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SPOILERS: TNA iMPACT! Tapings Results (1/29)

Posted by Marc Middleton in iMPACT! Results, TNA News
Monday, January 26th, 2009

– Thanks to Alex for live TNA iMPACT spoilers for this Thursday:

As Dave Penzer was getting the crowd pumped for the show, the Main Event Mafia of , & come down to the ring. Nash & Booker kick Tenay & West from the broadcast table and Steiner makes Penzer leave the ring. Nash & Booker are on commentary and Scott Steiner is the ring announcer.

Backstage, has taken off ’s office. Jim Cornette comes in and says he cannot take over the TV show. Angle says no one can stop him, Jarrett is still home nursing his injuries.

Sharmell is now the backstage interviewer and is with ODB. She’ll talks about her match with Kong, Raisha Saaeed, Sojourner Bolt & Rhaka Khan Sharmell says that MEM security escorted & Roxxi

4 on 1 Handicap Match
Awesome Kong & the Kongtourage beat ODB. Scott Steiner is absolutely hysterical “ring announcing” when
Kong pinned ODB following an Implant Buster.

Back in “Angle’s” office. JB is trying to get Angle to drop this and not to hurt people. He said he’s got vs. in a handicap match. JB said he’s got it on good authority that is on his way here. Angle asks him who’s side is he on. Kurt then gives JB a stack of MEM shirts to go and sell at the merchandise stand. And he better not pocket any of the money. He sends it back to Booker.

Sharmell is in the back with Rudy Charles, Andrew Thomas and Earl Hebner. She asks Charles & Thomas what are they gonna do for a living after Booker cripples them in the next match. Thomas says he’s not a wrestler…yet Rudy says he’s an accomplished amateur wrestler.

Booker T beat Andrew Thomas & Rudy Charles when Booker pinned Thomas following a Book End. Total squash, Booker hit all his trademark moves on both refs. He continuously yelled at Hebner telling him to do his job & that this had nothing to do with him. Post match, Booker got in Hebner’s face and bullied him until Shane Sewell ran in and attacked Booker. He got in a few hits & chops, but Booker wound up hitting him with a scissor kick.

Back with Angle …Sting shows up and is gotta be kidding me in regards to the handicap match against 3D.

Sharmell is in the back with . She says he’s in for the toughest match of his life as he takes on Petey Williams, who has to have one hand tied behind his back. He says he’s got sympathy for no one and for who is at home to watch this.

Matt Morgan beat Petey Williams (Williams must have one arm tied behind his back)

Scott Steiner says :”I’d like to send a message to Barack Obama right now. Instead of building a wall to keep those Mexicans out, you should make a wall to keep those a****e Canadians from getting in.” Steiner even took a fan’s Canadian flag from ringside and said he wipes his a&** with it. He remained at ringside as Morgan just dominated Williams and instructed him during each pinfall to lift him up and punish him. Slick Johnson untied Williams while Morgan was distracted by Steiner.

Postmatch, Steiner got in the ring and instructed Morgan “to finish him” he wound up giving him a Hellavator and Steiner put him in the Steiner Recliner until , & come in. Booker T then runs in with a microphone and continues commentary while beating on the fallen members of the Frontline.

Team 3D beat Sting by DQ. Pre-match, Brother Ray takes the mic and says he feels bad for Sting. That this beating is going to be nothing compared to what his MEM brothers did to him 7 or 8 weeks ago. Scott Steiner attempts to announce but Brother Ray keeps interrupting him yelling Blah every time he tries to talk. Steiner announces 3D from Dunkin Donuts from the great state of Obesity. Angle, Steiner and Booker all got involved. LAX, Mick Foley and Abyss all came down to even the odds. Foley said that this experiment is over. Since Steiner likes to play with weapons, he’ll have a weapons match against Abyss and tonight will also be a handicapped match with Kurt Angle taking on both members of LAX.

Don West, Mike Tenay & David Penzer all returned to their regular locations.

Jim Cornette announces at its going to be Booker T taking on Shane Sewell.

Abyss beat Scott Steiner by DQ Weapons are only legal for Abyss. Steiner was DQ’d when Abyss went to hit Steiner with the ring bell and he hit Abyss with the lead pipe. Postmatch, Steiner was beating down on Abyss when made his entrance and helped Abyss before disappearing into the darkness.

Lauren is backstage with stars of a new show on Spike called Toughest cowboy and a live bull. , Inc shows up and James Storm says he’s the toughest cowboy.

Kurt Angle beat LAX when Angle pinned Homicide following an Olympic Slam.


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