Released Superstar Speaks on Drugs in WWE, Batista Update

– The latest issue of Power Slam magazine has an interview with Chuck Palumbo that took place five weeks after his release from World Wrestling Entertainment. Palumbo talked about all aspects of his career including how he got into wrestling, his time in WCW, entering WWE and the politics behind the scenes, Billy & Chuck, the Full Blooded Italians, his release from WWE in 2004, the WWE road agent who always buried him, going to Japan, re-signing with WWE in 2006, not being used for a year, how his biker character came about, his program with Jamie Noble, his last days in WWE, and more. Palumbo is also asked if the drug culture in WWE is changing. Here is his response:

Q: Contracted WWE wrestlers when quizzed typically deny that prescription drugs and steroids are an issue in the company. Is the drug culture changing?

A: “I think it is, yeah. It’s still there and it will always be there, but it’s definitely not as rampant as it was. Now, with drug-testing and suspensions, people are still doing it, people are still getting away with it, but it’s nowhere near as bad as it used to be. It’ll always be there but, hopefully, it won’t be that bad. I hate to see guys (die)… I was close with Curt Hennig, I was close with Eddie Guerrero.”

– recently conducted an interview with Batista and he talks about how he developed his physique at it’s current state and what his current weight training program is.

“My weight training program nowadays is just really high reps. Very fast and intense; I don’t use heavy weight anymore and I don’t over do my workout,” Batista said. “I also never go to complete failure; because with WWE I am on the road wrestling so much that my body does not have time to recover, So basically I do more of a maintenance work out, a lot of machines because I work out on my own. High intensity; fast and furious.”

Batista also talks about his diet and the supplements he uses to look the way he does.

“My diet consists of very high amounts of protein; and I supplement my diet with a product called Isobolic which is from Nutrabolics, the company I endorse. I can take it any time of the day or night so there’s no need to have a daytime and a night time protein, it’s all in one,” Batista said. “My diet is simple: high protein, low carbs and sugar. Nutrabolics always supplies me with some great products.”

Additionally, Batista finally admits why he couldn’t get through the WCW Power Plant when he tried entering the wrestling business. His conditioning was really bad at the time as he was a monstrous 350 pounds and the instructors at the Power Plant would try to break down potential wrestlers with a number of brutal training exercises. Batista eventually dropped the weight, entered a private wrestling school, and the rest is history.

Batista also talks about his sporting background, the wrestlers who inspired him, his main strengths as a wrestler, his worst injury, the toughest aspect about being a professional wrestler, what he could like to ultimately achieve in wrestling, and more.