WWE No Way Out Results – February 15, 2009

WWE No Way Out 2009
Seattle, Washington – 2/15/2009
Report by Marc Middleton

Opening Dark Match:

Melina retained the WWE Women’s Championship against Beth Phoenix in a dark match prior to tonight’s No Way Out pay-per-view from the Key Arena in Seattle, Washington.

WWE No Way Out Opener:

WWE No Way Out 2009 just went live on pay-per-view. We are currently being shown an opening video package, recapping tonight’s feuds.

WWE SmackDown Elimination Chamber for the WWE Title
The Undertaker vs. Edge vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Triple H vs. Big Show vs. Vladimir Kozlov

The Elimination Chamber for the WWE Title will kick off tonight’s PPV. Out first is The Undertaker doing his grand entrance. Big Show is out next as Jim Ross and Tazz go over the rules and the match.

Taker and Big Show are placed in their pods as Vladimir Kozlov makes his way to the ring and taunts Show and Taker before entering his pod. Out next is Triple H to a massive pop, quite possibly bigger than The Undertaker’s. Triple H does his taunts in front of Big Show’s pod causing him to go crazy. The Game enters his pod and is closed in as Jeff Hardy makes his way to the ring to another massive pop.

The WWE Champion Edge is introduced next and he makes his way to the ring where Jeff Hardy waits on him. Edge enters the ring and the Chamber is locked shut. Jeff attacks Edge when the bell rings and goes to work with kicks to the gut in the corner. Hardy with three big forearms off the ground. Edge boots Jeff in the face and knocks him to the mat. Edge is in control now.

Edge gets a 2 count on Jeff. Edge works on Jeff in Big Show’s corner. Hardy comes back with a head scissors take down and a big double leg drop between the legs. Jeff goes for the Twist of Fate but Edge counters. Jeff goes for it again and nails it. Hardy climbs to the top turnbuckle infront of Big Show but misses the plancha from the top.

Hardy, out of nowhere almost, pins Edge to eliminate him with a rollup out of a counter. We are guaranteed a new WWE Champion tonight. Edge is shocked as the referees escort him out of the Chamber. Edge is completely baffled as he tries to fight going to the back. The next man to enter the ring is Vladimir Kozlov. Kozlov enters the ring and drops Jeff Hardy right off the bat. Kozlov works over Hardy in the corner with big corner thrusts.

Kozlov hits his battering ram move on Hardy and continues to punish him. Kozlov throws Jeff’s body into the Chamber walls. Hardy keeps getting rammed into the walls by Kozlov. Kozlov throws Jeff back into the center of the ring for a 2 count. Kozlov keeps in control of Jeff and lifts him above his head and drops him over the top turnbuckle. Kozlov head butts Jeff in the gut a few times.

Kozlov hits another over head slam on Hardy and scores another 2 count. Kozlov drops Jeff over his knee to get another 2 count. Kozlov locks on a bear hug on the ground type move and tightens the hold on Hardy. Jeff tries to fight back but Kozlov decks him again to the mat. Hardy counters a running powerslam and kicks Kozlov into the corner. Hardy nails his big swinging kick in the corner. 2 count for Hardy.

Hardy nails the Whisper in the Wind on Kozlov as the countdown begins and the next man to come in the ring is Big Show. Show steps over the ropes and grabs Hardy, hitting him with body punches in the corner then just tossing him across the ring. Show throws Hardy into Kozlov and Vladimir nails him with headbutts, dropping Jeff to the mat. Kozlov and Show just take turns beating on Hardy. It looks like they’re trying to show each other up here as they keep punishing Jeff.

Hardy fights off both men but gets dropped with a Big Show headbutt. Show continues to beat up Jeff in the corner. Kozlov attacks Show and drops him with a big clothesline. Show gets up and drops Kozlov with a big punch. Show and Kozlov trade blows in the middle of the ring. Show tries to suplex Kozlov but Kozlov fights it off. Kozlov thrusts Show in the corner as Triple H is released into the Chamber. HHH comes in and starts throwing blows at Big Show. Big face buster on Show by Triple H. Big knee to the face on Kozlov by HHH.

