirt to show off his abs was one of the funnier bits. The Miz opening Champaign and serving Morrison before the ladies was also good. There were some funny things here, for me the Miz and Morrison stole the segment. And we now know that next week Miz and Morrison will take on Primo and Carlito for the Tag Team titles. I guess the winner’s will become the undisputed tag team champions. This match should be really good.

So we know there have been rumors about WWE not happy with the way R Truth performs in the ring. Could that be the reason why Shelton Benjamin and Chavo took out Truth before the match got started? He was supposed to tag with MVP, and yes I would think that’s why he was kept out of the ring. But then again, he could have been injured as well, so maybe I’m just jumping the gun here. We ended up with a handicap match with MVP taking on Chavo and Benjamin.  The action was okay, but again there was nothing really special here. And before I hit the Triple H interview and the main event I want to quickly touch on two more segments. The first was the match with the latest WWE release, Scotty Goldman jobbing to Umaga. For years I have read about his character, Colt Cabana in Ring of Honor. Reading about what a talent this guy is. So what happens? He comes to WWE and his hardly used at all. In fact I think maybe he was used 2-3 times and nothing came out of his appearances. So Friday night Umaga squashes him. What a lovely way to say goodbye to a guy that I believe might have brought something good to the company. I didn’t even bother watching this match. I have to tell you right now the return of Umaga has left me totally FLAT. I assume that they are holding off a major angle with him until Wrestlemania is over. But when he comes out I get that same feeling that I get with so many others, I could care less. And then we got Vickie Guerrero putting over Kozlov putting him in a match next week against The Undertaker. Let’s see a moneymaker for Wrestlemania would definitely but Taker vs. HBK. But Vickie doesn’t feel that JBL or HBK were worthy to end Taker’s streak. She wanted Kozlov to have the honors. Oh yeah that’s what we need, Taker defending his streak at Mania against Vladimir Kozlov. How sad would that be? I’m very sure it’s not going to happen, but just thought of this guy still getting a push makes me want to scream. So poor Taker faces Vladimir next week, oh yeah this one I’m not looking forward too at all.

Okay I thought Hunter’s interview with JR was terrific. This was only a little over 2 minutes long, but Triple H said it all perfectly. It’s nice to know that WWE is finally playing “real” and letting Hunter talk about his father in law Vince, brother in law, Shane and wife Stephanie. I thought Hunter sold this all very well. You could just see what he was going through after seeing his wife get an RKO from Randy Orton on Monday’s Raw. By the way I loved his run in on Raw, and this interview just made the storyline a lot more interesting. I hope this all continues to play out as well as it has so far. And finally the main event with Jeff Hardy vs. Edge was fantastic. This match was just what I expected; totally fast paced and action packed. And then when Matt Hardy came out and took his brother out with a Twist of Fate it just made this all even better. I really liked the way Matt showed no emotion, just ran in did what he needed to do and that was it. Before he left Matt spoke a few important words. While Jeff was down on the mat, brother Matt said that Jeff just couldn’t get rid of the black cloud over his head, and that next week he will give Jeff an opportunity to turn his luck around, they will meet one on one. Oh boy that could be something. This was just a very cool main event with a HOT ending.

As I said there were some really decent segments throughout the show, and while it wasn’t as good as Raw it was still entertaining. Just like last week all three shows again came off well. And even though matches have yet to be made for Wrestlemania, I think most of us can kind of figure out what top matches we are going to get. So for me things seem to be shaping up well for that major pay per view. Okay listen I will do my best to return with my Raw thoughts on Tuesday or Wednesday, but again if you don’t see a column it’s because of things happening here. Hopefully things will work out and we can get back to “normal.” Oh also before I go I am so happy to see that Terry and Dory Funk, Jr. will be inducted in the Hall of Fame. I think both men are very deserving of this honor because they both have given so much to this business. So congrats to both men.

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