JR Blog: Vince McMahon Update, WWE TV Tapings, More

– Jim Ross posted a new blog entry on jrsbarbq.com today. Below are the highlights:

More WWE TV Taping Changes: “No one seems to know who will be broadcasting the new WGN Superstars of Wrestling show which airs, I think, after WM25. From what I can tell, and trust me this could change, the WGN bouts will be 1st run and would likely be taped on Mondays before Raw when Raw is in the eastern and central time zones. ECW and Smackdown would then return to their Tuesday partnership. Thank God the days of the Smackdown doubleheaders are nearing an end. They are as challenging as watching the Mets die a natural death every fall. Again, this info is subject to change. Not sure of the announce talent, either, but I would LOVE to hear more of Grisham and Striker.”

Vince McMahon: “Mr. McMahon got pretty banged up from being punted by Randy Orton Monday night. Word has it the Chairman may have sustained a concussion (unconfirmed) but he did receive a cut either on or above his ear from RKO’s boot laces. Ouch.”

Smackdown Plugging The Wrestler: “There is a special feature Friday night in Smackdown on the feature film “The Wrestler.” I hope to see this film before I leave Saturday evening for Detroit.”

Wrestling on Television: “Seems like most TV wrestling shows are striving to what is perceived to be a balance between wrestling and “entertainment.” Silly me, I thought wrestling was entertainment. Short wrestling matches and lots of “cute” talk is a recipe for failure in my estimation. But then again I could be wrong.”

The Popularity of Ross’ Blogs: “It’s amazing the amount of people within the biz read these blogs and how they interpret what they read and then how and who they share this info. Now I remember why I didn’t become a junior high teacher.”





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  • wwekid

    i cant belive vince had that happened to him! he rocks i hope randy gets banned FOREVER! i love Cena And Hardy!

  • dj

    vince deserved it for putting that carrer threating stimulation on ric flair and had to wrestle his friends. I hope Randy does it again to vince

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