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Welcome to The Jey Files! Sorry I have been away for so long my homies, I just have had a ton to do lately. The economy has forced me to work as many hours as I possibly can to get ahead, so I have been extremely busy. I know a lot of you guys feel me on that one, but just keep your head up and get that money! Anyway, now I am here and I am ready to talk about wrestling with you guys again and I got a lot on my mind about how some of the things in wrestling have been going so let’s get down to business!


Let me just say that WWE giving honor to Barack Obama was something that touched me as a minority, I didn’t expect them to show footage like that and it makes me proud to see how people have started to see how important it is not just to minorities but as a whole to move forward and progress as a country. A big thank you from me to the WWE! Now, I don’t know how it was like live in Chicago for RAW since I wasn’t there, but you could tell from watching it on TV the crowd was pumped up when the show started. It almost didn’t seem to matter who was coming out, face or heel, the fans were cheering and having a good time at the show and it’s always good to see that. One thing I noticed was when the 6 Man Battle Royal entrances were going on, Dibiase and Rhodes theme music changed. I thought the last music they had kinda sucked, and the new music they have isn’t that great either. However, it’s STILL better than the Motorcity Machine Gun’s theme music, so hey I shouldn’t complain. Anyway, something I don’t really get is why they put Santino in matches like these. Don’t get me wrong, I think he has great athletic ability, but it’s almost as if you’re watching Kung Fu Naki face off against Cena, you absolutely KNOW he will not win. Even so, I guess it wasn’t too shameful considering the match was short as hell. I think that was a big missed opportunity to show what Orton, Dibiase and Rhodes could do together as a newly formed stable, but I am sure we will find out how well they do with each other very soon. Speaking of finding things out, did anyone else even know that Cena shot another movie? I haven’t heard anything or seen anything online saying he was doing another one, maybe it’s because I couldn’t care less what that guy does but still I thought I would have at least heard about it. If anyone has seen it, shoot me and e-mail and let me know what you thought about it. Next, I would like to say that I was a bit harsh at first of Regal being Intercontinental Champion. Now, I take back some of the things I said about that situation because the way him and CM Punk have kept people paying attention to them after two previous title matches is pretty amazing. Plus, if it wasn’t obvious they were blatantly waiting for him to be in his home town until the actual match and it was well done. I’m not quit sure what was up with the James Brown thing he had going on with that flag in his entrance, but whatever. Although most were cheered for throughout the night, Regal was obviously booed in his entrance, but its like when Jericho or Edge are in Canada, it doesn’t matter who they face the crowd will boo the opponent of the hometown guy. Something that kind of caught me off guard a little is when Michael Cole said that Regal was the favored one in this No DQ match and that left me scratching my head a little. A two time former Heavyweight Champ (one of those titles being the ECW Championship) who went toe to toe with some of the ECW Originals isn’t favored to win a No DQ match? I’m not sure I agree with that one at all. And it would be really great to recognize the people who have won the ECW Belt in the past there guys, since you rarely do anymore. It’s almost as if Punk or Morrison never won the belt since they hardly bring that fact up. One thing I have liked about this rivalry is that Regal has been saying he wants to bring prestige back to the Intercontinental Title and I am glad that WWE has recognized the fact that their second most major title has started to fall off the important list in the last few years. And if there was a match to do it that was defiantly it because it was well done and I gotta say I don’t know how Punk didn’t break something when he landed on his head like that holy crap. But regardless, he takes the IC Title and I am glad it’s around his waist. Although that sucks because now we know he wont win the Rumble but hey. So, does anyone think that John Cena will get beat by JBL? I didn’t think so, not even with HBK in the corner. What a waste of a title match at the Rumble, and it sucks because JBL can have a good match which is something Cena is incapable of doing. Now, this odd little rivalry between Rey Mysterio and Mike Knox has been making me want those two to go at it. I have liked Knox’s ability to keep people somewhat interested in him and he is a believable bully type character. When he said he didn’t really have a reason for attacking Mysterio was just so different it really gives him a new edge to his character as a guy who just wants to beat you up without reason or purpose and I really like it. I would like it even more though if they brought back some of the cruiserweights, man do I miss seeing matches between Mysterio and Guerrero or Psicosis against Juventud Guerrera. But the fact that we have guys like Miz and Morrison as tag teams really makes up for the Lucha Librea loss now days because they are some great workers and even though their match with Cryme Tyme wasn’t long, it was a very good match up. I tell you something else though, I never knew Shad could move as fast as he could and its even more shocking for his size. I hope they give Cryme Tyme the belts so we can see what they can really do when given a spotlight. Finally on the subject of RAW, I am kind of pleasantly surprised Vince didn’t indulge himself in an episode long event of him coming back. It was simple yet still entertaining, and the crowd changing the written storyline by forcing Jericho to get on his knees was friggin awesome! And all I can say about the boot from Randy Orton is OUCH. This was the best RAW I think I have seen in a while, classic stuff from WWE.