Triple H nails a huge spine buster on Big Show but turns around to get dropped by Hardy. Triple H hits a nasty clothesline on Jeff and sends Kozlov to the outside of the ring. Triple H rubs Kozlov’s face into the steel but Kozlov fights him off. Triple H goes for a Pedigree on the steel but Big Show decks him from behind. Show works on Triple H in the corner now with lefts and rights.

Show drops HHH with a big side slam for a 2 count. Taker beats on his pod as he waits to be released into the ring. Show works on HHH in the corner as Kozlov beats on Hardy. The crowd starts chanting for The Undertaker. Show tries to chokeslam HHH but he slides out of it. Show catches him and lifts The Game above his head, dropping him on the mat. Show throws HHH face first into the steel chains as Hardy takes Kozlov off his feet. Show splashes HHH against the steel now. Kozlov catches Hardy and rams into HHH up against the steel. Show tries to ram them again but hits himself on the chains. Hardy and HHH hit a double suplex on Kozlov inside the ring. Hardy nails Whisper in the Wind on Triple H and everyone is down as The Undertaker enters the ring.

Taker comes right in and nails tons of rights and lefts on Show. Taker takes Kozlov in the air and launches him into the side of the ring. Taker splashes Hardy and HHH in the corner. He grabs HHH and Hardy for a double chokeslam but Big Show nails him from behind. Taker comes off the ropes and nails Show with a forearm in the air. Taker goes for Old School on Triple H but Show makes the save. Taker drops Big Show’s head on the steel with a big DDT.

Taker hits Old School on Triple H now but Kozlov gets him in the corner and mounts him. Taker grabs Kozlov from the corner and nails the Last Ride to eliminate Kozlov. Show nails a huge chokeslam on Taker. HHH comes over and tries to Pedigree Show but gets dumped over the rope onto the steel. Show drops Hardy and HHH on the steel now with a massive thud. Show throws HHH into the steel chains again. Show throws Hardy into the wall but he latches on and climbs to the top of the pod. Show grabs him by his leg and make shim fall on top of the pod. Show climbs up the chains and beats on Hardy on top of the pod. Taker climbs up and fights Show on the top turnbuckle now. Taker hits a big back body drop on Show from the top.

Triple H picks Show up and nails the Pedigree. Hardy leaps from the top of the pod and nails the Swanton Bomb on Big Show. HHH reaches over and pins Big Show to eliminate him. Hardy misses Twist of Fate on Taker and HHH goes to work on Taker in the corner. Taker counters and nails a bunch of rights before launching HHH over the top onto the steel. Taker walks the ropes and tries to hit Old School on Hardy but Triple H hits the ropes and makes Taker fall.

Hardy runs and leaps off Taker’s back over the rope, landing on HHH and the steel outside of the ring. Taker scoops Hardy and hits him with the Tombstone to pin him and eliminate him. It’s now down to Triple H and The Undertaker. HHH and Taker regroup for a second before facing off. HHH rushes him but Taker drops him with a big boot. Taker works over HHH in the corner now. HHH drops to his knees and takes more big right hands from Taker. Taker ends up on the steel after getting his leg caught on the top. Triple H rams Taker into the steel wall. HHH climbs to the top turnbuckle and jumps at Taker. Taker catches him in mid-air and drops him with the chokeslam for only a 2 count.

Taker hits Snake Eyes on HHH but gets dropped with a big spine buster. 2 count by Triple H. HHH uses the steel on Taker again. HHH goes for the Pedigree but Taker throws his face into the steel. Taker scoops HHH for the Tombstone but he slides out of it. Taker recovers and nails the Tombstone solid this time to get the close 2 count as HHH put his foot on the ropes.

Back on their feet and Triple H nails a big Pedigree on The Undertaker for another very close 2 count. They get back to their feet again and trade blows out of the corner. HHH hits big rights on Taker in the corner. Taker catches him with Last Ride but HHH slides out. He nails the Pedigree on Taker to get the pinfall and the win.

