More on the Chris Jericho Incident; Fans Arrested

– The altercation between WWE Superstar Chris Jericho & several fans outside of a WWE RAW house show on Saturday night has been picked up by “One witness said she saw Jericho spit in a woman’s face after she approached his white Chevy Tahoe and castigated him for losing the heavyweight championship to John Cena.”

“With spit dripping down her face, the woman jumped on Jericho’s back and started hitting him, said Darshan Stevens, who watched from about a metre away. Jericho turned and punched her in the face, then as the woman’s boyfriend went after the 225-pound wrestler, Jericho pushed him to the ground, she said.”

The story also noted that the male fan, who was identified as Kalen Johl & the female fan who was identified as Ashley Levey were both arrested and charged with assault. Levey denied assaulting Jericho when approached.





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  • Vegas Martin

    I got this e-mail from a fan in response to the altercation:

    I am appalled that the Times Colonist would print a story with so many falsehoods. I was right there and saw the whole incident unfold. First, let me set the record straight about a coupld of things in the article. Jericho never spit on Levey or actually hit her as reported above. The whole altercation started when Jericho was trying to leave the arena in his SUV. Johl jumped in front of him and then proceeded to chase him down the rode banging hard on the window while shouting obscenities and giving him the finger. Jericho was forced to stop as other fans had stepped in front of his vehicle. As he tried to exit his SUV, Johl kicked the door back on him. Jericho got out of the SUV and had a few choice words and a little shoving match with Johl. NO PUNCHES WERE THROWN! At this point the security guards came rushing over. Jericho was telling them to do their job and get Johl out of his face. At this point Levey made her way around the security guard and tried to hit Jericho (you can see this on the Youtube videos). At no time does Jericho spit at her. Once again he tells the security to get Levey and Johl out of there. The security does nothing to hold Levey back and she is once again allowed to come at Jericho. This time she spits on him and pushes him back against the door/seat of the SUV. Jericho reactes by pushing, NOT PUNCHING, her back. This is clearly shown in the Youtube videos. At this point Johl rushes at Jericho and tries to throw a punch. The security FINALLY does their job and takes him down (with Jericho right there with them). Once again this is clear in the vids. Jericho is justifiably pissed off and rushes back to his SUV pushing people out of the way as he went. The whole time he was yelling at the security guards to do their jobs and to get the cops. He sped away and the police arrived shortly after. Had the security actually done what they were hired for this whold incident could have been prevented. I urge anyone else that witnessed this altercation to comment and set the record straight.

    Rayne Forte

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