WWE RAW Results – January 26, 2009

– Tonight’s WWE RAW kicks off with a video showing the incidents between The McMahons and Randy Orton on last week’s RAW. Orton’s music is in the background and it’s pretty badass. We cut to the arena where Lilian Garcia introduces the 2009 Royal Rumble winner, Randy Orton. Orton comes to the ring with Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase and what looks to be a team of lawyers or just some guys in suits behind them.

Orton’s music stops playing and the crowd finally settles down. He says his name is Randy Orton and the crowd pops. Orton introduces his lawyers and his therapist, then the other members of Legacy, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. He says the reason he is out here is to discuss what happened last week on RAW. Orton says he is a third generation star and WWE is in his blood. He says unfortunately, something else is a part of him. Something that he’s been living with for quite some time now. He says it’s called IED. Intermentent Explosive Disorder. His shrink hands him a paper.

He reads that IED affects 6 million Americans, I think, and talks about how when triggered it causes anger. He reads a statement or something off the paper saying after he was slapped by Stephanie, he was provoked. He says we saw his face afterwards and he was not responsible for his actions. Orton says WWE knew about his condition and did nothing about it. He says if Stephanie chooses to fire him tonight, he will sue her and WWE.

Orton says that’s the first lawsuit, but there’s a second. He says last night he won the Royal Rumble and proved he is more superior than anyone in this company. He says he will sue for breach of contract if he doesn’t get what he’s entitled to and that’s competing in the main event at WrestleMania.  He says if he is fired, WWE will lose Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase also because they will walk if he goes. Orton says with the three of them gone, there won’t be many Superstars left on the RAW roster.

Orton says he has one more piece of business to attend to. He reads a statement off paper, saying he apologizes for the trauma that befell Mr. McMahon last week and the trauma that his family is now going through. He says as a new father himself, he understands what they’re going through. Lawler points out that Orton is reading this off the paper. The crowd starts chanting “YOU SUCK.” I could be wrong but they may have been yelling that at someone in the crowd as it looked like some kind of disruption. Orton goes back to reading the statement and offers his sincere apologies to the McMahons and thanks everyone. Orton’s music hits as Lawler and Cole discuss what just happened.

– Backstage we see Stephanie McMahon watching what just happened in the ring with Orton on the TV screen. She looks pissed off as RAW goes to commercial break.

World Tag Team Title Match: Cryme Tyme vs. John Morrison and The Miz

The challengers are introduced first. Out next are the World Tag Team Champions, John Morrison and The Miz. JTG and Miz start the match off and lock up. Miz goes to the corner with kicks. JTG hits the Mugshot out of the corner for a 2 count. They fight on the apron and JTG decks Morrison but gets dropped into the ring post by Miz. 2 count by Miz.

Morrison comes in for some double teaming. Morrison drags JTG in the center of the ring, kicks him a few times and gets a near fall. JTG slides out of a suplex attempt and tags in Shad. Shad comes in and cleans house, like always. Morrison kicks Shad in the mouth but gets power slammed for a 2 count. Shad drops Morrison again for a close 2 count until Miz makes the save. Miz distracts Shad from the apron again and Shad turns around to Morrison’s finisher for the pinfall and the win.

Winners: John Morrison and The Miz

– Jerry Lawler leads us into a video package about the Elimination Chambers and the World Title being on the line. JBL comes out and says after Shawn Michaels wins his match tonight, JBL will automatically be put into the Elimination Chamber match. JBL announces Shawn’s opponent tonight as World Heavyweight Champion John Cena. We go to commercial.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match: Kofi Kingston vs. Kane

Kofi Kingston makes his way out first for the Elimination Chamber qualifier. The pyro explodes and Kane comes out next.

Kofi leaps at Kane early on and gets dropped to the mat. Kane drops a big elbow and backs Kofi in the corner, hitting him with big right hands.  Kane launches Kofi into the corner and nails a big clothesline. Kane misses a corner attack again but drops Kofi with a big boot.

Kane comes flying off the top and nails Kofi. He counters the chokeslam and kicks Kane. Kane catches him this time. Kofi slides out of Kane’s grip and rolls him up for the pinfall and the upset!

Winner: Kofi Kingston

– Back from commercial and Chris Jericho comes out. He says everyone has been talking about The Wrestler starring Mickey Rourke. We cut to a video showing clips from the movie and Rourke providing comments with Darren Aronofsky.

Jericho says one person who gave the film a good review is Ric Flair. Jericho says Flair just can’t stay out of the spotlight. Jericho cuts to the clip of Rourke telling Jericho he was coming for him on the red carpet last night. Jericho says his comments offended him and that’s the last thing he would want to do.

