Orton In Fan Altercation, Trish Stratus vs. McCool At WrestleMania?

— The idea of a Trish Stratus vs. Michelle McCool match at WrestleMania was discussed at a creative meeting two weeks ago. Many felt a Beth Phoenix vs. Stratus match would be good, but officials felt they’ve done it already with the mixed tag-match a few weeks ago. After Stratus’s performance in her match on Raw, the feeling is that she’s still good enough to pull out a great match with McCool that would be entertaining. There is also hope that Stratus would help McCool get over. Stratus is very open to various in-ring appearances and matches but nothing full-time.

— It is reported that Randy Orton had an altercation with a fan this past weekend. While it’s not confirmed how it began, it ended with Orton slamming the barricade into the legs of the fan, throwing his hat away and shooting off with some bad language. Security broke things up before they got too heated.