Randy Orton Speaks on Steve Austin, WrestleMania and More

– Thanks to Sula Thornton for the following Randy Orton interview recap from KJ97 in San Antonio:

Randy Orton appeared on KJ97 in San Antonio with Lou Ramirez. Here is how the interview went:

Interviewer tells Orton he appreciates him talking to him and asks how he’s feeling. He says, “Pretty good. I broke the collarbone twice last year” and he’s at the top of his game right now.

Interviewer says, “yes, you are.” Mentions that on RAW, he’s pretty much everywhere. Randy mentions his wife and daughter are pretty proud of him right now, his wife, in particular. Says he had the bouts with misconduct early in his career but that’s what made him who he is today. The company has great faith in his abilities and it’s great to be very busy on Monday nights.

Interviewer asks him that since wrestling is in his DNA and wrestling comes so easy to him, did he think wrestling affected his anger issues in the past? Randy’s response was that because it comes so easy to him, he didn’t think anyone should have an opinion towards what he was doing. In real life, it was “his way or the highway” and he had to realize that people’s opinions do matter and they have feelings and he needed to listen to what they say but that this is Randy Orton, the human being, not “Randy Orton, the Legend Killer.” He said he could be in a Denny’s trying to eat and people that had just seen them want to bother them while they are trying to eat plus the fact that they are tired and want to lie down and go to sleep for 10 hours but know that they have to drive for 5 hours to the next town and and he’d just pop. Said he just had to learn how to deal with this stuff cause it’s the career choice he made.

Interviewer asks how has becoming a father affected him and he says, “it’s the greatest feeling in the world”. His wife is a fantastic mother and he would have never guessed she’d be so good at it. He loves the fact that she’s at home and he knows she is taking care of everything. Says Tuesday, when he can fly home and see his girl is like Christmas. Loves getting home and playing with daughter.

Interviewer says, “let’s get back to the Legend Killer.” He says, “your character is such a bastard on TV,” to which both of them smirk. Interviewer says that the character is so bad that in some arenas, he’s starting to get a face pop–not a huge one yet–but enough that you can tell it and asks him if he’s prepared for the day that he may become a face character. Randy says, “no, I am not prepared for that.” He says when he goes to the arenas and hears people chant for him, he smiles on the inside but knows that he’s not doing his best to make them hate him He wants the reactions of making fans as angry as possible at him. Says a fan a couple of weeks ago in Fort Lauderdale got kicked out because he tried to jump the rail and get to Randy but that’s what he wants–for people to stop thinking logically and want to come rip him apart. He wants to get under their skin so bad that the people want to pay to see him get his ass kicked. At the non-televised events, he’s more able to do this and urges people to go to those and it’s an experience.

Interviewer asked him if and why he has stopped doing the pose. Randy says, “going back to the face pop, it could be looked at an an arrogant and cocky gesture thinking, “look at me, I’m so great like a Greek God” type gesture”. This is what he was going for but he’s been doing it so long that fans were beginning to enjoy it too much so he’s trying to get rid of that face pop that the interviewer was talking about. He said he’ll do it when the cameras are off but he tries not to do it on TV. He’s trying to do the more malice type stuff to make people think, “what is he thinking?” That’s what he’s going for more right now.

Interviewer moves to the subject of his theme music and mentions that Orton did not hide the fact that he hated his previous theme music, and after finally getting the company to change his theme music, it is one of the most popular themes in the WWE and plugs the upcoming WWE themes album release. Interviewer ask him if he feels justified and he says, “yes, I hated my old theme music” and says, “with all of my past troubles, he thinks his old theme was a punishment.” to which he laughs at. Said his old music sounded like a teen pop song and he hated it. Said he loves his new entrance theme and quotes a few of the lyrics and says the tune is sweet and he really likes it.

Interviewer asks if he has seen “The Wrestler” and he says, “no, but he plans on seeing it” and mentions he heard Mickey Roruke got nominated for an Oscar and thinks Rourke is a great actor. Said he’s heard a lot of good things about the movie.

WrestleMania got mentioned and the Hall of Fame and got asked about Stone Cold going into the Hall of Fame. He’s a huge fan of Stone Cold and he’s worked in very limited pieces with Steve. He mentioned at a Royal Rumble about 4 or 5 years ago, he took a stunner and it was a big deal to him. Says the little that they’ve talked, Steve gives him pointers in and out of the ring and says Steve is an all around good guy to everybody. He’s one of those guys that knows the torch has to be passed and knows that the guys there now are the future. He’s really good at making sure the young guys know what’s going on.

Interviewer says the Royal Rumble is the beginning of the playoffs and says that it’s great to watch as a fan and asks Randy what it’s like to be a performer in that. Orton says that everyone is talented in their own respects and the boys really step it up at this. He said everybody aims to be on the WrestleMania card and when people are left off, they are in the locker room with their heads down and dissatisfied with their careers. Said he remembers his first WrestleMania when he, Batista and Flair faced Rock and Mick Foley. He said he’ll never forget that. His dad was in the first WrestleMania and 20 years later, both in Madison Square Garden, he was wrestling there. Says this is their Super Bowl and millions and millions of people watch this event. Says that feuds are at their apex for this. It’s just a great event.

Interviewer thanks him and it’s over.