WWE Royal Rumble Results – January 25, 2009

WWE Royal Rumble
January 25th, 2009
Detroit, Michigan – Joe Louis Arena

– Jimmy Wang Yang b. Paul Burchill in a dark match prior to tonight’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view from the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan.

– The 2009 Royal Rumble pay-per-view kicks off with a video package showing clips from past Rumbles. We cut to a package showing what happened with Vince and Randy Orton on Monday’s RAW. We cut to Cole and Lawler in the arena, saying the McMahon family is keeping Vince’s condition private. They say Randy will be reprimanded but tonight, the show must go on.

ECW Title Match
Matt Hardy vs. Jack Swagger

The ECW Title match opens tonight’s show as Matt Hardy makes his way to the ring followed by the new face of ECW, Jack Swagger.

The crowd is heavily behind Hardy with loud ‘Hardy’ chants. The opening bell rings and we’re underway. Hardy and Swagger lockup, both trying to gain leverage on the other. Hardy gets Swagger into the corner, the referee warns him. Lots of heat for Swagger.

Swagger counters Hardy, back him into the turnbuckles. Hardy counters with a right hand on Jack Swagger, knocking him to the mat. Swagger finally goes to the outside to regroup. Matt Hardy goes to the outside and connects with a right hand on Swagger. Hardy roles the Challenger back in. Hardy takes Swagger down in the ring.

Again, Swagger retreats to the outside of the ring, this time the side near the ramp. Swagger gets back in, loud ‘Hardy’ chants continue. Jack applies a submission maneuver on Hardy on the mat.

Matt gets back to vertical base, but Swagger quickly takes him back to the mat. Another submission hold from Swagger. Hardy again gets back to his feet. Hardy backs Swagger down with elbows, he goes for the Twist of Fate but Swagger counters. Hardy connects with boots to the jaw on Swagger in the corner. Bulldog from Hardy and a two count on the Champion.

Hardy gets on the top rope, Swagger pushes him to the outside. Swagger follows Hardy. Jack roles him back in where the action continues. Swagger takes Hardy down to the mat then throws him off the ropes. Cover from Jack for a two count.

Swagger has another submission hold on Hardy but Hardy gets back to a vertical base. Right hands from Swagger as the hold is broken. They exchange blows in the corner.

Swagger hits Hardy with a big clothesline and a two count. Swagger applies another submission hold on Hardy. Swagger picks him up by his arm and slams him to the mat.

Swagger continues to work the left arm of Matt Hardy. Hardy counters with a clothesline. Hardy hits two more and another move before getting a two count on Swagger. Hardy sends Swagger into the corner and ends up getting another bulldog. Two count for Hardy on Swagger.

Matt Hardy gets on the middle rope, elbow to the back of Swagger. Yet another two count. Hardy pumps up the crowd as he goes for Twist of Fate. Swagger hits a belly-to-belly suplex and a two count on the Challenger.

Swagger bounces Hardy’s head off the top turnbuckle then sets him up on it. Swagger and Hardy work from the middle rope with Hardy sitting on the top rope. Moonsault from Hardy onto Swagger for a two count.

Swagger hits Hardy with elbows to the back of the head before throwing him into the corner where he hits his head on the steel ring post. Swagger hits the Gutwrench Powerbomb for the three count.

Winner & still ECW Champion – Jack Swagger

– After the match, Matt Hardy looked dejected as he left the ring, actually sitting on the ringsteps at one point to collect himself.

Earlier Tonight:

They showed how earlier tonight, Randy Orton arrived, with a lot of people staring at him in silence.

WWE Women’s Title Match
Melina vs. Beth Phoenix

The bell rings and the match is underway. The two lockup as Beth shows her clear strength advantage.

Melina applies a side headlock but Beth counters out. Bear hug from Beth Phoenix on Melina. Crowd is hot for Melina. Melina hits Beth in the face with elbows then goes off the ropes. Dropkick from Melina. Beth counters with a shoulder block off the ropes.

Impressive arm bar take down from Melina but Beth ends up countering. Beth is on her feet, Melina in the corner. Beth runs into Melina, slamming her face off the turnbuckle. Beth gets a two count on Melina. Beth pulls Melina to the center of the ring and applies a leg submission.

The referee checks for submission as Melina reaches for the ropes. Beth bends Melina’s leg back so far that it bounces off her head. Beth uses Melina’s own leg to kick her in the head. The referee breaks up the hold as Melina tries to gain offense. Beth’s power is too much as she takes down Melina for another two count.