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: Triple H

– We get a nice long video package showing highlights from the Orton vs. McMahon feud. We go backstage with Randy Orton. He has a message for Shane McMahon. He asks Shane how Vince is, saying he’s probably home from the hospital by now with Linda at his side, praying that Shane will avenge him tonight. Orton says that’s not going to happen. He says tonight, Vince will be helpless as he watches Shane cry. Orton says he won’t stop until he destroys the entire McMahon family. He says he will make his Legacy at the expense of theirs. Orton says when he is done, the McMahons can watch as he takes his rightful spot at WrestleMania.

No Holds Barred Match
Randy Orton vs. Shane McMahon

Voices starts playing as Randy Orton makes his way to the ring without anyone from Legacy as they are barred from ringside tonight. Orton stalks the ring and enters to await Shane McMahon. The music hits and out comes Shane McMahon to the ring.

Shane and Orton start off brawling. Shane nails a bunch of right hands on Orton to send him out to the floor. Shane slides and kicks Orton out on the outside. Shane goes to the outside and gets a table from under the ring. Shane kicks Orton and grabs a trash can. Shane sets the trash can in the ring. Orton counters when Shane tries to pick him up. Orton takes Shane out on the outside. Orton charges at Shane, sending his back into the side of the ring. Orton rolls Shane into the ring. He picks up his arm and kicks away at his midsection. Back body drop from Orton onto McMahon. Orton exposes the top turnbuckle. My feed goes out for a minute and when it comes back, Shane gets a kendo stick in the ring now and starts beating on Orton with it.

Shane dumps Orton to the floor again and starts taking apart the SmackDown announcers table. Shane smacks Orton in the head with a TV monitor and Orton is busted open. Orton is dazed as Shane puts him on the SmackDown table. Shane climbs to the top rope but Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes come in from behind. I thought they said they were banned from ringside. Rhodes and DiBiase start wailing on Shane. Cody gets a chair and brings it into the ring. Cody accidentally smacks Ted with the chair. Shane DDT’s Cody onto the chair and Stephanie is shown watching from backstage.

Shane has Cody propped up in the corner. He puts the trash can over his face and leaps from across the other side of the ring up top and crams the trash can in Cody’s face. Shane climbs the top again as Randy is still laid out on the SmackDown table. Shane leaps onto Orton but he moves and Shane goes crashing through the table. Orton is a bloody mess from the monitor shot earlier. Ted is in the ring checking on Cody as Orton crawls in the ring. Orton tells Ted to get Cody out of here and make sure he is alright.

Shane crawls in the ring but Orton meets him and drops the big DDT from the ropes. Orton gets a 2 count. Another 2 count by Orton and another 2 count right behind that one. Orton is getting pissed. Orton pulls the table into the ring now as the crowd pops. Orton stands the table up and picks Shane up in the corner, only to beat him back down. Orton pummels Shane in the corner and sits him on the top rope. Orton tries to superplex Shane from the top through the table and he does. Shane comes crashing down through another table.

Orton only gets a 2 count on Shane and is getting pissed. Orton slams Shane’s head back into the table and keeps beating on him. This match is too slow and I expected a whole lot more out of it. Orton drops big knees on Shane but only gets another 2 count. Shane gets to his feet and Orton waits for the punt kick but Shane spears him to the mat. Shane grabs a chair and starts beating on Orton. Orton takes about four chairshots on his legs and back. Orton is hurt. Orton gets on his knees and begs Shane not to hit him in the head. Shane cracks him with the chair anyway.

Shane goes running at Orton as he gets up. Orton catches him in a RKO out of nowhere for the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Randy Orton

– After the match, Randy Orton gets to his feet and limps around. He looks at Shane like he’s about to do something but he doesn’t. Shane tries to get to his feet and is also a mess as Orton limps off to the back.

– We cut to a video package with highlights from WrestleMania events over the years. Same stuff we’ve been seeing on TV for the past month.

ECW Championship Match
Jack Swagger vs. Finlay

Todd Grisham and Matt Striker welcome us to tonight’s ECW Championship match. The Champion Jack Swagger comes out first and salutes the WrestleMania 25 sign hanging high in the air. Finlay is out next and the bell rings as we’re ready to go.

