Two WWE Developmental Wrestlers Get Rave Reviews


D.H. Smith and Tyson Kidd (a/k/a T.J. Wilson) are currently considered at the top of the WWE developmental class by multiple staff members at FCW. Smith has blown away some staff members with his mat wrestling ability. Kidd debuted on ECW on Tuesday, and it’s considered only a matter of time before Smith returns to the active roster. There are still rumblings that Smith could be in line for a spot in Legacy.

Kidd has been on the verge of being called up more than once prior to his television debut Tuesday night on ECW. Meanwhile, Smith is said to have made dramatic improvement in the ring since the last time he appeared on WWE television. The main concern is whether Smith has the charisma to get over in a big way, but there are several people in the company who see him to be a future star.

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