Beth lifts Melina above her head for a gorilla press slam, Melina counters before Beth can drop her down. Melina hits right hands then goes off the ropes. Beth lifts her up but Melina rolls through. Two count for Melina followed by a drop toe hold. Melina puts her legs to the back of Beth Phoenix as she gets a two count.

Melina goes off the middle rope onto Beth. Beth had her knees up, but Melina counters when Beth comes over to her. Beth counters and hits Melina with a chop. Beth attempts her finisher but Melina counters and rolls Beth up to win the belt.

Winner & new WWE Women’s Champion – Melina


Backstage with JBL and Shawn Michaels. JBL tells Shawn that if he wins tonight, that JBL will give him all his money and will never have to work for him again. JBL says if he wins tonight, he guarantees Shawn a spot in the Royal Rumble. The Undertaker cuts into the screen and sometimes it’s hell getting to heaven. JBL hurries Shawn along.

World Heavyweight Title Match
John Cena vs. JBL w/ Shawn Michaels

The bell rings and the match is underway. JBL looks at Shawn Michaels before circling the ring with Cena. Cena takes JBL down to the mat first with a sideheadlock take down.

JBL reverses the hold on Cena on the mat. Cena gets back to his feet in the side headlock from JBL. JBL goes off the ropes and hits a shoulder block. Cena takes JBL down to the mat and gets a two count. JBL goes to the outside to regroup.

JBL whispers in Shawn Michaels’ ear on the outside. Bradshaw gets back in and hammers away at Cena. He backs him into the corner, Mike Chioda orders him out. JBL takes Cena down. Cena gets back to his feet and lands some offense on the challenger. Two count from Cena.

The action is on the outside as JBL is banging Cena’s head off the steel ring steps. JBL rolls him back in the ring and gets a two count. We go to a replay of JBL taking Cena down on the outside. Big clothesline from JBL on Cena, he gets a two count.

Several elbow drops from JBL on the World Champion. Two count for JBL. JBL locks Cena in a submission hold on the mat. The hold is working the neck of Cena. Cena is able to get back to the vertical base as he goes off the ropes. JBL counters with a slam and gets a two count.

JBL ends up taking Cena out of the ring. Mike Chioda starts to count Cena out. JBL jumps out of the ring and pulls Cena towards the ring. Cena resists but JBL sends him head first into the steel ring steps. The referee starts to count them both out.

JBL rolls Cena back in at 7. Cena kicks out of another two count. JBL works with the champion in the corner. Right hand from JBL followed by another. JBL assaults Cena in the corner, Michaels is just standing at ringside stone faced. JBL sits Cena on the top turnbuckle and delivers more stiff right hands.

JBL gets on the middle rope and goes for a superplex. Cena counters with right hands of his own. JBL hits the mat as Cena is dazed on the top rope. Cena goes off and connects with a legdrop to the back of the neck of JBL. Two count.

Cena sets JBL up in the corner, JBL counters with a boot. Cena tackles Bradshaw who is trying to counter and bangs his head off the turnbuckles. Shoulder block from Cena followed by a back body drop. Crowd is split on Cena as he signals the five knuckle shuffle. Off the ropes Cena lands it.

Cena goes for the FU but Bradshaw counters. Cena catches JBL in a drop toe hold, then locks in the STF.

JBL gets out as Cena is distracted with Michaels on the outside. JBL ends up knocking Cena off the apron onto the outside. Cena yells at Michaels as he gets back in and eats the clothesline from hell. Two count for JBL on the champion.

Cena is down in the ring, JBL looks frustrated, staring at Michaels. JBL tries to pull Cena up but Cena goes for the FU. The referee is knocked out of the ring as Cena takes out JBL. Both men are down. Shawn Michaels gets in the ring. Michaels stares at both JBL and Cena who are down in the ring. Cena has one hand on the bottom rope. JBL gets up, Cena gets back up, and Michaels gives JBL Sweet Chin Music. The crowd erupts as Cena looks stunned.

Another one for Cena as Michaels hits him with Sweet Chin Music. Michaels drapes JBL’s arm over Cena and calls for the referee. Michaels walks to the back.

Another referee comes out and counts a two count on Cena. Michaels has left ringside, the match is still ongoing. Both men get back up in the ring as Cena gets Bradshaw up for the FU, he hits it and retains the championship.

Winner & still World Heavyweight Champion – John Cena

– The events leading to Jeff Hardy vs. Edge are shown.