Swagger and Finlay lock up. Finlay takes him down and locks on a single-leg Boston Crab. Finlay keeps the hold locked and keeps working on the knee of Swagger. Finlay backs Swagger in the corner and still works on the leg. Swagger ducks an attack and sends Finlay’s face into the corner. Swagger takes control now and puts Finlay in a hold. Swagger works on the arm of Finlay now. Boring chants from the crowd.

They go back to the mat with Swagger working on the arm some more with another hold. Finlay out wrestles Swagger and breaks the hold but gets caught in another arm hold. Wow, what a match here folks. Another very slow paced match here. They stay on the mat some more with Swagger working on the arm. Swagger scoops Finlay for a slam but Finlay counters and drops Swagger. 2 count by Finlay.

Finlay is down in the corner when Swagger rushes him with a knee. Swagger stops and doesn’t hit him. He backs up and rushes Finlay again. This time Finlay rolls him up for a 2 count. Swagger takes back control and beats down Finlay in the corner again. Finlay counters Swagger and drops him with a clothesline. Hornswoggle appears at ringside now. Finlay hits a cross body from the top for a 2 count. Finlay nails a couple clotheslines on Swagger and a big leg drop for another 2 count.

Hornswoggle ends up on the apron. Finlay runs into him and sends him flying to the floor. Swagger takes control now and nails his big side suplex finisher for the pinfall and the win. Horrible match.

Winner: Jack Swagger

– Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler talk about Shane McMahon and say word is that he was going in and out of consciousness and he has been taken to a local hospital. Lawler mentions that Stephanie has went with him.

– We see Shawn Michaels backstage getting ready for his match. They show a video package with highlights from the JBL and Shawn Michaels storyline.

All or Nothing Match
Shawn Michaels vs. JBL

Lilian Garcia introduces JBL first and out he comes. HBK’s wife Rebecca is shown at ringside looking sad. HBK’s music finally plays as he makes his way to the ring to a pretty nice pop. HBK is fired up as Lilian announces him. HBK has his pyro back and greets his wife as he gets ready to enter the ring.

Rebecca looks a little happier now that Shawn is out. The match starts and JBL backs Shawn into the corner and taunts him. JBL yells something about “one mistake.” They lock up and go back to the corner. The ref tries to separate them but JBL won’t budge. HBK unloads and starts pummeling JBL. HBK sends JBL to the outside so he can recover. JBL smiles as he recovers on the outside. HBK comes to JBL on the floor. JBL hands him a chair and tells him to hit him. HBK decks him with rights and throws him back in the ring.

Back in the ring and JBL counters for a 2 count. JBL drops a big elbow on Shawn for another 2 count. HBK cuts JBL down to the mat now and locks on the Figure Four. JBL reaches the ropes and the hold is broken. HBK doesn’t break the hold until the 4 count. HBK locks on the Crossface but JBL rolls out of it and pins HBK with a 2 count. Back on their feet and HBK nails big chops in the corner. JBL launches HBK in the corner and sends him over the top to the floor.

JBL works over HBK on the floor a bit before bringing him back in the ring. JBL drops a series of big elbow drops on Shawn. HBK kicks out of a 2 count as Rebecca looks on from ringside. Another 2 count by JBL. JBL nails HBK in the corner with right hands and beats him down to the bottom turnbuckle with a kick to the face. HBK gets caught in a big bear hug now by JBL. HBK fights out of the bear hug and hits a swinging neck breaker on JBL. HBK hits the inverted atomic drop and more chops.

JBL takes Shawn to the top and nails him with right hands. JBL goes for the superplex but HBK fights off with rights and lefts. JBL is knocked from the top down to the mat. HBK goes for the big elbow drop but JBL rolls out of the way. JBL hits Shawn with the Clothesline from Hell but only gets a 2 count from it. JBL waits on Shawn to get to his feet now. Another big clothesline from JBL sends Shawn to the mat as Rebecca is looking worried.

