Linda’s Thoughts – Royal Rumble Predictions

Tonight is one of WWE’s biggest pay per views of the year. Now I’m not a bit fan of the Royal Rumble itself because for a while it gets very confusing with so many in there at one time, but as the ring empties out I have to say that’s when the match really starts to get interesting. The two title matches on tonight’s card I found very difficult to pick the winner and I think this is one of the most unpredictable pay per views that WWE has given us in a while. So here I go, and I hope I do a lot better than I think I am going to do.

30-Man Royal Rumble Match
You know for the last few years I had no problem picking would win this match. But tonight I haven’t got a clue. Now originally during the Smackdown tapings Vickie punished Triple H and made him the number one entry, but if you noticed on Friday night that was all edited out so I have no idea who will be the first and the last. At least when I thought Hunter was number one I figured he would last until the end and I would get something right. But now that all changes. So who is going to walk out the winner of the Rumble and headline Wrestlemania? I have three choices, Randy Orton, Triple H and HBK. Yes I see Shawn getting in here; I can’t imagine the Rumble without him. I’m going to rule out Orton, because I think maybe Shane McMahon will run in and go after him for what he did to Vince. I would love to see HBK win it and go on to his hometown state, Texas and headline the show, but it’s not a given that he will even make it in there. So I’m starting to wonder if Hunter will get that win. I’m thinking, that last year it was John Cena from Raw that won, so does that mean a Smackdown star will win this year? Let me tell you right off, I’m just guessing here because I really don’t know. I will go with Hunter and believe me this is just a wild guess.
Winner: Triple H

ECW Champion Jack Swagger vs. Matt Hardy –
Let’s face it Swagger isn’t losing tonight, there’s now way Vince is taking that title away from him so soon. Plus I have a feeling that the belt was taken off of Matt Hardy so Matt could be a part of Jeff’s angle. I think we will get a good match here, I’m mean come on Hardy is in it. Plus I think Swagger will put his all into this one and ECW should be very proud of their only match of the night.
Winner: Jack Swagger

World Heavyweight Champion John Cena vs. JBL
Whoa does this baby have a lot of possibilities. I mean you have Shawn Michaels in JBL’s corner, and I would think no matter how this one comes out HBK will play a big part in this match. So does Michaels stick with his “boss” and help Bradshaw win and become the new World Heavyweight champion? Or will HBK turn on JBL and interfere giving Cena the win? Or, could we see Shawn try to help JBL superkick Cena, but “accidentally” he superkicks JBL instead, which gives Cena the win? Or am I way off and Shawn’s presence means nothing and he just stands out there? I mean it’s not like we haven’t seen guest referees that call it down the middle, when most of us feel that the ref is going to make a major contribution to the match and it turns out he doesn’t. Well I really don’t know which way to turn, so I’m just going to say that Cena wins, and I’m not sure if HBK will turn on JBL, but I am thinking that Michaels will make an attempt to help Layfield but it will backfire. I have a feeling this might not be the best match wrestling-wise, but with all three involved it should definitely but something you don’t want to miss.
Winner: John Cena

Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix vs. Melina
Now before Monday’s Raw I was going to go with Melina for the win. But Monday night I didn’t feel Melina really had much focus at all. And because of that I’m going to stay with the Glamazon for the win. Let’s see Beth will have Santino and Rosa with her, so that to me means the odds are definitely with Phoenix. If Vince allows these two women to have time, then we might get a really good match. I’m just hoping this isn’t a 2-minute match, because that will take so much away from what Melina and Beth Phoenix are so capable of doing.
Winner: The Glamazon

WWE Champion Jeff Hardy vs. Edge
My God this is another tough match to call. This one I really have no idea who is going to win. See I want to go with Edge, BUT I can’t see Jeff losing until No Way Out, however on the other hand what if the man that has been trying to get rid of Jeff interferes and costs Hardy the belt? Well that’s the scenario I’m going with. I have to go with an Edge win. I hope I’m wrong with my pick, because I really would love to see Jeff Hardy stay on longer as the WWE champion; I hate to see it end so soon. But if all those rumors are true about Christian being the guy behind the attacks, then the next big Smackdown feud we are going to get is Jeff Hardy vs. Christian. You know this should be a hell of a match, and you just know this match will have the fans behind them from beginning to end; you can count on the noise being off the charts. I think this will be the match of the night.
Winner: Edge

Well I might not do so well, but I have to say this could turn out to be a hell of a show. I will be back on Tuesday or Wednesday with thoughts about not only the Royal Rumble, but of course Raw. I have gotten a lot of predictions and I have enjoyed reading each one, and it’s not too late to keep sending them in. Wow after typing this up I can honestly say I’m getting more excited about watching the Royal Rumble.

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