WWE Title Match – No DQ
Edge vs. Jeff Hardy

Justin Roberts is the ring announcer. Hardy comes out to a big ovation as he is in full black and white face paint.

Vickie Guerrero comes out on the mic… EXCUSE ME. Lots of heat on Vickie. She tells Jeff to not even think of getting out of this match by getting disqualified. She says that she has changed the match to no-disqualification. Vickie introduces who she calls the next WWE Champion… Edge. Edge comes out with Chavo Guerrero.

The bell rings as Jeff Hardy works Edge over in the corner. Hardy bangs Edge’s head off the turnbuckle. Hardy hits Edge with right hands. Hardy kicks Edge in the midsection, follows with a body block off the ropes. Hardy whips Edge off the ropes but Edge grabs them and goes to the outside. Hardy chases him around but Edge gets back in. Hardy grabs a chair but Edge kicks the chair out of his hand when he tries to get in the ring.

Edge gains control on Jeff Hardy in the ring, connecting with stiff right hands. Edge’s face bangs off the top turnbuckle as Hardy counters when he is thrown into the corner. Scoop slam from Jeff onto Edge.

Edge counters with clubbing blows on the WWE Champion. Edge bounces Hardy’s head off the top turnbuckle. Edge ends up getting thrown out, Hardy goes for a suicide dive but Edge moves, Hardy stops and goes off the apron onto Edge. Hardy is knocked off the apron by Edge when he leaves his feet.

Edge goes off the ropes and hits a baseball slide on the WWE Champion who was standing on the outside. Edge goes to the outside to work him over. Edge throws Jeff Hardy into the security wall. Edge picks Hardy up on the outside. He bounces his head off the SmackDown announce table, then the Raw announce table, then the ECW announce table! Edge rolls Hardy into the ring. Edge goes for a quick cover, he gets a two count on Jeff Hardy. Edge kicks Jeff in the ribs, driving the air out of Jeff Hardy.

Edge whips Hardy coast-to-coast from corner to corner. Hardy melts in the corner as Edge slows into his next move. Right hand from Edge as he attempts a Spear after pushing Jeff out, but Jeff counters for a two count. Edge counters again and gets a two count for himself.

Edge has Hardy by the waist on the mat. Jeff gets back to a vertical base and tries to fight out of the hold. He uses elbows to back Edge down but Edge grabs Hardy by the hair and takes him to the mat. Hardy counters and takes Edge down to the mat. Hardy goes to the top but Edge meets him there with right hands. Edge climbs up, Hardy pushes him off. Hardy goes back to the top but Edge connects with a dropkick as he goes off.

Two count for Edge on the WWE Champion. Edge goes to the outside. Edge grabs two chairs, he gets on the apron, but Hardy spears him off. Edge is down on the outside.

Hardy goes over the top rope to the outside on Edge. Hardy rolls Edge back into the ring. Hardy gets assaulted when he gets back to the apron. Edge works with Hardy on the apron, Hardy hits the Twist of Fate off the ring apron. Both are down on the outside.

Jeff Hardy bounces Edge’s head off the SmackDown announce table then the Raw announce table. Hardy takes apart the Raw announce table, removing the monitors. Hardy goes under the ring and gets a ladder. Hardy sets up the ladder in front of the announce tables. Hardy sets Edge up on the broken down Raw announce table. Hardy climbs the ladder, Chavo Guerrero climbs up the other side. Hardy fights him off but Edge gets out of the way. Hardy goes off onto Chavo. Jeff throws Edge into the steel ring post, then Chavo into the stairs.

Jeff has Chavo on the broken down Raw announce table as he goes off the ladder as it collapses onto Chavo through the table. Insane spot as it looked like Hardy lost his balance. Jeff takes out Edge with a dropkick to the ribs. Hardy rolls Edge back in. Hardy goes to the top, he hits a cross-body and gets a two count.

Edge counters on Hardy, then removes the turnbuckle cover on one of the top turnbuckles. Edge hobbles over to Hardy and grabs him by the hair. Hardy blocks the attempt and hits Whisper in the Wind. Two count for Jeff on Edge.

Hardy attempts Twist of Fate but Edge counters with a DDT. Two count for Edge.

Edge pulls Jeff Hardy close to one of the corners. He gets up on the middle rope and goes off, Jeff gets hit feet up. Jeff ends up rolling Edge up in an inside cradle for a long two count. Facebuster suplex from Hardy on Edge. Hardy goes to the top but Edge tries to get out of the ring. Hardy stops him but Edge counters and bounces Hardy’s face off the exposed turnbuckle. Two count for Edge.