JBL throws HBK to the floor and looks at Rebecca who is still in the crowd. Shawn gets back in the ring at the ref’s 9 count and JBL looks on in disbelief. JBL nails Shawn again and dumps him over the top to the floor. This time JBL goes after him. JBL approaches Rebecca in the crowd and lifts Shawn’s head. He taunts Rebecca with HBK’s beat up face. Rebecca decks JBL in the face! HBK takes him back in the ring and nails the big forearm. Vintage HBK. HBK leaps onto JBL and starts nailing him with rights and lefts. Scoop slam by HBK and he goes to the top rope to hit the big elbow drop. HBK connects with the Sweet Chin Music to get the pinfall and the win as Rebecca happily cries from the crowd.

Winner: Shawn Michaels

– After HBK defeats JBL, he goes to ringside and hugs Rebecca from the crowd. Shawn celebrates some more and Rebecca comes over to walk with him to the back. They stop at the big stage and look happy to be rid of JBL as they go to the back.

– Todd Grisham is backstage talking about the RAW Chamber. Chris Jericho is with him and he says he is the best in the world at what he does. He says he will walk out of the Chamber tonight as the new World Champion. He says once he wins, he is going to challenge Ric Flair to come out of retirement to face him for the belt at WrestleMania. Jericho changes his mind and says no, he isn’t going to waste his time on a guy like Flair but he is serious about winning tonight.

– Cole and Lawler hype the show tonight and the theme song by Saliva. They show us clips from earlier of Triple H winning the WWE Title. Cole runs down some stat saying 67% of the time the Chamber will change hands or something, so that’s bad news for Cena, somehow. Cole is a complete moron sometimes. The Chamber is lowered over the ring.

Elimination Chamber Match for the World Heavyweight Title
John Cena vs. Mike Knox vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Kane vs. Chris Jericho vs. Kofi Kingston

The Chamber is lowered back over the ring as the World Heavyweight Champion John Cena makes his way to the ring and is locked away inside a pod. Out next is Mike Knox followed by Kane.

Kofi Kingston comes out next but Edge attacks from out of nowhere. Edge slams Kofi into the steel steps and bashes his head into the steps. Edge enters the Chamber and just waits. Rey Mysterio and several WWE officials come down to check on Kofi. Edge locks himself inside a pod. Rey is pissed. Chris Jericho’s music hits and out he comes as officials carry Kofi off to the back. The match is ready to go and it looks like Edge is in it. Jericho and Mysterio start things off.

Rey and Jericho lock up with a side headlock put on Rey. They run the ropes and Jericho drops him with a shoulder. Rey flips Jericho over and drops him on the mat. Scissor take down by Rey and he goes for the 619 but Jericho rolls out to the steel. Rey comes flying and looks like he hurt himself landing on the steel. Rey clotheslines Jericho back into the ring. Rey goes running at Jericho in the corner but Jericho catches his head and throws it into the pod glass as Kane looks on and smiles.

Jericho gets a 2 count and puts on another headlock. Rey gets out and climbs the cage wall. Rey comes flying off and hits a hurrancanrana on the steel. Seated Senton by Rey onto Jericho for another 2 count. Rey hits Jericho with forearms and nails the big bulldog. Kane is the next man in. Kane stares down Edge in his pod. Jericho jumps on Kane’s back but gets dumped. Kane hits a big side slam on Rey for a 2 count. Kane continues to beat on Rey and his a big dropkick for another 2 count. Jericho and Kane go at it trading blows now. Kane sends him over the ropes to the steel. Kane stomps on Jericho but Rey comes over and unloads on Kane and slide kicks into his ribs. Kane gets up and drops Rey with a right.

Kane runs into Rey’s boot and gets dropped. Jericho misses the Lionsault and gets dropped by a Kane right hand. Rey gets Jericho on the ropes and goes for the 619 but KAne stops him and grabs him for a chokeslam. Kane fights off Jericho. Rey counters the chokeslam and hits the 619 on Kane. Codebreaker on Kane. Rey dumps Jericho over the rope to the steel and climbs to the top of the pod. Rey leaps off the pod onto Kane with a Senton to pin him for the elimination. The next man in is Mike Knox. Knox comes in and nails Rey in the face. Mysterio flips Knox over the top rope onto the Chamber. Jericho springboards off the ropes into Mike Knox. Knox takes him out. He follows his attack with stiff boots. Mysterio gets on Knox’s back. Knox works over Mysterio on the cage.

