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Update on Former Diva Victoria and Her MMA Career

Posted by Marc Middleton in WWE News
Friday, February 20th, 2009

– Former WWE Diva Victoria has updated her MySpace blog. Here’s what she had to say:

Hey MySpacers !!

Yeah, that’s right. I had vomit in my hair. I’ve been training like nobody’s business. All sorts of insane MMA workouts and exercises that only a sadist could think of. I really feel like I’m making incredible progress. But the other day, I ate too close to a workout. And I threw up. Puke in my own hair. I’m not in Diva-Land anymore. Just call me Pukey McBarfov. I haven’t trained this hard since my fitness competition days.

I will be making an appearance at the Carl Casper Auto Show in Louisville on Friday and Saturday night from 7-9 PM. It will be right across from my Black Widow Customs booth at the show where I will be showing my latest build, that we literally are finishing at the show! It is “The Green Machine”, and it was so much fun to put together. Both nights I will be with members of my MMA training team. Friday night it will be UFC and Pride Veteran Alex “The Brazilian Killa” Stiebling.

I had a blast in Chicago at the Chicago Auto Show last week. I ate so much good food too. One night, I went to Chinatown’s Three Happiness restaurant and ate Chicken Feet. Another night, I went to Brazzaz, a Brazilian steakhouse where they keep bringing meats around on skewers until you ask them to stop. I also had Sushi at SushiSamba, a restaurant that I always go to with Lillian when I’m in New York, but is now in Chicago don’t know if I ever mentioned that my doggy adoption went through. I adopted Sophie, a pit bull. She is super happy and friendly, but she definitely needs the obedience school that I’ve already signed her up for. I’m gonna try to post pics with my blogs. This is my first attempt. If you see pics, it’s because I’m smart. If you don’t, it’s definitely the computer’s fault…

Later Taters
Lisa Marie aka Pukey McBarfov : )


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