Edge sizes Hardy up, trying to get him to get up. Hardy gets up, Edge goes for the knockout Spear but Hardy counters with a Twist of Fate. Hardy gets on the apron, trying to get to the top rope. Vickie Guerrero comes out and tries to pull Jeff off, he kicks her away. Swanton Bomb from Jeff Hardy onto Edge. Crowd is on fire as Hardy crawls to Edge. Vickie pulls the referee out during the count.

Matt Hardy comes out and rolls Vickie into the ring. Matt has a chair that he gives to Jeff. Hardy goes for the chair shot but Matt stops him. Matt has a chair, time for a Con-Chair-Toe. Matt hits Jeff with a chairshot in the ring, taking him out.

Edge covers Jeff for the three count and the win, new champion. Matt exits the ring without saying anything and we go to replays as Edge celebrates and Hardy is left laying in the ring.

Winner & new WWE Champion – Edge

– After Edge’s music cuts, WWE officials in the ring finally help Jeff Hardy to his feet. We go to replays again of Matt cracking Jeff with the chair. Hardy is helped to the back by officials and gets a nice pop from the crowd. Most of the crowd still seems a bit shocked. JR and Tazz continue playing up the Hardy vs. Hardy angle.


Backstage with Randy Orton and Todd Grisham. Todd wants Randy to address rumors that legal action will be taken against Randy tomorrow night on Raw after his attack last week on Vince McMahon. Randy says he hasn’t heard from the McMahons but he’s still in the Rumble tonight. Chris Jericho comes in and excuses Todd Grisham. Jericho tells Orton that he doesn’t blame him one bit and that he thought that the Vince McMahon that was going to show up was going to be the genius, but it wasn’t. Jericho says Orton he didn’t take out Mr. McMahon, the real Mr. McMahon was already dead. Orton asks why Chris is telling him this, to make him feel better or trying to gain his trust. Jericho says he’s an honest man and that he doesn’t know how much of a chance that he’s going to have to say what he thinks. Jericho says he thinks tonight is Orton’s last night as an employee of World Wrestling Entertainment. Jericho wishes him good luck as we go to a video package.

The 30-Man Royal Rumble for a Title Shot at WrestleMania

Justin Roberts is in the ring explaining the rules for the 30-Man Royal Rumble match. Every 90 seconds another superstars enters the ring, both feet have to touch the ground, two superstars start things out. The winner receives a title shot at WrestleMania 25.

Rey Mysterio is the first participant announced. It looks like the match is going to be called by Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler. The second entrant is John Morrison, he and Mysterio will start things out.

The bell rings and the 2009 30-Man Royal Rumble match is underway. Rey starts to kick away at Morrison but Morrison throws him off the ropes. Morrison ends up getting kicked in the face off a counter. Morrison nearly eliminates Mysterio but he is able to get back in.

Rey’s on the apron as he ends up diving back in off the top rope onto Morrison. Mysterio hits a head scissor takeover then nearly eliminates Morrison. Morrison is knocked off the apron but he holds on and gets back in through the bottom rope. Carlito is out next.

Carlito spits in Morrison’s face then goes to work on Mysterio. Mysterio goes off the ropes on Carlito but he hits a swinging neckbreaker. Carlito goes off the top rope with a springboard succession into a moonsault.

Morrison is working over Mysterio as he hits a European uppercut. Carlito interferes and goes to work on Morrison. MVP is out next as the fourth entrant. MVP comes in and goes to work on Morrison as he gets a pop from the live crowd. MVP takes out Mysterio then goes back to work on Morrison but Carlito goes to work on him. MVP takes him out as well and goes back to Morrison.

Mysterio and MVP work together with Mysterio finally gaining the advantage in the ring. Mysterio hits MVP with a dropkick to the face. Here comes The Great Khali as entrant number five.

Khali climbs in and takes down MVP, Mysterio, Morrison, then Carlito. MVP eats another blow. Khali throws down Morrison hard and actually gets a face pop. Khali hits Mysterio with a clubbing blow. Carlito goes for a Backstabber on Khali but it has not affect. Punjabi Plunge from Khali on Carlito. Khali is the only man on his feet. Vladimir Kozlov is entrant number six.

Kozlov clubs Khali out of the ring and eliminates him. The Great Khali is the first man to be eliminated. Kozlov eliminates MVP. Kozlov then goes to work on Carlito, nearly eliminating him, he does. Triple H is out next.