I stated earlier that the ECW Championship doesn’t seem that it is really noted that much in the WWE. Perhaps they gave Jack Swagger that title because they wanted to solidify the unimportance of the title. I mean hell, I remember when it was one of the hardest things to accomplish a win over a Heavyweight Champ, now they give title reigns out like water. It honestly is getting to be some ridiculous stuff because we all know more than likely when Swagger looses they will play him like they do Punk and not even mention he held it and it really pisses me off. I like Swagger and I have always publicly said that I have, but maybe it was a little bit early to hand him that title. No one can deny the kid can work (unless you purposely contradict yourself just for an argument like some readers) but seriously, that quick? And now that he has been given that title, if they want to really establish him as a big time player do NOT take it away from him just as quick as he was given it. He has a rematch against Matt Hardy at the Rumble and if Hardy wins the title back I am going to be really bewildered as in to why they gave it to Swagger in the first place. Another superstar that I am not sure what they are doing with is Ricky Ortiz; man he has been on just as long as Swagger and he is facing jobbers? Either get rid of the dude or make him more interesting, they build him up to be a future big player in wrestling and he doesn’t do anything more than wave a towel and have hair like Carlito. He has good energy though and he is obviously athletic being an ex football player, give him a spot light already. Seeing as I am a big old ECW fan, when I heard the career or Tommy Dreamer maybe is coming to an end I thought it was a good thing and he should go out in a blaze of glory. I know Dreamer has said on occasions that he wanted to go his whole career without having the Heavyweight Title, and when he was forced to obtain it he gave the title up in about 30 minutes. So I doubt that he will be sticking around too much longer and I ain’t mad at him for it. Something else I’m not mad at is having The Boogeyman starting to wrestle guys with some talent, the crowd is always so hyped up for him and they are just keeping him on the back burner. He almost has a Ultimate Warrior presence about him where his entrance and exit are more important than the match itself and Id like to see him in the main event soon. I have to be honest here for a second; I didn’t want to watch the main event of the show when I saw what it was going to be. I mean really, Mark Henry, Finally Miz and Morrison facing off with each other? First of all, why is the best tag team out right now facing each other? Second, I don’t know if I am getting more tired of the Main Event Mafia or seeing Mark Henry and Finally being presented as main eventers. The match itself was good though I thought, not anything great but not anything legendary. Morrison pinning Miz was classic for those two though, wasn’t it? Although I didn’t like seeing them against each other I still like how it ended.


Speaking of being tired and the Main Event Mafia, let’s talk a little bit about TNA right about now. TNA talks a lot about “crossing the line” and being original. What line is it they say they are crossing exactly? You could have missed the last month of their broadcasts and not be confused when you watch a recent episode. And what the hell happened to Al Snow coming out?!?!?!?!?! They need to change their name to Total Random Action because I am seriously coming off my buzz from TNA. Their theme song suggests that they will be doing “their own thing”, and that couldn’t be any further from the truth. There is still some hope for TNA as the opening match was old school TNA like where it was high flying constant wrestling with Sheik and Guru standing out more than the Motorcity Machine Guns in my opinion. I just don’t see Alex Shelly and Chris Sabin as singles competitors, not that because they are such a great tag team but because I don’t think they have the same chemistry facing each other like they do teaming up. But still it was a good match for TNA. But wait, before the match is over and the light of hope starts to shine Sharmel comes out to make sure we remember the Mafia can’t let anything outshine them at all. With that being said when you’re given a chance to outshine, DON’T BLOW IT. LAX means a lot to me as a representation of Latino’s in wrestling along side Mysterio. But will you guys please work on your interviewing skills a little?! When Jeremy Borash was interviewing them about their Feast or Fired cases a few weeks back, one was talking into the mic about really nothing but random thoughts while the other would chant behind them. It was jumbled, confusing and just really poorly done and it makes me upset for a team that means so much to the Latino world for them to just be that sloppy. To make things worse, of they wouldn’t let Hernandez fight their World Champ without screwing him out of a decent match and having the Mafia surrounding him and interfering. What a joke, at least WWE make their Money in the Bank matches good when the wrestlers cash them in. And now on top of all that, it doesn’t even look like he is going to get another shot at having a fair fight against Sting and excuse my language but that is complete bulls**t. I am starting to wonder if they people who disagreed with me about TNA being good were right all along and I just got caught up in the moment because this is just getting dumb. Sure, Sting and Angle are arguing and we might see the group split. But it still keeps Sting in the spotlight so it’s just the same. And did anyone not see Scott Steiner beating up Petey Williams in the first place since Williams joined what was called then “TNA Originals” and not backing up Steiner? It just wasn’t something that you couldn’t see coming. Something else you could see coming was how bad the match they had was going to be, I mean come on Eric Young tried to go to the other corner to make a tag! Holy crap, after the last few weeks it makes me embarrassed to give so much credit to TNA after such a let down as of recently. The only good thing to happen in this show was Abyss getting hit with a chair from Matt Morgan, I am glad they decided to make Morgan a heel. He wasn’t a very good face character and now maybe they can make him into a real player (doubt it) and we will be able to see the old Abyss again. Although I am extremely pissed to say the least at always seeing the same things over and over, the Tables match was good even though the ending should have been reversed. I don’t know how anyone can ever say AJ Styles isn’t one of the best in the business, a match between Triple H and AJ Styles would be an instance classic for sure. Overall, if TNA doesn’t shape up, I will be back to my old opinion of how I used to be made sick by the show.


