Mickey Rourke/WrestleMania Update, Batista Appearing on TV, More

– New York Magazine caught up with Mickey Rourke the other night at a fashion show in New York City and asked him about his involvement at WrestleMania. “We’re gonna go in support. Vince McMahon, Roddy Piper, and Ric Flair have been such a part of the movie,” Rourke said. “So whatever support I can give back to all those people from WWE, I’m gonna do that.” When the reporter asked Rourke why he backed out of his rumored match with Chris Jericho, NYMag.com writes that Rourke’s publicist jumped in and said, “We don’t need to talk about that.”

– The Chicago Sun Times has an article up about WWE developmental star David Otunga, the reality TV star and fiance of Oscar winner and American Idol winner Jennifer Hudson. SunTimes.com writes about Otunga being the second Harvard graduate to move on to World Wrestling Entertainment. Otunga was fascinated by Hulk Hogan growing up and wanted to be a wrestler from a young age. His parents told him to be a doctor or a lawyer, which lead him to Harvard Law School. “After Harvard, I knew I could go wherever I want, do whatever I want to do.” Otunga is currently training at Florida Championship Wrestling, where he wrestles as Dawson Alexander, Esquire.

– A future episode of Head Case, a new comedy show on Starz, featuring Batista as a special guest, is scheduled to air sometime within the next few months. The new season is starting on Friday, March 20 at 10:00 p.m. It wasn’t announced which of the ten episodes will be the one to feature the RAW Superstar.

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