Triple H eliminates Vladimir Kozlov. Morrison goes to work on Hunter in the corner. Morrison and Hunter go back and forth as Randy Orton is the eighth entrant. Hunter nearly eliminates Morrison as he gets distracted with Orton coming out. Triple H and Orton go at it in the ring.

Orton takes Triple H down after an attack. RKO attempt on Hunter but Triple H kicks him and goes for the Pedigree. Morrison breaks it up then Mysterio gets involved. 619 from Mysterio on Morrison. Cryme Tyme flips a coin as JTG is entrant number nine.

JTG works with Triple H in the corner. Orton is working with Mysterio, Hunter with Morrison. Mysterio gets out on the apron but hangs on. Ted DiBiase is the next entrant. DiBiase comes out and takes out Morrison, Mysterio, and JTG. Hunter works on Orton in the corner. JTG and Morrison go at it. Ted DiBiase nearly eliminates Morrison, JTG as well but both hold on. DiBiase is nearly eliminated by Mysterio.

Chris Jericho is entrant number 11. Jericho goes to work right on DiBiase then Randy Orton. Jericho tries to eliminate Orton. It’s pandemonium in the ring. Bulldog from Jericho on Triple H, followed by a Lion Sault attempt. Jericho ends up going for the Walls of Jericho on Hunter. Hunter throws Jericho to the apron but Jericho holds on. Triple H stomps to the midsection of Jericho.

Mike Knox is entrant number 12. Knox goes to work on JTG then Morrison. Now it’s time for Rey Mysterio. Mysterio takes right hands from Knox. DiBiase and Orton are planning an attack on JTG. They double team him in the corner. Morrison is working with Jericho, Knox with Mysterio. Triple H interrupts Knox as he nearly eliminates Rey.

The 13th entrant is The Miz. He hits the ring and goes right at JTG. Then he goes after DiBiase. Jericho has Rey up in a suplex but Rey counters. RKO on Morrison then The Miz from Randy Orton. JTG gets one but Triple H hits Orton with a Pedigree. Triple H eliminates The Miz & John Morrison at the same time. Finlay is the next entrant.

Finlay works over Mike Knox then goes to work on DiBiase. Orton helps DiBiase out. Cody Rhodes is the 15th entrant. Rhodes joins the rest of Legacy as they attack JTG first, then go to Hunter. Now it’s Finlay’s turned to get triple teamed.

Orton hits Mysterio with an RKO when Rey went off the top rope. JTG works on Jericho as the next entrant is The Undertaker. The lights go down in the arena for his entrance as he gets a huge pop. No hat or trench coat for Taker, he’s in his ring gear ready to go.

The Undertaker comes in and begins to clean house. Heels and babyfaces, no one’s safe. Undertaker eliminates JTG.

The crowd is heavily behind The Undertaker as he works on Cody Rhodes. Undertaker goes for a chokeslam on Knox as Goldust comes out as the next entrant. Goldust goes after Ted DiBiase but is confronted by Cody. They square off as Goldust hits him in the face twice. Goldust throws Cody to the ring apron but Cody holds on. Goldust hits DiBiase but eats an RKO.

Cody Rhodes throws Goldust over the top rope to eliminate him. CM Punk is the next entrant. Punk double clothelines Team Priceless and then hits some kicks. Punk goes after Mysterio then Jericho. Bulldog from Punk onto Jericho. Hunter goes for a Pedigree but Punk counters and ends up hitting him with GTS.

Finlay works with The Undertaker, landing clubbing right hands. Mark Henry is out next with Tony Atlas who doesn’t come to ringside. Henry takes out DiBiase then Rhodes. Then Hunter and is now working on The Undertaker.

Mark Henry stands on Punk’s chest in the corner. Triple H comes to his aid, taking him out. Henry counters with a big slam on The Game. CM Punk goes off the top rope onto Henry but Henry catches him. Punk is thrown to the apron by Mark Henry. Shelton Benjamin is out next.

William Regal is entrant 21. Regal goes to work on CM Punk, continuing their storyline. The Undertaker is working over Shelton Benjamin in the corner. Mark Henry was eliminated by Rey Mysterio as we had to be shown a replay as the camera missed it.

Kofi Kingston is entrant number 22 as he goes to work on everyone in the ring with drop kicks.

The Undertaker eliminates Shelton Benjamin as it appears Undertaker is busted open. Kane is the 23rd entrant. Mysterio barely escapes elimination from Chris Jericho.

