Trish Speaks on Victoria, WWE Name Changes, Bourne, More

– I called “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase a WWE Hall of Famer in an earlier post, not realizing that Ted hasn’t been inducted yet, which is a shame.

– According to Bill Behrens, Evan Bourne is still doing physical therapy but he has had his cast removed and is still wearing his big boot in between therapy sessions and icing down the injured ankle. Bourne is also on a new diet and plans to return to WWE in the best shape of his life.

– Trish Stratus posted a blog on the WWE Universe talking about Victoria’s retirement from the ring, saying it’s the end of an era for women’s wrestling. Victoria was part of a movement that started at the turn of the century for people to take women’s wrestling more seriously. “Her departure was the last of a group of women who collectively raised the bar in women’s wrestling,” Stratus wrote. “We used every chance we could to show the fans that we could do more in that ring than just flaunt ourselves – although we never forgot what brought us to the dance – it was all a carefully crafted balance.” Stratus thanks current WWE star Finlay for leading the women’s division after officials put him in charge of the girls as a rib. “Fit took on the challenge and embraced it,” Stratus wrote. “He saw the opportunity to create something special, with a little TLC and a collective effort, Fit lead the charge on churning out some of the most exciting, innovative and entertaining matches ever seen from women in the WWE.”

– The WWE developmental wrestler formerly known as Kevin Kiley & Carson Oakley is now going under the name Alex Riley, according to the official Florida Championship Wrestling site. They updated the roster section to reflect other recent name changes including Eric Perez (now Eric Escobar), Jon Emminger (now Johnny Prime), and Taj Milano (now Tyler Reks). They also removed six wrestlers from the roster section: Gavin Spears (released), Mike Kruel (released), Nelson Roy (released in November), Manu (called up to Raw), Nic Nemeth (called up to Raw), and Primo Colon (called up to SmackDown).