Update on Tyson Kidd, Cage Match After the SD Tapings, Bourne, More

– WWE began airing return promos for Evan Bourne on last night’s ECW on Sci-Fi program. As noted on the site here yesterday, Bourne is set to make his return from the ankle injury soon.

– As noted earlier, TJ Wilson made his main roster debut last night on ECW with Natalya as Tyson Kidd. TJ was supposed to be brought up with DH Smith and Natalya as The Hart Foundation but those plans were scrapped when DH Smith approached WWE creative about joining Legacy. Wilson has trained in Calgary, is a close member of the Hart family and is currently engaged to Natalya. If you missed it last night, the announcers really played up the Hart relation to the two. No word yet if WWE will be calling them The Hart Foundation or what. It was rumored back last year that the name for the group would be The Foundation.

– The dark match before last night’s ECW tapings in Fresno, CA saw Jamie Noble defeat a wrestler who was identified as Shiba. No word yet on who that was or who the Japanese wrestler was that wrestled Tyson Kidd in his debut match.

– After last night’s SmackDown tapings in Fresno, Jeff Hardy teamed up with Rey Mysterio to defeat the team of Matt Hardy and WWE Champion Edge inside a Steel Cage. After the match was over, Hardy hung around and took pictures with the fans at ringside.

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