The Jey Files – Last Weeks Wrastlin, Chamber


            What’s goin on people, this is The Jey Files! I just wanted to give a quick thank you for all those e-mails you guys sent me saying your glad I didn’t fade out and all, I wasn’t going anywhere! What, you think I can let the haters win this fight, I don’t think so! I gotta give them somethin to hate on and if it’s my unbiased opinions I give each time I write then damn it ill give it to them! Anyway, thanks again and let’s get to my thoughts on the previous weeks wrestling shows! And just in case you haven’t heard, the CHAMBER IS COMING BACK!! So lets go into it people!


I gotta tell you guys, I was extremely shocked when I saw Randy Orton won the Royal Rumble and when I saw that Christian in fact didn’t help Edge, but Matt Hardy interfered. But for now, I want to focus on Orton and we will talk about Christian a little later. Now, don’t get me wrong I am glad to see Orton win the Rumble because he is probably one of the best talents out right now at the moment. I mean come on, he came out and claimed to have an anger disorder and had to read from a piece of paper on what the disorder and its details were about, that is classic heel material right there. It should be extremely interesting to see where this will go in the next few weeks even though I am a little shocked that McMahon isn’t doing something separate with someone else like usual. Speaking of usual, usually I’m not too impressed with Cryme Tyme but JTG looked like he is trying to step his game up a little. Cryme Tyme has some talent in the ring that is for sure, but it’s almost like it’s hard to get passed their persona enough sometimes to take them as serious competitors. However now we won’t be able to see if they can make it as champs now for a while unless they head to Smackdown or something but they are young and there’s time. So, if there wasn’t anything right about anything else that happened at the Rumble, Cena magically beat JBL again. Well just imagine that now; I would have NEVER seen that one coming. The whole JBL and HBK thing is getting kind of old though; can anyone really believe that HBK is broke after how long he has worked in WWE? I didn’t think so, the guy makes like $1,000,000 a year let’s cut this out already. I’m not sure if anyone else noticed this or not, but the last time there was a tournament Kane and Kofi Kingston fought each other in the first round with Kofi going over Kane. Still, I am glad it ended the way it did and Kofi won the match the way he should of and not by DQ. I am also glad about the Elimination Chamber coming back; I think it is one of my more favorite matches in wrestling. I know I have said it before, but if they would just put the weapons back in that match then it would make the Chamber five times better than what it is. Anyway, I had heard the rumors that Mickey Rourke was supposed to be going up against Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania this year and I’m not really sure how I feel about that too much. I found it interesting to read throughout the week that JR doesn’t want Mickey Rourke involved in Wrestlemania any more than just being in the audience. And in some ways, after reading into it the last few days I gotta say I agree with JR to an extent. If they can get Rourke SLIGHTLY involved in the match then that’s one thing, like just one cheap shot on Jericho but he really doesn’t have any business Wrestling. I mean hell, the CIA doesn’t call up Tom Cruise after watching a Mission Impossible movie so just leave Mickey alone. I haven’t seen The Wrestler yet but I am going to have to see it soon so I know if this guy is any good. I know it’s just a movie, but acting in a movie and wrestling presence are pretty similar so I defiantly have to check it out for sure. But don’t worry, even if you don’t have good wrestling presence you can still be shoved down the throats of fans everywhere like they do with John Cena. Man, every match it’s the same moves, the same motions to the crowd, the same unbelievable finishers as every other time. Cena will never, NEVER be on the same level as The Rock, Austin or anyone else who has made it with huge success in this business, mark my words. Randy Orton, CM Punk, hell even AJ Styles has a better shot at doing that than Cena does. Anyway, back to talking about WRESTLING and WRESTLERS. I really like how William Regal’s character has developed as of lately. I don’t think Regal has ever been as fierce and dominating in any other spot in his career dating back to WCW and it just goes to prove if you work at something long enough you will get something good out of it. Although you just knew in the end Mysterio was going to win in his match against Regal for the Chamber qualifications it was still good to see Regal actually be aggressive for once. Speaking of aggressive, CM Punk really looked against Jericho in their match together. Its just a shame Punk couldn’t have lost the title the right away against Jericho and not at random, but Punk having the IC Title is the next best thing in my opinion since he isn’t in the Chamber match and no longer in the World Title picture for a while. Anyway, the ending of RAW was pretty cool having the whole locker room come out together. And it was a shock to me when Shane came out and confronted Legacy, yet even with Shane missing more punches than he threw it was still another good moment for the show. Overall it was a good RAW, wasn’t as good as last week but with Orton in the main picture I think RAW will continue to be good for weeks.


