John Cena on ESPN’s Website, WWE Voices Update, Candice, More

– Candice Michelle will be appearing on this Friday from 6-8pm at The Atlantic City Boat Show.

– Richard sent the following: I was just watching the ESPN NASCAR Now show airing today and they said that WWE wrestler John Cena is going to be a celebrity participant in the stock car challenge fantasy game.

– WWE: the Music Vol. 9, “Voices,” placed surprisingly high on the Billboard music charts for its debut last week. The CD sold approximately 26,000 units, which beat last year’s album on opening week. Volume 8 debuted last March with approximately 20,000 units sold. At the top of last week’s charts was Bruce Springsteen’s new album, “Working on a Dream.” The CD features the title track for the film “The Wrestler,” which won the Golden Globe for Best Song but got snubbed by the Academy Awards. The album sold 224,000 units and got a ton of hype from Springsteen’s performance at the NFL Super Bowl on Sunday.

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