JR’s Blog: Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, The Wrestler

Here are the highlight’s from Jim Ross’s latest blog:

On the Royal Rumble: The 22nd Royal Rumble was a fun event from where I was sitting as Tazz & I had the opportunity to broadcast a memorable WWE Title match that still has me scratching my head and the Royal Rumble Match with my fellow Hall of Famer and former Monday Night Raw partner Jerry Lawler.

On the Elimination Chamber: On a serious note, these Chamber matches are really dangerous and are truly unforgiving and it amazes me that more men have not been seriously injured wrestling in such a unique and deadly environment. I know of not one wrestler who would say that the Elimination Chamber is their favorite match.

On The Wrestler: The Mrs. and I saw “The Wrestler” Friday night, watched it twice, and enjoyed it. A really strong, dramatic film that depicts how people who are obsessed with their own lives and their careers can self destruct even though they know that what they are doing is wrong and could even kill them. I’ve seen virtually every sports movie ever made and this one was the closest to depicting accurately several wrestlers I have known in the 70′ and 80’s in the regional territory days who would forsake all the good things in their lives to hear their name announced and to enjoy the ensuing reception the crowd provided them. I would think that to a certain dgree that this still goes on today in some obscure indy’s primarily because of the reasons I outlined but perhaps more importantly because the wrestlers need the pay days and want to be discovered.