Huge Spoiler on Tonight’s Royal Rumble Match

– We can now confirm that former World Champion Rob Van Dam is backstage at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view in Detroit, MI today and WILL be wrestling in the 30-man Rumble match. RVD is originally from Battle Creek, Michigan so he should get a very nice pop tonight, not like he wouldn’t anyway.





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  • Phantom Benoit

    rvd’s entry into the rumble blew me away so did the hardy storyline twist. only thing dissapointing was the predictable result in the rumble.

  • JM Vargas

    randy orton – what a surprise-

  • Xtreme Angel

    Didn’t u see the intro 2 the pay per view. It starts off with past Royal Rumble and ends with Orton kicking the boss. Wow really he won big woop. Who cares he is NOT going 2 main event Mania. Steph will put him in a match were he loses that shot, reminds me of a storyline that they’ve done in the past. Remember Stone Cold.

  • dj

    i think steph will put him in a match for the condendership but i think he will overcome all the obticales and become the champ only 2 lose it 2 a angry Batista but Rhodes and ted dibiase will leave randy when he beomes champ

    I knew Matt was responsible for the things that happened 2 Jeff. Matt was jealus of Jeff like im jealus of my brother and i knew it was Matt because no one would ever expect it

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