Edge/Hardy Update, Ashley/WWE News, WWE Stock, Orton, More

– As a result of the recent downturn in the stock market, WWE stock has hit the skids again. The stock closed at $9.24 per share on Friday, very close to the five-year low of 8.76.

– Gamestop.com is offering alternate attires of Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, Iron Sheik, Jimmy Hart and The Rock for those who pre-order the Legends of WrestleMania video game.

– As Ashley Massaro noted in a blog last week, the former WWE Diva recently had a talk with John Laurinaitis, WWE’s Senior Vice President of Talent Relations. However, with Gail Kim still sitting on the sidelines and a new batch of women waiting in the wings in developmental, her chances of returning to the company appear to be slim.

WWE’s head television producer Kevin Dunn, at least in the past, was a huge supporter of hers when most were negative on her. Dunn was high on her because she was selected by the fans as a Diva Search winner and he was the main person behind the concept. Dunn also had a hand in her landing the Survivor gig when most felt the role should have gone to someone who had more long-term potential such as Mike “The Miz” Mizanin. When Massaro returned from the show early last year, many felt her crowd appeal was gone due to her change in appearance. Many have also credited Paul London’s downfall in the company to Massaro.

– The latest issue of Inside Wrestling features Randy Orton on the cover with a story looking at his apparent anger issues. The headline reads: “The Rage of Orton – Are Randy’s Anger Issues Holding Him Back?”

– WWE officials are putting Edge and Matt Hardy together as a new tag team as the two are booked on some house shows coming up, but with Edge winning the World Title there’s no telling if that still stands.. The two SmackDown wrestlers were told ahead of time before the recent house show line-ups were announced that they wanted them together as a tag team for the house show run leading up to WrestleMania. Pre-Mania house show plans have Matt Hardy & Edge against Jeff Hardy & Undertaker, with Triple H taking on Big Show, and Carlito & Primo Colon defending their tag titles against Jesse & Festus. Again, with the big turn of events at the PPV last night, we’ll just have to wait and see.