Ric Flair/WWE Update, JBL Talks About Steroids, More News

– In a column printed in today’s Houston Chronicle, sports reporter Jerome Solomon about this week’s steroid scandal in baseball, with Alex Rodriguez admitting he used performance enhancing drugs from 2001-2003. Solomon said the focus should be shifted to WWE, where he claims the wrestlers are readily available to be investigated by Congress. “That is good law enforce-ment – when it comes to laws we want to enforce. Is this really one of them? … If so, I submit that a couple dozen steroids arrests could be made if the long arm of the law showed up at a WWE event (or most major gyms around the country on a random Wednesday) with urine sample cups in hand. Heck, several guys could have been scooped up in any Major League Baseball clubhouse a few years ago.” To read more, check out Chron.com.

– John Bradshaw Layfield has updated his WWE Universe Blog with his thoughts on WWE’s Wellness Policy, the latest steroid controversy in pro baseball and more.

JBL says he’s “thrilled” that WWE has a strict drug policy and he’s 100% against steroids. “I am thrilled that WWE is a leader in testing. I don’t say that because I work for them, I say that because I am thrilled that the temptation to take drugs to look better or perform better was taken away by WWE’s strict drug policy.”

He says that as he was training to get back into wrestling shape and nearly lost 100 pounds, he had no temptation to use performance enhance drugs “I am very glad that when I was trying to get back into shape to make a return to the ring that drugs was not an option, because if it had been an option I would have been tempted to go to a doctor (which you can do easily at my age) and get a prescription for testosterone or other drug and take a short cut,” JBL said. “Because, getting into shape after getting so out of shape was tough, and still is. Taking the option of drugs out of the equation was a great thing the WWE did.”

JBL believes WWE has created a healthy environment for wrestlers to help remove the temptation of using banned substances. “I have been tested for drugs, AIDS, high cholesterol, concussions; you name it in the past six months alone,” JBL said. “WWE has made sure it has created an environment that is healthy, just as the NFL has done and baseball started doing a few years ago.”

– For those of you wondering, Ric Flair has not signed a new deal with WWE but is scheduled to be a regular part of WWE TV leading through WrestleMania 25 but is still taking independent bookings.