WWE RAW Results – February 16, 2009

– Tonight’s WWE RAW kicks off with Lilian Garcia in the ring introducing the General Manager of SmackDown and the best heel in WWE, Vickie Guerrero. She comes to the stage and says it is her extreme pleasure to announce to everyone the new World Heavyweight Champion, Edge. Edge’s music hits and out he comes to the stage with the belt.

Edge and Vickie make their way to the ring to a chorus of boo’s. Edge asks people if they want to know what the R in Rated R Superstar stands for. He says since he’s a SmackDown Star and he’s here on RAW tonight as Champ, it stands for Remarkable. No, Resplendent. Or Really smart. The crowd tells him he sucks. He says after he lost the belt in the first Chamber last night, he didn’t cry or look for sympathy like the fans would have done. Edge insults the crowd. Edge says for him, failure isn’t an option so he took matters into his own hands.

Edge says everyone thought he was a big loser but they were wrong. Edge goes to ringside and points out all the fans around the ring and tells them they were wrong. He tells a little kid when he grows up he will be wrong. Edge makes it back in the ring and says last night, he competed in two Elimination Chambers and he is a living, breathing miracle. He says Jesus turned water into wine, and he turned the WWE Title into the World Championship. Vickie says for those who didn’t see what happened last night, Stephanie left to go to the hospital with Shane and when that happened, she became the highest ranking WWE official in charge.

Vickie says when Kofi was unable to compete, she had to make an executive decision and had to find a deserving replacement. After speaking with the Board of Directors, she can officially say Edge is the World Heavyweight Champion. EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! I love it! She says we might not like it, but we will accept it. Edge makes out with the best heel in WWE in the middle of the ring when John Cena’s music hits and out he comes.

Cena hits the ring and has a mic. Cena talks about the Elimination Chamber being thrown out and asking for it but he won’t do that. He says Edge got the match and won fair and square. Cena says he came out to say congratulations. The crowd boo’s. Cena talks about right place and right time. Cena talks about a match and the crowd pops. Edge says he competed in two Chambers last night and says he might not compete for two weeks. He says his wife and him will be on SmackDown. Cena acknowledges Edge wrestled two Chambers and tells him to tell Festus and Funaki he said hello on SmackDown. Cena pictures Edge and Vickie doing things and says he threw up in his mouth. Cena says he does have a rematch though.

Edge talks about his history with Cena and how he won the WWE Title from him and even slapped his father. Edge says whatever Cena says it doesn’t change the fact that “the Champ is here.” Edge tells Cena he can’t see him with his hands. Edge goes to walk off and Cena grabs him. Cena tells him if he tries to hide, he will find him and if he tries running, he will get caught. Cena says they are going to fight and he is going to hurt him. Cena’s music hits as Edge backs out of the ring to make his way to the back. Cena stares him down the whole time.

– We go backstage with Shane McMahon. He says he is going out to the ring and tells Randy Orton to meet him out there so they can fight until it is settled. He says no referees, on Legacy, just them two in an unsanctioned match. Shane says they settle it tonight and we go to commercial.

Cryme Tyme and CM Punk vs. Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase and William Regal

Back from commercial and Cryme Tyme are already in the ring. Out next is the WWE Intercontinental Champion CM Punk. Out next is William Regal followed by his partners Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase.

Punk and Cody start the match off and lock up. Big chant for CM Punk from the crowd. They go back and forth and shove each other. Punk lifts Cody for the GTS and nails it on him early in the match. The heels are sent to the floor as we go to commercial break.

Back from commercial and Regal distracts Punk from the outside while Ted decks him from behind. Ted knocks Punk down with rights and tags in Regal. Regal comes in and hits Punk with knees to the head and gets a 2 count. Punk continues to get pummeled by knees as Cody is tagged in. Cody stomps on Punk and covers him for 2.

Ted comes back in and hits Punk with more knees then a kick to the face. 2 count by Ted on Punk. Cody is tagged back in and works over Punk. An enziguri kick from Punk knocks Cody down. Punk tags in JTG as Ted dumps Punk over the top rope. JTG comes in and knocks Regal off the apron after dazing Ted. JTG with a 2 count on Ted. JTG goes for the Mugshot move on Cody while Shad clotheslines Regal to the floor. Ted comes from behind and hits the Dream Street on JTG for the pinfall and the win.

Winners: William Regal, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase

– Stephanie is backstage with Shane trying to talk him out of fighting Orton tonight. She says Shane was so bad at the hospital last night he didn’t know his name. Shane says Orton is also hurt tonight and the fight is happening regardless. Shane storms off as Stephanie is upset and we cut to a No Way Out highlight package and then commercial.

– Back from commercial and Chris Jericho is in the ring hoping that Mickey Rourke doesn’t win an Oscar. He says this will cause all washed up wrestlers in the business to try and make it the same way. Jericho says the fans are just like all the legends – weak, pathetic liars who need to be shut up. Roddy Piper’s music hits and out comes the WWE Hall of Famer to the ring.

