Candice Michelle Frustrated With Lack Of TV Time


WWE Raw diva Candice Michelle doesn’t care where she ends up during the upcoming 2009 Draft rearranging talent on Raw, Smackdown, and ECW. She just wants to wrestle.

Candice claims she’s working on a few new moves for when she’s back in the ring wrestling full-time and she’s becoming frustrated by her lack of TV time.

“I promise you I have stuff in the works and I will be back on top,” Candice said on a WWE live blog during Sunday’s No Way Out PPV. “Matter of fact, I hate not working!”

Candice wouldn’t mind moving to Smackdown where she there is “enormous talent” and she could go after Maryse’s Divas Title.

“I wanna fricken wrestle and I’m doing everything to get back to where I was!” Candice said, referring to a major shoulder injury and subsequent re-injury of the same area that kept her off TV throughout 2008.

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