            Before I start talking about this weeks ECW, I saw that the One Night Stand PPV name was changed to Extreme Rules and I am glad to see that. One Night Stand was for the Originals to relive their old moments and with the loss of the traditional ECW style it was almost a tease to fans like me who loved the Hardcore wrestling style. Now on to Matt Hardy no longer being on ECW now, and I’m not to sad about it. I think Matt has defiantly surpassed the ECW standard of these days, but we will get to that later. For now, let’s just be happy that Swagger is the new ECW Champion and there can finally be hope for some new air in ECW. Please don’t get me wrong, I loved Matt as their number one guy, but there hasn’t been a wrestling traditionalist on the ECW brand like Swagger since Shane Douglas. And just like The Franchise, Swaggers promo skills come natural and accompanied with his undeniable ring abilities make him a better talent and I am really excited to see what he can do. Sure, I still stand by my original statement that perhaps it was still a little too early to show him off as a Heavyweight Title holder but hey only time will tell if that’s true or not. Now, another statement I stand behind is I’m not too sure what they are doing with Ricky Ortiz AGAIN. He was supposed to have a match against Boogeyman which by itself was odd, and then it just didn’t happen? Maybe I missed something there, but it just kind of left me wondering what was going on. Maybe this is a chance for letting Ricky jump to the heel side of the roster but I hope at least SOMETHING comes from it. There’s a lot of staleness on this show as it is so don’t dim the lights of entertainment that you do have with shadows of confusion please, and if you need examples of those shadows just watch the match with Finlay going up against Paul Burchill. And so, he goes from struggling against jobbers to beating up the ECW Champ? Sheesh gimme a break, whenever I see Finlay wrestle anymore it makes me glad that I have a DVR to skip right past it. I wanted to skip past the Mark Henry and Tommy Dreamer match, but I figured if Tommy is trying to go out with a bang then he would try to at least make all his matches good and I wasn’t too disappointed. For a match with Mark Henry in it I thought Dreamer made him look pretty good. I agree with Matt Striker too when he said it looked like Dreamer was in good shape, maybe Dreamer really is trying to prove something to himself that he isn’t admitting in public. I thought the win should have went to Dreamer rather than Henry since they are at least trying to build Dreamer up a little for the moment however, but it was still decent as was the show as a whole.


            Now, even though I haven’t thought TNA has been decent the last few weeks, the opening promo where they had the Mafia looking like the good guys was pretty funny to me because you don’t see that too much in the wrestling world. And you cant deny that the Mafia taking over iMPACT all together wasn’t funny man, you don’t ever see a group literally run the ENTIRE show like that and I personally enjoyed it because it kind of gave a little bit of fresh air to the staleness they have been feeding us the last few weeks. However, I didn’t get my hopes up and that was a good thing when you got to watch the lineup of the show, holy crap Booker T against some referees? That is just dumb and speaking of dumb can you guys PLEASE get rid of that pointless TNA Legends Title I mean seriously, the damn FTW Title means more than the Legends Title and both aren’t even real Titles so knock it off already. Something else they should knock off is their whole concept of their female wrestlers not being Divas. Do they really think that just because they gave ODB a flask and let her talk about being drunk and horny that we will really care more about her and her lame character? I don’t think so, Trish Stratus was a so called Diva and look at how well she has done in the business so it isn’t a Diva thing or a Knockout thing, it’s a shut the hell up and wrestle thing. Anyway, I think Nash and Booker T doing the ring announcing wore off about half way through the first ten minutes and then they just became annoying. And like when Borash told Kurt he wasn’t trying to go after Karen because he follows “Bro’s before Ho’s”…it was really out of place and it wasn’t that humorous. But we are talking about TNA here so what can you expect from a place known for its randomness. You know something I just don’t get is they have all the experienced talent in TNA and it’s almost like their own talent doesn’t care about how incredibly crappy their show is. I mean sure, the guys on top aren’t going to care much because hey they are on top but still does ANYONE in TNA go up to Jarrett and say “Yo, your writing is wack, your acting is bad and you need more matches than one every half hour.” So, if someone were to do that, maybe they would highlight Matt Morgan a little more because the promo he cut before his match with Petey Williams was really good. I tried to watch the match that they had but I couldn’t get over Booker T’s annoying announcer voice, but I gotta agree with Booker when he said that after all that’s been going on, why is Petey still doing his Scott Steiner crap? When he came back, he should have been a whole new Petey Williams. I mean who gets jumped by their best friend and then still tries to match what they are wearing, it’s just dumb. I do like how TNA lets their other wrestlers work other promotions like the event they had over in Japan, but what is the point of giving Team 3D their tag team belts really? If anything, you’d think that would hurt the reputation of the promotion they took it from. But at the same time, if you look at the Titles they took, D-Von’s arms are bigger than the actual Belts themselves. And how many times does Brother Ray have to repeat himself about Sting turning his back? And what is with the random people getting involved with the Mafia fight, this whole time Abyss hasn’t been involved so why did he come out to help Mick beat down the Mafia? One thing that did come out good in that situation is Hernandez is going to get a rematch for the Heavyweight Title. Now, LAX going up against Kurt Angle and the Mafia is something I am down with. If we get to see LAX tear up the Mafia, I would be extrtemly happy but we all know what the odds are for that one (no pun intended for the next PPV). I was somewhat enjoying the Scott Steiner and Abyss match until we were graced with the presence of Suicide, a video game guy who in real life isn’t entertaining and apparently hurts himself a lot by using weak moves that aren’t very well executed. I gotta say though guys, overall I was excited to see the end of the show because this one was extremely hard to swallow.