– We go backstage with JBL. Shawn Michaels walks up. HBK says he superkicked him last night to get Cena to put down his guard. JBL says he can still go to WrestleMania and be World Champ but HBK has to repeat history and get him into the Elimination Chamber. JBL tells HBK to beat Cena, right now. We go to break.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match: Shawn Michaels w/ JBL vs. John Cena

Back from commercial and JBL’s music is playing as Shawn Michaels comes to the ring with Bradshaw right behind him.  Out next is the World Heavyweight Champion John Cena. Cole points out Cena is already in the Elimination Chamber but HBK must win to be in it.

The match starts with them trading rights in the center of the ring. Big chops by HBK in the corner. Cena goes for the bulldog but HBK pushes him off. Cena fires up but HBK rolls to the floor to regroup.  We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Cena slides out of a figure four attempt. Cena slams HBK and gets a 2 count as JBL looks on from ringside. Cena applies a headlock on the mat.  HBK fights to his feet but Cena lifts him high in the air and drops him back down on the mat. Cena launches HBK into the corner and he drops to the mat.

HBK kicks Cena in the face and hits him with a chop. Atomic drop by HBK then a body slam. HBK goes to the apron and Cena hits him with a shoulder. HBK fights back in the ring but Cena trips him and goes for the STF. HBK counters it. Running shoulder by Cena and then another. Cena with a big bodyslam and HBK is down. Cena calls for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but HBK locks on the Crossface when Cena bends down in his face. Good move!

HBK keeps the Crossface locked. Cena powers to his feet with HBK on his shoulders. HBK makes it to the ropes and breaks the hold. Cena locks HBK in the STF right infront of JBL. HBK reaches for the ropes as the ref looks on. HBK makes it to the ropes and the hold is broken. Cena gets to his feet first and lifts HBK for the Throwback. HBK turns it into a rollup for a 2 count. Big chops by HBK now in the corner.

Cena launches HBK in the corner again but HBK comes back with a big clothesline. Both are now down. HBK gets to his feet first and scoop slams Cena. HBK goes to the apron and JBL walks over and tells him to superkick Cena. HBK says he’s doing it his way. JBL keeps yelling. HBK climbs the top rope. JBL gets on the apron. Cena gets up and pushes JBL into HBK, knocking him to the mat. Cena hits the Throwback on HBK for the pinfall and the win.

Winner: John Cena

After the match, JBL gets in the ring where HBK is still laying on his mat. The crowd chants “YOU SUCK” at JBL. HBK sounds like he’s in pain, just laying there. JBL just stares at him. We go to a replay of Orton and Vince on last week’s RAW.

– Cole and Lawler talk about Orton reading his prepared statements earlier tonight and we cut to replays of that.  We go backstage with Todd Grisham and Stephanie McMahon. She says there will be action taken but it will be publicly and she’s going to do it to Orton’s face. We go to commercial.

Melina and Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix and Jillian Hall

Back from commercial and the new WWE Women’s Champion Melina comes out first. Out next is the team of Beth Phoenix and Jillian with Santino at their side. Still no sign of Rosa Mendez. She wasn’t at the Rumble last night either. Santino joins Lawler and Cole for commentary. Melina and Beth start off. Beth lifts her up and slams her in the corner and starts nailing her with fists. Melina goes to the top and nails Beth. Jillian tags herself in but gets dropped by Melina. Kelly is tagged in and rolls Jillian for a 2 count.

Kelly works over Jillian and ends up on the apron. Beth distracts Kelly and Jillian knocks her to the floor. Jillian slams her face into the apron and rolls her back in the ring. Beth is tagged in now. Beth attacks Kelly and holds her by the leg to stop her from getting the tag. Melina is reaching for the tag when Rosa Mendez comes out of nowhere and pulls Melina, making her hit her head on the apron. Beth drops Kelly with her finisher to get the pinfall and the win.

Winners: Beth Phoenix and Jillian Hall

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match: Rey Mysterio vs. William Regal

Back from a commercial and we see what happened last week in the match with Rey Mysterio and Mike Knox. Rey Mysterio is out first for this Chamber Qualifier. Out next is his opponent William Regal with Layla at his side.

Regal and Rey lock up with Rey hitting some high impact moves. Regal catches him and counters with a nasty back breaker. Regal backs Rey in the corner and goes to work with knees and such. Big uppercut by Regal and he gets a 2 count.  Regal applies some kind of modified sleeper hold on Rey.

Rey fights out of it with back kicks but Regal drops him to the mat again for a 2 count. Another 2 count by Regal followed by a third. Regal drops big knees to Rey’s head for another 2 count. Regal works Rey over in the corner now. Regal with a big clothesline out of the corner for yet another 2 count. More big right hands from Regal and another 2 count. Rey fights back with kicks and punches now. Regal kicks him in the gut and goes for a suplex. Rey counters with an arm drag and kicks Regal in the head. Regal drops Rey with a big back suplex and another 2 count.

