SPOILERS: TNA iMPACT! Tapings Results (2/19)

– Below are TNA iMPACT spoilers from earlier tonight for next week’s show.


* Roxxi b. Madison Rayne via pinfall.

* ODB b. Raisha Saeed via pinfall.

TNA iMPACT (Airing on 2/19 on Spike TV):

* A video is shown of Jeremy Borash with Jim Cornette talking to Jeff Jarrett in his office. Cornette is trying to convince Jarrett to not allow the empty arena match between Sting and Kurt Angle for insurance purposes. Cornette asks Mick Foley to help him convince Jarrett not to let it happen. Foley says the match could work during halftime of the Super Bowl, obviously taking a subtle shot at WWE. Jarrett says he’s thinking of allowing the match.

* Kurt Angle comes out and cuts a promo in the ring. He says Sting violated the code for the Main Event Mafia. Angle demands Jeff Jarrett to allow the empty arena match between him and Sting, and then leaves the ring.

* The Motor City Machineguns b. Lethal Consequences in a tag team Street Fight when Alex Shelley pinned Consequences Creed.

* A video is shown of Jim Cornette announcing that Jeff Jarrett has decided to allow the empty arena match between Kurt Angle and TNA Champion Sting. No fans, no referee, no wrestlers.

* A video is shown of the Main Event Mafia minus Sting. Kurt Angle talks about being the leader. Other members try and talk Angle out of the empty arena match. Booker T leaves and is walking down the hallway when AJ Styles takes him out.

* TNA Tag Team Champions Beer Money, Inc. cut a promo in the ring, saying they have issued an open challenge to anyone for their titles. The stipulation being if Beer Money wins, the losing team must leave TNA for good and they can’t comeback wearing a mask or in any other role for the company.

* Shane Sewell & LAX b. Matt Morgan, Sheik Abdul Bashir, & Brutus Magnus when Sewell pins Bashir.

* Jim Cornette comes out to the broadcast table and announces that two guys have accepted Beer Money’s tag team challenge. He wouldn’t reveal who they are but said they are two guys reuniting.

* Taylor Wilde w/Roxxi & Governor Palin b. Angelina Love w/Velvet Sky & Cute Kip via pinfall.

* Beer Money, Inc. b. Team Canada (Eric Young & Petey Williams) to retain when Robert Roode pinned Petey Williams. As a result, Young and Williams have to leave TNA. After the match, the crowd gives an emotional Petey Williams and Eric Young a standing ovation.

* All fans are asked to vacate the arena for the empty arena match between Kurt Angle and TNA Champion Sting.

* Kurt Angle and Sting made their way out to the ring. A stare down ensued followed by an all out brawl. They fought all over the arena, using all kinds of weapons on each other. Sting is about to hit Angle with a chair when Scott Steiner and Kevin Nash come out to make peace. Sting and Angle shake hands but Angle spits in Sting’s face. This sparks another brawl between them and the Main Event Mafia bodyguards come out to split them up. Steiner is visibly upset with Kurt Angle. The show ends with Kurt Angle being pulled to the back by the bodyguards. Thing appear a lot worse within the Main Event Mafia.