JR Blog: Rourke and Jericho, Rumble Highlights, Umaga, More

– Jim Ross is back with another blog update over at jrsbarbq.com. As usual, here are some of the highlights:

The highlight of the Royal Rumble was seeing RVD’s wife Sonja who looked absolutely amazing especially in light that she just finished several weeks of chemotherapy in her battle with cancer. I am so thankful that Sonja, with her husband’s support, is winning her fight with the Big “C” as this native Oklahoma lass is one of the nicest wrestler’s wives in the business.

Speaking of the Rumble, I especially enjoyed the Rumble match when it got down to the last 6-8 men. Just prior to that it was almost impossible to keep up with the happenings as there were just so many men in the ring at the same time. The last few minutes of the Rumble match told a viable story and, along with RVD being a surprise entrant, was the highlight of the annual 30 man match in my eyes.

Umaga returns to Friday Night Smackdown this week which will add an addition spark to the broadcast. It also appears that Matt Hardy likely will be joining the SD roster which adds much needed, main event depth to the show as well.

Mickey Rourke seems like a likable guy as depicted on The Larry King Show on CNN this week. I caught the replay while in Indianapolis and was entertained by Rourke’s laid back banter and mild rebuttal to Chris Jericho as the two of them discussed various possibilities at Wrestlemania 25. If Rourke and Jericho were ever to meet in a wrestling ring, I wonder how many die hard wrestling fans would boo the Golden Globe winning actor and cheer the controversial Jericho? Second question is, does it matter if there is a backside every 18″?