Knox throws Jericho down in the middle of the ring. It’s Knox and Mysterio. Knox whips Mysterio off the ropes. Knox counters and works Re y over. Out of nowhere Jericho hits the Code Breaker on Knox. Jericho hits the three count. Mike Knox is eliminated. Jericho works over Mysterio in the corner. Edge is buzzed in. Mysterio greets him with an attack. Mysterio bangs Edge’s head off the Chamber, Spring board off the top rope, crossbody, he works Edge over. Mysterio off the ropes into a Jericho clothesline. Jericho and Edge go at it in the ring. Running bulldog by Jericho onto Edge. Jericho connects with right hands on the former WWE Champion. Mysterio gets involved, Jericho takes him out. Out of nowhere Edge gets a two count on Jericho.

Jericho goes for the Spear on Mysterio, he misses Jericho goes for the Code Breaker. He misses as Edge goes after Mysterio. Jericho takes out Edge in the middle of the ring. Jericho works with Mysterio in the corner. Jericho climbs to the top, Edge gets involved. It’s Edge, Mysterio, and Jericho as Jericho tosses them off the top turnbuckle. Mysterio, Edge, and Jericho are down in the ring. Edge works over Jericho in the corner and throws him over the ropes onto the Elimination Chamber. John Cena is released as he goes right for Edge. Cena cleans house. Cena takes out Edge to a pop from the crowd. He signals Five Knuckle Shuffle. He connects on the former WWE Champion. Cena gets him up for the Attitude Adjustment but out of nowhere, Jericho hits the Code Breaker. Edge eliminates John Cena with the Spear! Believe it or not, John Cena is eliminated. Mysterio takes out Edge then Jericho with a hurricanrana. Then Edge, setting him up for 619. Jericho gets 619, Edge gets out of the way. Mysterio tries to land offense but Jericho counters, Mysterio ends up eliminating Jericho via pinfall. Chris Jericho is eliminated.

We’re down to Edge and Rey Mysterio. Edge goes for the Spear, Mysterio gets out of the way and gets a two count and a near fall. Mysterio hits his offense, landing a springboard press on Edge. Mysterio hits a devastating blow on Edge for a two count. Mysterio lands right hands on Edge followed by kicks. Mysterio counters into a DDT followed by a DDT. Two count! Several more near falls. They fight on the steel and Edge goes for a powerbomb but Rey ends up smashing his face into the steel. Rey does something like a reverse 619 on Edge, kicking him in the back of the head. The crowd chants for Rey. Edge catapults Rey into the pod with a sick thud. Edge gets ready for Rey to get up again and nails the Spear this time. Edge gets the pinfall and the win.

Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion: Edge

Cole and Lawler show replays of what happened with Edge attacking Kofi as Edge celebrates winning the title. Edge points to the WrestleMania sign and bits the steel walls of the Chamber. The Rated R Superstar embraces his World Title as the show goes off the air into a WrestleMania promo.





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    swagger just won with the gutwrench

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    Talk about yet another crappy pay per view. I tell you I am totally over Edge coming in and stealing the titles. I swear what a waste of 39.95 for a pay per view. I am very disappointed and I think that the wwe should be ashamed of themslves for having such a frickin waste of an elimination chamber match. It was my first time watching one and I can tell you it will be my last. Edge needs to get a life and I am sure he will loose right away but it is the point of the matter. Rey should have won that match hands down.

  • Brandon

    It wasnt a complete waste of money. The RAW elimination chamber wasnt as good as the SD chamber match. But as for Edge needing to get a life? He is an entertainer and he is doing what his company wants him to do. Rey shouldnt have won that match. Him a champion heading into Wrestlemania would have been a disaster..

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