JR Blog: SD vs. RAW Game, Lawler Interview, the Draft, More

Jim Ross is back with another blog update at jrsbarbq.com. Here are some of the highlights:

– The Funks going into the WWE Hall of Fame is a no brainer. Great selection in my book….evn though I don’t have a book….yet.

– The WWE started their recent international tour off with a bang with a sold out house in Leon, Mexico Thursday night. It is a nice benefit to have Lilian Garcia on the tour ring announcing as Lil is bilingual and speaks fluent Spanish which helps the live audience immensely. I wish I knew two languages but I am still working on my English which as we all know leaves something to be desired from time to time.

– I read an interesting interview this week with the King in the UK Sun. I am happy that Jerry is enjoying working with Michael Cole and I consider both men as great friends. I did not know that I was that hard on the King as neither of us had been in a TV production meeting in years but I will admit that I liked to get together in the afternoon and review the show we were about to broadcast. I always said publically that Jerry was more talented that I and that while I liked to prep he liked to ad lib. I too love surprises on a show and the less I know of the proceeding the better but I do feel it is incumbent upon me to know background info, etc. That’s just my style, for better or for worse.

– Who knows what the draft will bring as it relates to announcing teams but it would seem likely that there is a good chance some changes could go down but that’s just my own assumption. As I have said before, change can be good.

– I finished my voice overs over the past two days for the THQ Smackdown vs. Raw video game that will be out prior to the holidays later this year. As previously mentioned, it seemed as if the writing of the announcer copy was well thought out and better than it has been in the past.