Kane goes on the offensive on Ted DiBiase. Yes, The Undertaker is busted open. Kane and Undertaker team up on DiBiase to a tremendous pop from the crowd. Kane chokeslams Kofi as Jericho goes to work on Undertaker.

CM Punk eliminates William Regal. R-Truth is out next as entrant #24.

A group tries to eliminate Kane but he stays in. The ring is jammed packed, very hard to call the specific spots. Rob Van Dam is entrant number 25. Tremendous pop for RVD as he cleans house.

RVD goes for the Frog Splash on R-Truth but he’s nearly eliminated by Triple H. Entrant 26 is The Brian Kendrick. Kendrick eliminates Kofi Kingston. Triple H eliminates Brian Kendrick.

Dolph Zigger is entrant number 27. Ziggler runs right into Kane. Kane immediately eliminates him when he extends his hand to greet him.

Rhodes takes CM Punk in an electric chair. Orton is trying to eliminate Rob Van Dam. Santino Marella is entrant 28. Kane eliminates Santino as soon as he gets in. Santino says he wasn’t ready.

‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan is entrant #29. Hacksaw gets in and begins to go to work, knocking everyone down including The Undertaker. The final Royal Rumble entrant is the Big Show. Show comes face to face with Taker but gets clocked hard by Kane.

Big Show just eliminated Jim Duggan. Randy Orton is teetering on the top rope with The Undertaker but Cody Rhodes interferes. Big Show eliminates R-Truth.  Big Show eliminates CM Punk with his stiff knockout blow after Punk saved himself three different times from going over. Hornswoggle gets in the ring out of nowhere and takes out Kane for Finlay. Mysterio was in the match 49 minutes after getting eliminated. Triple H is the longest survivor in the match. Code Breaker from Jericho on Kane.

Randy Orton drops Triple H down for a stiff DDT. Big Show and The Undertaker square up in the ring. They exchange right hands. Jericho works on Big Show. Frog Splash from RVD on Randy Orton but Jericho ends up eliminating RVD. Jericho teases RVD as Undertaker walks up to him. The Undertaker ends up eliminating Jericho.

Kane is eliminated by The Legacy. We’re down to six: Legacy, Undertaker, Triple H, and Big Show.

Big Show takes out Triple H as The Legacy works over Undertaker in the corner. Undertaker chokeslams each Legacy member. Now it’s Big Show and The Undertaker. Undertaker losers the straps of his singlet. Big Show wants a boxing match as they exchange shots.

Randy Orton goes for the RKO on Undertaker but he counters it. Big Show and Undertaker are working on the apron. They go back and forth. Randy Orton eliminates Big Show. Big Show eliminates Undertaker from the outside. Taker and Big Show go to the crowd to fight it out. It’s Legacy vs. Triple H.

Triple H is triple teamed by Legacy. Rhodes and DiBiase hold Triple H as Orton assaults him. Orton goes for the RKO but Triple H pushes him off. Rhodes and DiBiase both eat attacks from The Game. Triple H hits a Pedigree on Rhodes. Triple H eliminates DiBiase then Rhodes. Randy Orton eliminates Triple H to win the Royal Rumble.

Royal Rumble Winner – Randy Orton

Orton holds his hands high in the ring with DiBiase and Rhodes after the match. Orton points up at the WrestleMania sign hanging from the rafters. The ref tells Orton something and he yells back at him. Orton climbs the turnbuckle and points at the sign again as pyro explodes and the Rumble goes off the air!





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  • Lou

    While Orton winning was good, the fact that it was as predictable as it gets is not. I am VERY happy I didn’t waste MY money on what was in my mind a very average show. Did I expect Christian? Yes. Was I disappointed he wasn’t there? Yes. I also saw how Matt Hardy reacted after losing to Swagger and immediately called the heel turn. Why does Melina have a job BTW? Is it me or does Michael Cole get worse every week? I love wrestling, but it getting to the point where all the shows are slightly better than average at best and the PPVs are rarely worth it.

  • Vegas Martin

    Yea, I was at the show last night and it was pretty average and predictable. I knew Orton would win, but when it was Triple H vs. Legacy, I thought they would throw out HHH and Orton would order Rhodes and DiBiase to eliminate themselves. I was also expecting a Christian run in during the Hardy match. There wasn’t anything too eventful last night other than the usual awesome spots by Mysterio. The RVD return was awesome, but it’s too bad if it was just a one-time deal.

  • Brayden

    Orton is a loser Triple H should of won because he is the King of Kings

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