JR Blog: WrestleMania 25 Card, Steve Austin Update, More

– Jim Ross has a new blog entry up where he talks about WrestleMania 25 card, Steve Austin workout, and Randy Savage DVD.

WrestleMania 25 card: I would bet you a side of JR’s slow, smoked ribs vs a day old donut that the WrestleMania card is far from finalized as we speak and further more that the WWE Draft is still, in pencil, in its beginning form on the proverbial drawing board IF it is that far along. Point is, how can something be spoiled if it hasn’t even been harvested yet?

Steve Austin’s recent workout: I spoke with Stone Cold this week who is on the damnedest workout routine that I have heard him describe ever. Steve’s eating cleaner than ever since I have known him and he seems to be sitting squarely on ‘the wagon.’ Austin’s complete focus in preparation for his next movie role is uncanny even though some will read between these lines to think that Steve is getting himself in freakish physical condition for one more wrestling match. Believe what you want and what ever makes you happy.

Randy Savage DVD: Speaking of DVD’s the upcoming, long awaited Macho Man Randy Savage DVD that is set to be released on June 9 is already creating quite a stir and it is still in the development stages. The question is will it be a career retrospective of classic bouts or a documentary with more talking and fewer bouts? One would think that most sane people would wait to actually see the DVD or to know exactly how it is being compiled before condemning it.





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