Jericho and Piper stare each other down. Piper tells Jericho he is going to shoot with him on this one. Piper says he has watched Jericho all of his career and likes him because he has said what’s on his mind and had the guts to back it up in the ring. Piper says he has respected that because it reminded him of someone he knows. Piper asks what happened? Now Jericho gets on TV and runs his mouth, calling him out, calling Flair and the other legends out.

Piper borrows a line from Jericho and tells him to please, shut the hell up. Jericho tells Piper to dance like a puppet on a string for the fans. Piper raises his voice and says he isn’t finished yet. Piper says Mickey Rourke is his friend and he watched The Wrestler, and yes he cried. Piper says the movie is about the respect they have for everyone, the emotional and physical pain and most of all, about the thrill of performing. Piper says Flair was right, they live for this. Piper talks about fans reminiscing with him over stuff that has happened in his career. Piper says Jericho wants to bury these moments but they are supposed to be celebrated. Piper talks about being in the Rumble last year at MSG and how when the people jumped to their feet, he felt like for one second that he was back at WrestleMania 1 and that was a thrill of a lifetime for him.

Piper says he has one hip and hurts all the time, but as long as the people want him to he will crawl on his hands and knees to give them one more memorable moment because old school is cool. Jericho hits Piper in the gut and punches him in the head. Jericho kicks Piper and starts talking trash. Jericho tells Piper to crawl if he wants respect and keeps yelling at him, kicking him again. Jericho makes his way to the back as Piper gets to his feet. Tons of heat here for Jericho as he smirks.

– Todd Grisham is backstage with Randy Orton. Todd talks about Shane’s announcement earlier tonight and he says he has no problem fighting Shane but he is bothered by the implication that he needs Rhodes and DiBiase to do his work. Orton says he’s going to get the job done tonight. We go to commercial.

– We get a video package on WrestleMania 9, the Caesars themed event with Hulk Hogan returning to end up winning the WWF Title from Yokozuna.

Jamie Noble vs. Kane

Back in the arena and Jamie Noble is in the ring talking about WrestleMania. He says today is the kick off to WrestleMania and he has never been in Money in the Bank but when he gets his big WrestleMania moment, he will not fumble. He says Chavo only made it 9 seconds last year in the match with Kane and he assures everyone he can make it longer than 9 seconds. Kane’s music and pyro. hits and out he comes to the ring. Noble attacks Kane when he enters the ring. Kane catches him in mid-air and drives him down with a chokeslam for the pinfall and the win. Lawler timed it at 16 seconds.

Winner: Kane

– JBL is shown with a big black eye backstage making his way to the ring as we go to commercial. Michael Cole says that JBL has a historic announcement to make.

– Back from commercial and JBL steps out of the white limousine as Lilian Garcia introduces him to the crowd. JBL is sporting a nice shiner on his way to the ring. JBL says as of last night, Shawn Michaels is no longer his employee. He had his people write Shawn a large check last night and he is paid in full, retaining his name and everything else. JBL says HBK is now financially stable and he could care less. JBL says he is wealthy and has more money than Shawn ever will have and more than the fans combined will ever have. JBL says he hired HBK so he could go to WrestleMania and be World Champion but he had an epiphany after No Way Out last night. He realized those goals were too small for him. He says he has a date with destiny to do something historic at WrestleMania, something nobody has ever done before. End The Streak. JBL says his destiny is to break The Undertaker’s Streak at WrestleMania. Shawn Michael’s music hits and out he comes to a huge pop.

HBK enters the ring and the crowd is popping hard for him. HBK is in the best mood he has been in months. HBK says he had an epiphany last night too. He is no longer Employee of the Month or Struggling Conflicted Family Man. He is the Heartbreak Kid, the Showstopper and the Main Event. Most importantly, you are looking at Mr. WrestleMania. HBK says he is free at last. He says at the Rumble, a man told him it’s hell getting to heaven and that was Taker. HBK says he should face The Undertaker at WrestleMania and runs off some of his credentials. HBK says if anyone should face Taker at Mania this year, you’re looking at him.

JBL says it’s his destiny to beat Undertaker at WrestleMania, not Shawn’s. HBK says he can’t tell him what to do anymore so here’s his proposition. Next week on RAW, the two face off with the winner going to WrestleMania to face The Undertaker. JBL says he accepts and HBK says it looks like they are doing business one more time. HBK says it’s going to be a little bit different this time and starts pushing on JBL with his finger. HBK tells him he will be lucky if he even makes it to WrestleMania and pokes JBL some more, getting a nice reaction from the crowd. HBK heads to the back as JBL looks on.

– We get a nice long package showing highlights from the Orton vs. McMahon match at No Way Out. Shane McMahon is shown backstage preparing for his fight tonight as we go back to commercial.

Rey Mysterio vs. Mike Knox

Back from the break and Rey Mysterio is headed to the ring to a nice pop from the crowd in Spokane. Rey greets the fans and enters the ring as Mike Knox walks to the ring staring Rey down.

The match starts with Knox knocking Rey to the mat. Rey comes back with his speed through Knox’ legs but gets leveled with a big clothesline. 2 count by Knox. Rey comes off the ropes and Knox lifts him in the air and just drops him. Knox grabs Rey and slides him across to the ring, face first onto the floor outside of the ring. We go back to another commercial break.

