Kofi Kingston Updates His Status Following Attack By Edge

WWE Raw star Kofi Kingston was recently interviewed by the Herald-Courier (Tenn.) to promote Saturday night’s Raw show in Bristol, TN, click here to read the complete interview. The interview is storyline based, below are the highlights:

On receiving a concerto at No Way Out, “I suffered a concerto on the chairs, I spent the day in the bed getting rid of this concussion,” Kingston said. “I have a lump on the head to prove it. But I’m a little better day by day.”

Kofi Kingston was at the airport in Los Angeles during the phone interview after doing promotional work. He goes on to mention that he is on the road 300 days a year and “Wrestling is not like any other sport where you compete for three or four months.”

“I was working in the corporate world for three years,” Kingston said. “By all means, get your education. It’s something to fall back on.” He goes on praising the sport saying “My heart was in wrestling,” he said, “and wresting is what I wanted to do.”

“I enjoy every minute in the ring,” he said. “I want to make them feel like they are in the ring with me.” When asked what if those fans were in the ring in Kingston’s boots? “They would feel constant excitement,” Kingston said. “I’m always happy in the ring. I’m thinking about wrestling 24 hours a day. Wresting is a dream for me. This is my dream job.”

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