Updates on Torrie Wilson and the Old ECW Arena in Philly

– According to a reader, former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson’s mens and womens clothing boutique at “Market Street” in The Woodlands, Texas, “Officially Jaded,” has shut down. Wilson opened the boutique this past spring.

– The Philadelphia Daily News has an article today on South Philadelphia’s New Alhambra, also known as “the ECW Arena,” possibly being turned into a health club. The article states: “Reports are that the building’s owner, the Center City law firm of Stein & Silverman, will lease the property to a company that intends to convert it into a health club.”





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  • Joe

    I got this from Torrie Wilson’s myspace page,I hope this is not breaking any rules:

    Wednesday, January 21, 2009

    Jaded is not closed!

    Hey Everybody!
    I just heard a rumor that my store has closed down and this is SO NOT TRUE! I moved to a much larger location within the same shopping center because we have grown so much in the past year thanks to all of you for supporting me! I am working on a second location in Houston as well, so if you are in the Houston area come get Jaded! Also, be sure to checkout my “Jaded” clothing line of fun men’s and women’s tshirts and thermals on officiallyjaded.com or shopjaded.com…they should be up online very very soon!
    Love you all!

  • David Rozebomb

    HA HA HA. The building that signified pain is bieng turned into a HEALTH CLUB. IRONY . Just kidding i loved ECW before Vince poisoned it. I swear if Tommy Dreamer leaves ill go crazy and like throw my tv out the window of my 2nd story bedroom.

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