No Backstage Cliques In TNA?, Steiner’s Health, Russo

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— When it comes to backstage cliques, the TNA locker room is said to be pretty much free of them. Nash, Jarrett, Steiner and Russo are supporters of each other, but not to the point where people group them all together.

— For those who emailed us and asked, rumors making their way around the web that Vince Russo recently “lashed out” at Jeff Jarrett backstage are completely false. That one started out of nowhere.

— Thanks to site reader William in Florida for sending the following note: I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when I spotted Scott Steiner on Friday afternoon across the street from my work where he was walking out of a real estate agent’s office. Normally I wouldn’t send in something so trivial but I recall reading a report that stated he was in such bad shape after matches that he couldn’t bend down to pick up something off the floor in a hotel. Well, he dropped his sunglasses and picked them up just fine while getting into his vehicle, so perhaps the sources were exaggerating the lengths of his injuries. He did have a slight limp though. Steiner seems completely normal when he’s out of character, aside from the fact that he is huge and has a weird goatee.

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