Royal Rumble Facts: Entrance/Elimination Order, Fan Report

Thanks to reader Josh Austin for sending in the following:

Entrance Order

  1. Rey Mysterio
  2. John Morrison
  3. Carlito
  4. MVP
  5. The Great Khali
  6. Vladimir Kozlov
  7. Triple H
  8. Randy Orton
  9. JTG
  10. Ted DiBiase, Jr.
  11. Chris Jericho
  12. Mike Knox
  13. The Miz
  14. Finlay
  15. Cody Rhodes
  16. Undertaker
  17. Goldust
  18. CM Punk
  19. Mark Henry
  20. Shelton Benjamin
  21. William Regal
  22. Kofi Kingston
  23. Kane
  24. R-Truth
  25. Rob Van Dam
  26. The Brian Kendrick
  27. Dolph Ziggler
  28. Santino Marella
  29. Hacksaw Jim Duggan
  30. Big Show

Elimination Order

  1. Khali by Kozlov
  2. MVP by Kozlov
  3. Carlito by Kozlov
  4. Kozlov by HHH
  5. Miz by HHH
  6. Morrison by HHH
  7. JTG by Taker
  8. Regal by Punk
  9. Henry by Mysterio
  10. Benjamin by Taker
  11. Regal by Punk
  12. Kingston by Kendrick
  13. Kendrick by HHH
  14. Ziggler by Kane
  15. Marella by Kane
  16. Duggan by Big Show
  17. R-Truth by Big Show
  18. Punk by Big Show
  19. Misterio by Big Show
  20. Knox by Big Show
  21. Finlay by Kane
  22. RVD by Jericho
  23. Jericho by Taker
  24. Kane by Legacy
  25. Show by Orton
  26. Taker by Big Show
  27. DiBiase by HHH
  28. Rhodes by HHH
  29. HHH by Orton

I was excited to see RVD and it seemed like the crowd was too. He got a huge pop when he came out, and there was massive heat on Jericho when he eliminated him. Plus, a ton of RVD chants broke out. Anyone who doesn’t make a move to try to pick up RVD after seeing how over he still is is crazy.

Also, Orton hit the RKO six times throughout the Rumble, counting the one he hit on the Big Show on the apron. The most men in the ring at the time was fifteen, sixteen if you count times when guys were eliminated almost immediately. The King kept mentioning what a ridiculous number of men were in the ring, and he was right.

They also noted that Orton lasted 48 minutes and 27 seconds to win the Rumble.