Rey counters Regal again and hits the 619. Mysterio comes off the top with a big splash on Regal to get the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

– Back from commercial and Rosa Mendez is talking to Santino saying she hopes they will forgive her. She talks about Beth losing the Women’s Title and says it isn’t right. She says she needs to make a stand for women everywhere. She turns around and Beth is standing there. Beth says we can keep her and walks off. Rosa and Santino celebrate.

– Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler lead us into the official trailer for 12 Rounds starring John Cena.

– Up next is Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk in an Elimination Chamber Qualifying match as RAW goes back to break.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match: CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

Out first is the WWE Intercontinental Champion CM Punk followed by Chris Jericho for this Elimination Chamber qualifier. Lawler talks about Jericho and Mickey Rourke. Jericho and Punk lock up. Punk slams Jericho for a 1 count. Kicks and forearms by Punk. Jericho goes head first into the turnbuckle pad. Punk kicks Jericho in the face and goes to the top but Jericho knocks him down and starts stomping.

Jericho locks on a headlock but Punk fights to his feet. Punk with a big dropkick and a clothesline. Punk nails the big knee in the corner and then the bulldog out of the corner. Punk goes to the apron and springboards onto Jericho for a 2 count. Punk puts Jericho on the top rope and they fight it out. Punk nails a hurrancanrana from the top for a 2 count. Punk waits on Jericho to get up and goes for the GTS. Jericho slides out of it and rolls Punk for a 2 count. Punk gets a 2 count as does Jericho again.

Punk goes for the Walls of Jericho but Punk counters it. Punk for a 2 count but Jericho slides out of it and they lock in a backslide. Jericho nails the Codebreaker out of nowhere to get the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Chris Jericho

– We see Stephanie McMahon walking to the ring as Orton stands around and waits backstage. We go back to commercial break.

– Back from commercial and Lilian Garcia introduces the General Manager of RAW, Stephanie McMahon and out she comes to the ring.

Stephanie is pissed as she says she’s out here to address the actions of Randy Orton. She says the fact he won the Rumble, read some half-hearted apology and is threatening her with lawsuits means she is going to back off, he is wrong. She asks him to come out and find out what she thinks. Voices blasts and out Orton comes with Cody and Ted behind him.

Orton’s lawyers and shrink are also with them and all six of them enter the ring. Orton tells her to ask herself a question, does she want to go through with this? Orton says if she fires him tonight, he will be subjecting herself to a nightmare. Orton says he will be gone, as will Cody and Ted.  A lawyer takes the mic and says IED is very real and the fact WWE ignored his condition is extreme negligence. He says his client is not going to get down on his knees and apologize like Jericho did. He says there will be extreme consequences. Steph asks if that is some kind of threat? Orton says it is a threat and he has a legal right to compete at WrestleMania by winning the Rumble. He says he will sue her and file an injunction to where there will be no WrestleMania this year. Orton says he will shut this company down and that’s a promise.

The RAW and ECW roster comes out to the stage and stands there together. Orton asks them what are they looking at? Orton says he doesn’t care if they have a WrestleMania. He says if he is fired he will take each and every one of them down with him. Orton tells Stephanie to fire him, he begs her. He says let him sue WWE for everything they have and cancel WrestleMania, putting them out of work. He continues to beg her, getting in her face. Orton taunts her about kicking Vince in the skull. Orton and Stephanie come nose to nose in the center of the ring.

Stephanie says firing him would be too easy and they have bigger plans. The music hits and out comes Shane McMahon! Shane looks pissed as he takes off his coat next to the RAW roster. Shane heads to the ring as Stephanie smiles and Orton looks on.  Legacy backs up as Shane stands there. Shane spears Orton and attacks him. Rhodes and Ted pull Shane off and hold him. Shane breaks loose and drops Orton again, nailing him with rights and lefts. Cody and Ted attack Shane and they brawl. Shane knocks down Orton again and he is on a roll. Cody tackles Shane and holds him down under the rope. Shane hits Orton with lefts and rights, knocking him back down.

Shane backs Cody in the corner as Randy Orton staggers up the ramp with Ted trying to help him. Orton falls. Shane comes from behind and keeps punching Orton, knocking him back down. Cody attacks form behind and the RAW roster helps Shane up and separate Shane and Cody while Orton walks off to the back. Shane decks Kofi and another wrestler and everyone is freaked out. Shane asks where he is, looking for Orton. RAW goes off the air with Shane looking around for Orton and everyone else looking around just shocked.





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    Ugh, I can’t stand Rey Mysterio. I know he sells a lot of merchandise, but damn it. He was in the RR forever last night and now he beats Regal. And now Jericho is facing CM Punk. Has Punk ever beat Jericho? Both should be in the chamber and keep Rey Rey out.

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