Back from commercial and Knox is still beating on Rey. Knox gets a 2 count. Rey tries to fight back but Knox just knocks him back to the mat. Knox misses a splash in the corner and Rey goes to work with kicks. Knox drops Rey with a huge backbreaker for another 2 count. Knox launches Rey into the corner and he goes back to the mat.

The match just continues with Knox stomping on Rey, getting another 2 count with his foot on his chest. Knox applies a bear hug on Rey. Rey counters a slam by Knox and sends Knox to the mat. Rey hits the big bulldog. Rey hits a big enziguri and then the 619 on Knox. Rey misses the springboard and tries a moonsault but Knox catches him and ties him up in the turnbuckle, upside down. Knox beats on Rey some more and drops knees to the face. Rey lifts up and Knox runs into the ring post. Rey rolls him up for the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

– Backstage we see Beth Phoenix walking towards the ring with Rosa and Santino, who is acting like a fool as usual. Beth tells Rosa she is going to win the Women’s Title back tonight and needs them to be there. We go to another commercial break.

WWE Women’s Title Match: Melina vs. Beth Phoenix

Back from commercial and the WWE Women’s Champion Melina is making her way to the ring. Gotta love that entrance of hers. Beth Phoenix is out next with Rosa and Santino Marella at her side. Santino’s unibrow is shaved, he has a new hairdo with streaks. WTF? The match starts with Beth dominating Melina, beating her to the mat for a 2 count.

Beth talks trash to Melina as she continues to own. Santino is definitley sporting a new look and it looks quite queer. Melina kicks Beth in the face but gets caught in a big side slam as she tried a bulldog. 2 count for Beth. Melina gets dumped to the floor where Santino and Rosa are. The ref’s back is turned as Rosa kicks Melina. Mickie, Candice and Kelly come down and beat Santino down. Mickie attacks Rosa barely. Melina rolls Beth up for the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Melina

– Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler talk about the WWE Hall of Fame and lead us into a video package announcing Dory Jr. and Terry Funk as the next names for the 2009 Class. We see highlights from the Funk’s career.

– After we see what happened with Edge and Cena earlier, we see Stephanie McMahon talking to someone on the phone. She says Shane is going to fight Orton tonight anyway. She tells them to hurry up and get here as the phone cuts out. Back to commercial.

Non-Sanctioned Fight: Shane McMahon vs. Randy Orton

Back from the break and Shane McMahon makes his entrance to the ring. Randy Orton comes out next and stalks his way to the ring. Shane rushes Orton on the floor and they start trading blows. Big rights by Shane. Orton hits rights of his own and a big knee. Shane is connecting with the rights tonight and sends Orton over the barrier into the crowd.

Shane goes over in the crowd with Orton and continues to beat him up. The fans are loving it as Orton gets his ass handed to him. Shane kicks Orton around and cracks him in the head with a bottled water. More rights and lefts from Shane.

Orton takes control with some rights of his own and they fight back towards the ring. Orton slams Shane into the steel steps and continues the assault. We go back in the ring now and Orton keeps on kicking Shane around and starts stomping on him. Shane is on his knees as Orton just keeps hitting him. Shane ends up on the floor outside the ring.

Orton follows to the floor and rams Shane’s back into the side of the ring a few times. The crowd tells Orton he sucks. Shane gets up and knocks Orton over the announcers table, sending Lawler and Cole scrambling. Shane pounds the hell out of Orton behind the table and leaves him laying. Cole fell in the commotion it looks like. Shane grabs the timekeeper’s bell and clocks Orton with it. Shane drags him back to the ring and throws him in. Orton looks to be knocked out. Shane leans him up in the corner on the floor and hits him in the back of the head with the bell again. Shane grabs a chair and brings it in the ring while Orton is out cold.

Shane props the steel chair in the corner as Orton is still out cold. Shane climbs the other side of the ring for the Coast to Coast with the chair. Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase run down to the ring and knock Shane off the top rope. Rhodes and DiBiase start pummeling Shane with them hitting their finishers on him. Randy gets to his feet and stands between Cody and Ted over Shane. Orton backs into the corner and punt kicks Shane right in the head. Orton is going nuts, standing over Shane. Stephanie rushes the ring to tend to Shane and she’s crying. WWE officials come down also as Shane is out.

They put the neck brace on Shane as the crowd gives Orton tons of heat. Orton just stands over Shane looking like a crazy beast. Stephanie stands up and is still crying to him. Randy lays out Stephanie with a huge RKO. Triple H rushes the ring as Legacy scrambles and heads for the ramp. Triple H checks on Stephanie and is fuming pissed off. Triple H shakes as the crowd pops and he holds her hand.

I’ve never seen Triple H look like this. He is shaken with anger and looks like he’s about to explode. The officials check on Stephanie as Triple H stands up, still shaking, and stares down Randy Orton. RAW goes off the air with Triple H still staring down Randy Orton and Legacy on the ramp.