I gotta say, Christian might have left TNA at the right time to go to WWE. The storyline between Edge and Jeff Hardy is perfect and leading up to Christians return soon will be one cool thing and I am extremely excited to see how it will turn out. I know Edge is used to getting booed, but man after Jeff getting that type of pyro to his body, the crowd booed EXTRA hard at Edge. I wonder if most people know about Christians return, but they will be in for one major surprised at the Rumble. Something else, I have heard that the Matt and Edge feud that started with Lita was a fake but if it wasn’t then I wonder how Matt can work with Edge without taking his head off. If one of my best friends tried to do my girl, I would have never been able to work with them on anything in any endeavor in life. But hey, Matt is a good guy so maybe he really forgave him but I don’t see how he can still do matches with him. Okay just real quick, does anyone else feel as if The Undertakers submission move is just not that great? It doesn’t even look like it’s painful. And I know I have said this time and time again, but GET THE DAMN BELT OFF OF BENJAMIN!!! He hardly defends it and you can barely remember he has it in the first place and it is really pissing me off bad. Another thing that pisses me off is how they label Chavo still as an ECW wrestler. When was the last time he was involved with anything that had to do with an ECW storyline? It’s almost redundant watching him because you know he is going to get a beat down each and every time and it’s a waste of air time. My girl even said that she thinks Chavo is a joke now, it’s just dumb. I don’t know if it was supposed to be a hint or not, but if you watched the Jeff Hardy interview, he said the person who attacked him “crossed the line of no return”. Since Christian just came back from TNA, so maybe it was supposed to be a clue for us. Or maybe I am just trying to overanalyze it, I dunno but I still thought it was funny. I am really hype about The Hardy’s and Edge & Christian getting together while they are on top right now, I know they used to fight all the time back in the day but seeing their characters developed so much more is just classic and I am glad they have evolved the way they did. Now it’s just up to Christian to come in and not screw this up and keep in mind this isn’t TNA, you won’t get ahead because you jumped ship. To be honest, I am surprised that WWE showed a clip from The Wrestler since the movie had associations with Ring of Honor. And just real quick while I am on it, I said something in my last post about watching some Ring of Honor stuff. I got a reply from someone saying I should have watched more recent Ring of Honor stuff and I am uninformed for not doing it because ROH is great wrestling. However, the very last post before that, the SAME PERSON said ROH wasn’t wrestling at all. It just goes to show that some people only want to argue and don’t make any since at all. Anyway, back to Smackdown. I’m really not sure how I feel about Carlito and Primo being tag team champs. I really like the chemistry that they have together, but they need to have a rivalry with some guys who can complement their style. And maybe Miz & Morrison were the guys to do that, I don’t know but I think you guys would agree the match they had was very entertaining. The monkey flip Carlito gave Morrison towards the end of the match was CRAZY, Morrison did almost two flips in mid air it was awesome! I thought it was PPV quality and it is always good to see the two tag champs trying to outshine each other and their working abilities really came out in this one. Finally, the match between Triple H and Vladimir Kozlov is something I was really hype about. I have been behind Kozlov since the beginning and I want to see him with the belt for sure. I think they should keep building him up like they have been and they should have built up Swagger the way they are with Kozlov. There’s no need to rush, the fans are patient and it is really working out for him. Now, at the same time I didn’t think it was necessary to get the Big Show involved, but it just helps to show that Triple H is one of the best to be able to work with two beats like that. I think it should have been the other way around with Triple H getting one over on Big Show and then having Kozlov blaming Show with then those two fighting each other, but hey whatever its all the same I guess.


I know I was extremely critical this week but hey, I had some thing I wanted to talk about. I hope to hear from you guys and tell me your thoughts on the results of tonight’s Rumble! I really have next to no clue of who I think will win this year to be honest, I used to be able to have a good educated guess but they have kept us all in the dark with very little clues this year. It’s obvious that Randy Orton won’t take it; he is probably going to be the guy who will do something at Wrestlemania with Vince. Some people think that a heel should win this year, and I am not sure how I feel about that one. Sure it would be good to see, but winning the Rumble is supposed to be a start to a road to completing a dream and I don’t think a heel would be good at that. But WWE is good at making things like that work so it could happen, who knows. Well I’m out guys, get at me!





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