Dr. Wrestling:UFC Fight Night-Lauzon vs. Stephens

What’s up? These are my predictions for UFC Fight Night :Lauzon vs. Stephens.

In the welter weight division it will be Luigi Fioravanti (13-4)vs. Anthony Johnson (6-2) and I’m interested to see what Johnson does in this particular fight because although he’s been successful so far in his UFC career, he hasn’t fought anyone as tactical, striking wise as Luigi yet. Johnson just knocked out Kevin Burns less than two months ago so it would seem he has momentum on his side going into this one but as I said, Johnson hasn’t fought someone with the striking skill of Luigi yet. Don’t get me wrong, Johnson is a fantastic striker but if Luigi is able to neutralize his striking then Johnson will have to go to a plan B, which he hasn’t done yet in the UFC. Despite his MMA game being somewhat one dimensional, I think Johnson brings a unique element of the one punch knock out power to the welter weight division. Luigi however, has a lot more experience going into this fight and has fought some of the top welter weights in the past. He’s a purple belt in ju jit su so if this one goes to the ground, you have to give Luigi the advantage. This fight is some what of a toss up because it really depends if the fight stays standing or if Luigi tires to take it to the ground to use his ju jit su skills. I’ll predict Johnson to get the win here because I’d expect him to use his strength to avoid take downs and use striking to win the fight. As I said though, this one is a toss up because as we all know, anything can happen in MMA.

Mac Danzig(19-5-1) vs. Josh Neer (24-7-1) is a fight that I expect to be a tough fight that goes all three rounds. Both of these fighters a very evenly matched since they are both well rounded with no obvious weak spots in their game. I’m not a fan of Mac Danzig at all because of his attitude but there’s no doubt about the skill he has so I’ll predict him to use his ground skills to get the victory. That being said, this is almost a must win for each of these fights because they each lost in their last fight. The light weight division is starting to get some real depth to it with Guida, Griffin, Diaz, and then Penn as the champion. Plus you also have to consider that Lauzon and Stephens are light weights that are in the main event of the card. The point being, if Danzig and Neer want to remain on the radar in the light weight division, they need a win here.

I wouldn’t expect Cain Velasquez Vs. Denis Stojnic to last more then a round and you’re going to see some bombs thrown in this one. These are two well rounded heavy weights that are known to be aggressive and they also each bring a good record into the octagon. Cain has two fights in the UFC, while Stojnic is making his UFC debut, which I think could be a factor in the fight. Cain has been under the bright lights of a UFC fight before but Stojnic hasn’t so Cain might be more comfortable in the octagon and be able to utilize his game plan more effectively. You’d have to expect thing one to be a striking battle and because of that, I’ll predict Cain to get the win.

The main event is Joe Lauzon Vs. Jeremy Stephens, who is replacing Hermes Franca for this fight. As I mentioned earlier, the light weight division is starting to get more depth to it so a main event win for either fighter here is important. This seems on paper at least, to be the classic clash of styles between the wrestler with Lauzon and the striker with Stephens. I’d give Stephens the strength advantage here but at the same time, I’d give the speed and agility advantage to Joe Lauzon. As is the case with most of this particular card, there’s no major advantage with either fighter here, which in reality makes for a better fight but it also makes it tougher to pick the winners. Okay, to be completely honest, I have no idea who is going to win this fight so just as a random guess, I’ll be Jeremy Stephens but since it’s a guess I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Joe Lauzon wins the fight.

Thanks for reading.

Dr. Wrestling