Terry Funk On Being Inducted To The Hall Of Fame & More

On this past Monday’s edition of Raw, Terry and Dory Funk, Jr. were confirmed for the 2009 WWE Hall of Fame. In a recent interview with Amarillo (Tex.) Globe-News, Terry Funk said they’ll receive the honor together to prevent a brawl between the brothers. “We’re going in together, that way we’re not fighting about it,” Terry Funk said.

When asked about fellow Texan Dusty Rhodes inducting them into the Hall of Fame, “I’d write his speech for him, but I don’t think he could read it. I always made better grades than him,” Funk said with a laugh.

He was also asked about featuring in the classic 1989 guy movie “Road House saying, “Every time that thing plays on TV, I get a residual. It was wonderful at first when you got 80 percent of what you made over the entire period. It goes down, though, from 40 percent to 20 percent and so on. Now I get checks for $2 and $3. Working with Patrick (Swayze) was wonderful, though.”

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