            If nothing else, I was more hyped up to see what the Hardy vs. Hardy angle was all about on this weeks Smackdown. It’s been a long time coming to see these two take it out on each other in a real rivalry. However, after watching the replay footage from the Rumble, it seemed to be so perfect for Christian to have made his return when the Hardy’s were about to hit Edge with the Conchairto and I am just really confused as in to why they didn’t do that. Well if anything, at least my wonders from last week about Matt being comfortable working with Edge have been answered. This is a BIG moment for Matt right now and I hope that they capitalize big on this chance for them to really push him. I don’t think there has been this big of a switch around since when The Rock did it to the fans by joining up with Vince McMahon in exchange for his first WWE Title reign, and I think you can agree this is just as big. I mean hell, when he was explaining himself and why he did what he did, they had the whole dark theme music playing it was so dramatic and Matt doesn’t really have that great promo skills but he did really good on this one. You have to wonder though if Matt has really felt this way because he seemed kind of passionate about his words regarding always taking care of Jeff and having to carry him through all his problems. Anyway, great start off to Smackdown and I am excited to see where this goes. Something I am kind of wondering about is what are they going to do with R-Truth? It was like they were giving him a push and then they stopped. Maybe he wrestled to good for them to consider him to be a top guy? I mean, we ALL KNOW someone with R-Truth’s talents wouldn’t mean he could beat guys like Cena or Triple H, so why even push him. Gimme a break. But on an exact opposite subject, I am glad to see they are turning MVP around into being a fan favorite. Hearing fans starting to chant for MVP is great and I think if they built him up a little more in this angle where he can go up against Shelton Benjamin for the US Title since MVP had it for so long before. I know I was a little harsh before on his losing streak, but this really could end up in his favor. Something I wanted to point out was Umaga made his return, and I didn’t really miss him too much. Its not that I don’t like Umaga, I just cant get passed the Three Minute Warning whenever I see him so its hard for me to view him in this character. Anyway, on to the next thing. When I saw The Undertaker going up against Mark Henry in the Elimination Chamber qualifying match I already knew Taker would win and hopefully you did too, I remember when they tried to make Mark Henry look like he was on Takers level and it was just so badly done so I’m glad Taker took it to him in their match and will now be in the Chamber. I’m also glad that the WWE Title is back on Edge, he wears his title better than anyone else in wrestling today and I really hope they allow him to go to Wrestlemania wearing the Title. I mean come on, he made the whole crowd get up and apologize to him that’s friggin hilarious. But I hope that they will show what Christian has to do with all this stuff between Edge, Matt and Jeff since that’s the rumor going around and I would really like to see something come out of that soon like I said earlier. Next, watching The Big Show take out Festus was kind of pointless to me. They should have put someone else besides Festus in that type of match because he doesn’t strike anyone I don’t think as WWE Title contender material yet. Still, putting Big Show in the Chamber was a good idea in my opinion, whenever he is in a Chamber match he usually does well. I was really looking forward to the Smackdown main event, but I didn’t think there was enough build up to the match. The Triple H and Kozlov rivalry has been going on for a long time, and this should have been the lead up to the end result of that rivalry. Still, it was a pretty good match besides the fact Kozlov was babbling in Russian for half the match but still Kozlov has some extraordinary wrestling skills for not even being a year into this. I don’t know what his career was like before this but it wouldn’t surprise me to know he has been at this for a while. I’m not sure if you guys noticed, but Khali totally blew the Pedigree at the end of that match. I know he is like 10 foot 8 and everything but come on that was just shameful. Regardless, I think id rather have Kozlov in the Chamber than Triple H, but still it should make for a good match with the other members who have been announced so far. 


            Well people that’s all for this week, be safe and as always send me those e-mails and get at me!




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