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Usually at this point in the wrestling calendar the pieces of the puzzle are in place for the main event at Wrestlemania but at No Way Out, the WWE has many different options to shuffle the deck so to speak and create a number of different scenarios for the “showcase of the immorals.” I’ll attempt to predict some winners here and also discuss some of the reasons why I think certain wrestlers will be put into the main event spot at Wrestlemania as a result of the matches at No Way Out.

The ECW title match is very, very similar to the match at the Rumble last month, a veteran vs. Swagger to help Swagger continue to develop into a star. The veteran this time is Finlay and Swagger really couldn’t ask for a better veteran to be in the ring with when it comes to teaching younger talent than Finlay. Just as I predicted last month, I’ll predict Jack Swagger to retain the ECW title but what I think is more important here is that Swagger has a good showing on PPV. Too often someone will categorize a “push” as someone getting more T.V. time but the laundry list of WWE releases in recent months proves it takes more than some T.V. time to establish a star. That being said, I think Swagger has the potential to become a star and I think with this continued solid push, he will become a star. Swagger has the old school wrestler base character and the new school arrogant type of heel combination, which I think could be a good formula to get him over with the crowd.

The HBK/JBL match is very, very important to the longevity of the feud because while it has the ingredients of a really good feud, it remains to be seen if it can deliver in the ring. You have the super over face, Shawn Micheals and the classic example of a hated heel, JBL so from a storyline stand point, this is money but as I said, these two haven’t actually had a match to progress the feud yet. From what I can tell, I’d expect this one to go all the way to a match at Wrestlemania but if their match isn’t at least soild at No Way Out, I’d see no reason why the WWE would have it on the card of the biggest show of the year. As for a winner, it’s tough because there’s two main scenarios taking place at the PPV. HBK wins and somehow they set up another match at Wrestlemania or JBL wins and then a Wrestlemania match is set up for Micheals to win his name back, which would seem like the more logical thing to do in this situation. I’ll pick JBL to get the win because I’d expect the WWE to try to give JBL the opportunity to get the most heat possible heading into a possible match at Wrestlemania with HBK and it would seem that JBL owning HBK’s name would be a way to get major heat for the match.

I’d expect the Randy Orton/Shane McMahon match to be a good match and I have to say that Randy Orton will get the win here because I think the WWE will build Orton as much as possible leading up to Wrestlemania. Aside from that, one of the reasons that I think this will be a good match is because Shane McMahon always gives it 100% when he steps in the ring. Shane McMahon always puts his body on the line in his matches and you have to respect how much effort he puts into matches. I’m not too sure which direction the WWE is going with this particular storyline with Orton because he really isn’t involved in any time of feud based around a title and with a title match at the biggest show of the year, you have to wonder when the WWE will set up the feud for Wrestlemania. I’m not really a fan of Orton because he is very bland on the mic and he doesn’t really have a ton of charisma, in my opinion so I’m not overly thrilled he will be in the main event of Wrestlemania but he obviously brings something to the table that the WWE thinks they can market. That being said, Orton had good matches in the past and can deliver good match when he’s on the major stage so he deserves credit for that.

The World Heavyweight title match includes John Cena, Chris Jericho, Kofi Kingston, Kane, Rey Mysterio, and Mike Knox. Just a few things about this match, even though Knox won’t be winning the title, it’s still good exposure for him to be involved in a high profile match at a PPV. Knox has really improved during his most recent run on Raw but I think the WWE should focus on developing his character a little bit more because at least at this point, there’s not much depth to his character. Kane being in a main event match is always a good thing because he’s very underrated and he deserves more of a main event spot on Raw. Aside from that, I’ll predict that John Cena will retain the title. Cena is currently the WWE’s most marketable star so it would be the logical move for them to have him go into Wrestlemania as the champion or at least in a main event spot.

The WWE title match will include Kozlov, Jeff Hardy, The Undertaker, Triple H, Edge, and The Big Show. This is the title match that is tough to pick a winner. Edge just won the title last month and I don’t think it’d make much sense to have him lose the title in a month but we all know Triple H will somehow be put into the main event of Wrestlemania so it’s possible he will win the title at No Way Out. I’ll predict Triple H wins the title but I’d rather see any of the other wrestlers in the Elimination chamber win the match.

Overall, I think No Way Out will be a good PPV.

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