SPOILERS: Big News Regarding Main Event Mafia “Take-Over”

In the opening moments of tonight’s TNA iMPACT tapings in Orlando, Florida, Main Event Mafia members Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner and Booker T stormed ringside. Nash and Booker kicked Tenay & West out of the announce booth to take over as the evening’s commentators, and Scott Steiner will be the ring announcer tonight after kicking out Dave Penzer. Sharmell is the backstage interviewer for the evening, and Kurt Angle takes over Jeff Jarrett’s office. Scott Steiner’s “ring announcing” can be heard throughout the matches.

Booker T then defeated referees Andrew Thomas and Rudy Charles in a handicap match, which upsets Sting.

Matt Morgan then defeats Petey Williams (Williams must have one arm tied behind his back). During the ring introductions, Scott Steiner says :”I’d like to send a message to Barack Obama right now. Instead of building a wall to keep those Mexicans out, you should make a wall to keep those a****e Canadians from getting in.” Steiner even took a fan’s Canadian flag from ringside and wipes his behind with it. Post-match, Eric Young, Consequences Creed & Jay Lethal come in. Booker T then runs in with a microphone and continues commentary while beating on the fallen members of the Frontline.

It is then announced by Mick Foley that Main Event Mafia member Sting must defend his championship against Hernandez once again, as he was cheated out of it the first time.

Pics: CANDICE MICHELLE’S SHOCKING WEIGHT GAIN [email if you can’t find!]