Update on Cute Kip in the Genesis Main Event and TNA PPV Plans

– Right now, TNA is planning to go big for four pay-per-view shows per year as opposed to trying to make each monthly show a big one. This is why we’ve got Brother Devon and Brother Ray working singles matches at Against All Odds, as the next big show is Lockdown where Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett III will probably take place.

– Regarding TNA using Kip James in the main event of the Genesis pay-per-view, they had nobody around and felt it was too short of a time to get someone new when they found out Kevin Nash couldn’t wrestle. They could have made a desperation phone call to someone like Rick Steiner in Atlanta, but the decision came down to two choices, either put Kip in or do a tag match with Scott Steiner & Booker T vs. Mick Foley and either Devon or AJ Styles. The idea would have been to do a deal where Devon got beat down and hurt, ending with a heel DQ finish and then Cornette & Foley would restart the match, like they did. With Devon down, Styles and Foley would work as a team and Foley would have pinned Steiner for the win. Jeff Jarrett liked the scenario with Kip James better, so that’s what they went with. The feeling was that Kip would actually make the match better since he could do a lot more than Nash could. The argument against it was that the fans would crap on Kip considering his current gimmick and everything else. The reason nobody else in the company was used, like they have with Kaz and Eric Young in the past, is because there were complaints that using guys like that weakened the match in the fans’ eyes.

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